Value Ladder Series – Part 2

Value Ladder Series - Part 2



Well once I do a course take that step then there’s going to be a lot of people that go into my high ticket my coaching and they’re going to want to come in and they’re going to want to do that but what do I do and what do I serve to them after they’ve purchased. Well that’s my inner circle my inner circle is a $25,000 renewable annual you know membership program but there’s even steps outside and beyond that why because I want to provide that type of quality that type of value to all of my clients those that can reach that level of course take that level and take me up on that offer that I give to them. But it’s not for everybody so that’s what we have the value ladder that goes up.

Now how many steps getting back to that mean question I know that you asked Josh it’s not really a matter of how many steps it’s a matter of frames value that you deliver but most often I like to keep it very simple a freebie, a front end, a middle and a high ticket or your back end. Those are the steps the four steps and like I said the first two the freebie and the front end can be combined if you do a free plus shipping so that in an essence you’re going to have the other three or four steps and then you can have your continuity which again by the end of that continuity if you do a micro six or twelve months that’s the perfect time to then reach out to those people who have gone that far made it to the end let them know hey I would love to reach out and you know see if you would be a great fit for this you know for this application for the inner circle for the quantum whatever you decide to call your backend.

But once you get to that point again you may end up creating like some entrepreneurs do you know Mike Russell Dan candy they create another value ladder so you’re going to have another one after that and it’s going to be its own separate thing with its own separate front end and you know it has a different slight focus right because your main one desired result may not always cover everything that you really want to do maybe you want Mind Body wealth and well being you know money is one thing but mental health is a completely different thing money can’t even get you close to that some people are just miserable no matter how much money they have but it’s just a matter of what images you look at or how you feel about your day and what you’ve accomplished and things like that. Whatever it is there’s another value ladder inside that because you’re achieving a new desired result. Or as I go forward you know I understand that I want to get people even more money so money that people go into that rhythm I’m sorry we got to reverse because the camera but go into this rhythm you know they want to go up much higher and what that’s going to do is offer higher levels with that same desired result but at different values.

So those are the two ways to go about it and again like I said I prefer the straight linear way that I’m going for ultrahigh end clients you know a small percentage of people what most entrepreneurs do of course though is they’ll build a second value ladder that offer something slightly different of a desired result like I talked about. So that’s what you can do three or four steps, once you build that out you have you know a million dollar a year business it should at least be half a million like I show you inside of my high ticket hack that’s the very minimum that you should be- your sales people should be closing for you every year every year. But once you have that put into place then again another value ladder’s what most people move on to again it’s the idea of wow I want to have all my eggs in one basket I get that. But I would say Rich is in the niches and there’s always pay to be created so whatever you choose whether it’s you know creating an ultrahigh value ladder that eventually goes on to offer a million dollar programs or you just build another value ladder that goes up and offers you know like I said $100,000 coaching programs as backend and that’s usually what I get into my steps or up to the million dollar range.

But all these things you wouldn’t think there would be people that would say yes to that but there are you’d be amazed once you finally actually have someone that says yes to you know that first 100,000 even your first coaching. It’s going to be like Ah Yes it’s that Eureka so that’s what you just need to keep in mind throughout the entire equation. Now the value ladder has a lot of unique different  stereotypes behind it a lot of people think well value ladders only fit in with the certain things that I’ve seen or heard you talk about Zack or someone else that’s not true there’s a value ladder inside of every single business I prove that even inside of my books sales funnel secrets I even go into a mechanics value ladder I think we’ll even get into that here, I got into a chiropractor’s value ladder which for a lot of people I’d even when you just think about that what do you go to a chiropractor for.

I already know what you said so you don’t even have to say it. And can you think of anything else that you go to a chiropractor for now. Right it’s probably just adjustments just chiropractors the chiropractor or what else am I going there for  I’m going to give adjusted and that’s it that there is a value added inside of a chiropractic clinic and chiropractic clinics are really that mid-range hard to sell thing because it’s not immediate you know necessary help like critical condition I got a bullet inside me I obviously need to get this out E.R. but it’s also not you know full out preventative and you know immediate amazing feeling while most chiropractors there are certain chiropractors I’ve dealt with that can give you instantaneous results they’re really great. But in the either case you do wouldn’t think oh there’s a value ladder there but every business has a value ladder.

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