Value Ladder Series – Part 2

Value Ladder Series - Part 2



Hi I’m Zach Miller and today I’m going to be talking about the value ladder. Now the value ladder a lot of you guys are really just asking me questions about you know do I have a full value ladder, is it complete, what am I doing wrong you know should I switch this step, how many products should I add what about up sells. I’m going to go through all of that in a multi course series All right. So today is day one and I don’t know how long this is going to go on but it’s definitely multiple videos because I want you guys to be able to eat this in very easy consumable formats I know you guys only have you know five ten minutes sometimes in the middle of your day you’re listening to me while other things are going on that’s cool I get that because I’m in the exact same way so we’re talking on the same level.

But what I need you to understand is that for five or ten minutes right now I need you to stop what you’re doing look at the screen look at what we’re going over even if this is a podcast I need you to go out and find this on You Tube This is the value ladder series and this is something that is absolutely so crucial to have visibly so that we you can understand and really absorb what we’re going over because now I want you to obviously see me connect with me I want you to also see what I’m writing down because as you see we have a lot of stuff drawn out here there’s a lot of cool stuff that’s going to go on if you can see right there and all of that is inside of this series right here but again it’s something that is also a visually enhanced series.

So going at it first off value ladder how many steps inside of a value ladder I know a lot of you sometimes get confused because I’ll draw a value ladder with multiple steps and you’ll be like well I thought it’s always been three steps Zach you know or maybe four max because you’ve got your freebie your frontend your middle and then your high ticket right. Well that is correct but once you go on in learn more you build out that value ladder you start having six and hopefully with the backend seven figure business now once you have that you’re probably going to go what’s next well as I’ve told you before just like inside of my email mastery you guys need to get that number in your head right that’s what that calculator was all for if you haven’t got an e-mail master that’s part of sales funnel secrets labs but it gives you one hundred clicks a day to how to make $20,000 each and every month and it only does take one hundred clicks a day. We’ll go over that inside the latter part of the series but right now what I need you to understand is that your frontend is only there to break you even the rest of it your backend your middle your continuity that’s what really makes you your profits because you’re remarketing to an audience that you’ve already built a buyers list and you’re doing this via email all right.

I know I’m always saying these things over and over guys but it’s really so that you can understand you can live it breathe it and when you can pull it right off the top of your head it really becomes a lot more powerful to understand my businesses I’m going to email these people I’m only trying to get as many people as I can through the top of my sales funnel which I call my front end and then they’re going to go through the rest of my value ladder which I consider my continuity and my middle and once they buy that hopefully the continuity being a six or twelve month or never ending continuity which is a true continuity I like to do micro continuities then those types of deals will usually have an end point and that End Point is the perfect time to contact these people about my coaching my backend and see if they would like to participate inside of that since they’re so much more qualified than ever before.

Well once I do a course take that step then there’s going to be a lot of people that go into my high ticket my coaching and they’re going to want to come in and they’re going to want to do that but what do I do and what do I serve to them after they’ve purchased. Well that’s my inner circle my inner circle is a $25,000 renewable annual you know membership program but there’s even steps outside and beyond that why because I want to provide that type of quality that type of value to all of my clients those that can reach that level of course take that level and take me up on that offer that I give to them. But it’s not for everybody so that’s what we have the value ladder that goes up.

Now how many steps getting back to that mean question I know that you asked Josh it’s not really a matter of how many steps it’s a matter of frames value that you deliver but most often I like to keep it very simple a freebie, a front end, a middle and a high ticket or your back end. Those are the steps the four steps and like I said the first two the freebie and the front end can be combined if you do a free plus shipping so that in an essence you’re going to have the other three or four steps and then you can have your continuity which again by the end of that continuity if you do a micro six or twelve months that’s the perfect time to then reach out to those people who have gone that far made it to the end let them know hey I would love to reach out and you know see if you would be a great fit for this you know for this application for the inner circle for the quantum whatever you decide to call your backend.

But once you get to that point again you may end up creating like some entrepreneurs do you know Mike Russell Dan candy they create another value ladder so you’re going to have another one after that and it’s going to be its own separate thing with its own separate front end and you know it has a different slight focus right because your main one desired result may not always cover everything that you really want to do maybe you want Mind Body wealth and wellbeing you know money is one thing but mental health is a completely different thing money can’t even get you close to that some people are just miserable no matter how much money they have but it’s just a matter of what images you look at or how you feel about your day and what you’ve accomplished and things like that. Whatever it is there’s another value ladder inside that because you’re achieving a new desired result. Or as I go forward you know I understand that I want to get people even more money so money that people go into that rhythm I’m sorry we got to reverse because the camera but go into this rhythm you know they want to go up much higher and what that’s going to do is offer higher levels with that same desired result but at different values.

So those are the two ways to go about it and again like I said I prefer the straight linear way that I’m going for ultrahigh end clients you know a small percentage of people what most entrepreneurs do of course though is they’ll build a second value ladder that offer something slightly different of a desired result like I talked about. So that’s what you can do three or four steps, once you build that out you have you know a million dollar a year business it should at least be half a million like I show you inside of my high ticket hack that’s the very minimum that you should be- your sales people should be closing for you every year every year. But once you have that put into place then again another value ladder’s what most people move on to again it’s the idea of wow I want to have all my eggs in one basket I get that. But I would say Rich is in the niches and there’s always pay to be created so whatever you choose whether it’s you know creating an ultrahigh value ladder that eventually goes on to offer a million dollar programs or you just build another value ladder that goes up and offers you know like I said $100,000 coaching programs as backend and that’s usually what I get into my steps or up to the million dollar range.

But all these things you wouldn’t think there would be people that would say yes to that but there are you’d be amazed once you finally actually have someone that says yes to you know that first 100,000 even your first coaching. It’s going to be like Ah Yes it’s that Eureka so that’s what you just need to keep in mind throughout the entire equation. Now the value ladder has a lot of unique different  stereotypes behind it a lot of people think well value ladders only fit in with the certain things that I’ve seen or heard you talk about Zack or someone else that’s not true there’s a value ladder inside of every single business I prove that even inside of my books sales funnel secrets I even go into a mechanics value ladder I think we’ll even get into that here, I got into a chiropractor’s value ladder which for a lot of people I’d even when you just think about that what do you go to a chiropractor for.

I already know what you said so you don’t even have to say it. And can you think of anything else that you go to a chiropractor for now. Right it’s probably just adjustments just chiropractors the chiropractor or what else am I going there for  I’m going to give adjusted and that’s it that there is a value added inside of a chiropractic clinic and chiropractic clinics are really that mid-range hard to sell thing because it’s not immediate you know necessary help like critical condition I got a bullet inside me I obviously need to get this out E.R. but it’s also not you know full out preventative and you know immediate amazing feeling while most chiropractors there are certain chiropractors I’ve dealt with that can give you instantaneous results they’re really great. But in the either case you do wouldn’t think oh there’s a value ladder there but every business has a value ladder.

So that is one misconception you don’t think that your business has it you don’t think you maybe you’re not even in a business right now that’s OK too. See the very idea is that you’re- everyone has to start somewhere most people just have a front end some people just have a middle some people are just affiliates and that’s OK you’re basically on par if you’re an affiliate and have no product as someone who has one product yet you’ve got to understand that when you have a value ladder you have to have multiple parts multiple steps multiple values so you have to cover you know you know one of your course may have to be six or seven hours in order to be able to charge $1000 right because you know that’s the type of value that you’ve built up and that type of knowledge is contained inside of it and then you’re coaching you know that is probably going to have to be like I show you inside of High ticket hack takes you about you know you’re going to have to hire people to do the sales and all this.

But when you’re making a million from minimums and doing the sales and it’s a little complex for me to explain it to you but it isn’t your high ticket or your backend should be a million dollar program a year and when you only deliver you know forty sixty hours inside of that entire thing per month you’re like oh wow you know it becomes this easy to leverage idea where OK it’s all about the time that I put in that’s where the value comes out and it’s getting paid what you’re worth your time what you see yourself as in value and I think that all of us hold ourselves in somewhat high esteem or else we wouldn’t have what’s known as an ego.

So you have to least value self you know twenty fifty one hundred dollars an hour if you’re an expert right and you do have expertise by the way even if you don’t quite fully understand it that people are searching for it. If you’re an affiliate and you’ve even made a few dollars online as an affiliate you have affiliate knowledge that I would say eighty percent of the affiliate joiner out there are basically newbies affiliates kind of come like this you know there’s a few that stay past that six month mark or even really like that three month mark but if you go past that month you know those three months you have some expertise that all of these newbies would love to ascertain and understand and let me tell you they pay seven twelve fifteen bucks just to be able to get that knowledge and create the shortcut and there’s so much that you can… observe there’s so much that you can success hack like I even talk about how to do you inside of sales funnel secrets how you can copy people that are already like Tony Robbins says you know you copy you see someone else is successful in doing what you want to do and you copy what they’re doing and you’ll obtain similar success.

That’s it that’s success hacking it’s understanding the sales funnels the value ladder that they have it’s not just the front end that you see so there’s a front end and there’s a back end there’s a middle and there’s a continuity there so much more to and there’s even up sells. So all those things have to be ascertained and inside the value ladder again you’re trying to get people to the main one core end which is that right there your backend it’s all for that everything that you do is to push them to your back end because your backend is probably going to make you about sixty percent of your profits because it’s really easy to do high ticket sales and make a large profit from it you know and only have to basically I think there’s about forty five percent that end up you know some pays me twelve thousand and forty five percent of that ends going to the delivery process you know from the open office hours to the videos to the one on one to paying for plane tickets all that sort of stuff all of those things are together and then I get to keep you know fifty five percent of those profits.

I get to go home with that and that’s including paying my employees and all that stuff so again that’s a lot of high profit high end profit but your frontend guess what that may lose you money that may be losing as much as five ten sometimes twenty dollars per you know for this to get one of these printed and how thick that isn’t all this they cost quite a bit but I got to ship it out and then that’s shipping it to Amazon, Amazon handles it and ships it to you and that’s the shipping that you’re paying for and again all of that and I even have promotions where I do the golden ticket and I think I’ll always probably do this because this is cool I like to give back you know like one in every ten books someone gets a golden ticket and they’ll be able to get some one on one time with me and also this is the invitation special invitation to high ticket hack in which you get special unique bonuses because you got that golden ticket too.

But either case that being said those are all tied to promotions I’m losing money on my frontend you’re going to be losing money on your front end deal with it that’s what an amateur focuses on you need to focus on the middle, the continuity the back end that’s where all the people that you’re remarketing to and you’re getting all of those consistent e-mails for.


So again chiropractor What do you think it’s just adjustments and you’re coming back for more adjustments I used to have scoliosis very terrible thing it’s basically causes a curvature of the spine usually around what’s known as L. three two and one and those all are very unique areas because it’s you know that’s how I sit this is how I am all day I’m a desk jockey so it was a very terrible thing to go through I went through about twenty to twenty yeah about 22 chiropractors planned on the twenty third one and it was my wife she came at her suggestion you know try this one he uses special therapy you know where he uses what’s called the activator method right after that I think it was three months maybe of adjustments and I was good as new no more scoliosis, nice straight spine everything’s been good since.

But again I even went to him and I talked to him you know what do you offer  outside of adjustments because I love what you do you’ve you know you made me a basically a fanatic for life whatever, you got me every two weeks that’s fine but isn’t there more. I want to give you money I want you to make me better because I imagine that if you made this better what else do you have inside your head that could just improve my life you know have anything about just mental happiness. So what we ended up bringing down and we understood well guess what adjustments aren’t sexy and all that you had all your time filled up guess what there was extra money to be made one of those extra ways was through massage and the reason why is for most chiropractors, the massage came in form of physical therapy where as he had one that was called I believe it was M.E.T Muscle Activation Therapy and it was the same thing used the little activator I even have the tool I know the activator method I love it so much I learned it got you know I’m not a licensed chiropractor but I know you know they got a certificate for learning the whole method and going through the school and the course I loved it that much that’s what I do in my free time I learn all types of stuff I got plaques a lot over there I love all types of different things.

But anyways so the massage that he offered was called M.E.T and it basically is the same thing but you do it for muscles and it is instant muscle relief. So I had you know been doing a lot of pushups and a lot of seat ups so I had these really tight muscles all around my shoulders just (makes popping sound) pop just certain little areas just like that and bam it was like instant oh I’m back to new you know like I don’t know that that’s… you just instantly feel good again you know especially after being like somewhere like this for two or three days from too much working out but anyways what you end up doing is that’s a sexy offer that’s a front end and it took the same amount of time and it was probably about five ten minutes that was it you’re done and I was like you could add that on top of or even the reason why people even come in is because they want to get muscle relieve. A lot of people are looking for that first and that’s you know kind of like a massage instant muscle relief massages and of course it wasn’t exactly you know the feel good massage but it was instant feel good.

So that was better than someone soothing you and rubbing on you but what he ended up doing was activating you know different muscles going through Bam everything felt good and then he would go through and he’d activate the spine which was now even easier to adjust because all the muscles were loose guess what no sinews pulling on each of these muscles and you know making the cartilage all tight and everything all the adjustments more easier they kept longer so again that was a great frontend  offer and only add five ten minutes to the adjustment and then he said hey if you want to make this even better you can attend my wellness clinic you know it’s a one week thing we’re going to come out here it’s five thousand dollars had me sold and it taught all about how to you know better your life through colloidal and different types of natural you know we all know about the green drinks and wheat grass but you know it’s how you combine these things and when and in proper amounts not that you need to do wheat grass every single day but it’s that oh if you recognize this one soreness or this one area that you’re having an issue with that’s the that’s the solution that’s this.

So again there’s a value ladder for almost everything and there’s a value added for authors you want to do a quiz let them know hey what types of books do you want do you like you know let them know about the different types of series you’re writing on then you can offer your book as a free plus shipping then a webinar on how to be an offer continuity there’s a million different things that you can sell then you can even do coaching high ticket program like I teach and there’s so much more that can go on you can build up multiple value ladders but the main thing is that you need to have a bait that attracts and usually you want to get there e-mail first Or you can obviously like I talk about inside my book how to create a free plus shipping book offer and you can actually deliver a two order step form and they get that combines the bait and the front end as one.

So people will give you their email first to get the book and then they’ll give your their credit card information in order to ship the book off. But guess what since they filled in that first email address Well now you have their email and you can keep re-messaging them emailing them letting them know hey you’d love to you know learn more about this here get this and it adds them to all these unique… the segmentations that basically breaks them down lets them know I understand that you haven’t quite checked out fully yet so here’s my link so that you can check out and all that happens easily through the use of what I use as Click funnels you can go to get a 14 day free trial and even see and use a lot of the same templates I use myself.

Well with that being said again this is the first segment of the value ladder I’ve explained it every business has it there’s a few misconceptions you know do I have to only have a bait how many steps can I combine my bait and front end yes you can what about continuities how many steps you know should I have until the next value ladder I hope I answered that well enough for you guys and the other questions I got so with that being said look for part two again this is quite a long series but I just want you guys in your own leisure to be able to watch these things absorb it and again it’s so very pertinent to the very beginnings of your business especially if you don’t have anything you’re an affiliate you’re thinking about getting started the value ladder is the basis for success online it guarantees that you have success because like I said you’re breaking even right here probably not making any money which is what most people focus on this is where one plus million comes in because these things you’re marketing to people who are and know you like you and trust you so it becomes a lot easier to do that again through email. Well again with that being said like subscribe and comment below give me any other questions be creating more series I’ll also be creating updates to the value ladder because you know there’s a million and one questions and everyone wants this little tweak to there so there’s different ways to do it but it all stays very similar to what we’re talking about through this series and what I’ll be showing you all right bye, bye.

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