Value Ladder Series [Part 1]

Value Ladder Series - Part 1

Value Ladder Series [Part 1]

Hi, I’m Zach Miller and today I’m going to be talking about The Value Ladder. Now when it comes to The Value Ladder, a lot of you guys are asking me questions about: “do I have a full Value Ladder”, “is it complete”, “what am I doing wrong”, “should I switch this step”, “how many products should I add”, “what about these up sells”.

I’m going to go through all of that in a series of videos/posts/podcasts.

So today, is Day 1. I don’t know how long this is going to go on, but it’s definitely multiple videos. I want you guys to be able to learn this in consumable parts.

What I need you to understand, is that for 5-10 minutes, you need to stop what you’re doing, look at the screen, look at what we’re going over. This The Value Ladder series is something that is absolutely crucial to have visibly [in front of you] so that you can understand and really absorb what we’re going over. Now, I want you to obviously see me, connect with me. But I want you to also see what I’m writing down because we have a lot of drawings that visually enhance this series.


How Many Steps In A Value Ladder?

I know a lot of you sometimes get confused because I’ll draw a Value Ladder with multiple steps. And you’ll say to yourself, “well I thought it’s always been three steps Zach”. But most will have four steps to start [and a continuity below]. Think about it. You’ve got your Freebie [1], your Front-End [2], your Middle [3], your Continuity Program [4], and then your Back-End [5].

Getting back to Josh’s question, it’s not a matter of steps, it’s a matter of value levels that you deliver. However, most often I like to keep it simple: Freebie, a Front-End, a Middle and a Back-End. So you know, the first two steps of The Value Ladder, the Freebie and the Front-End, can be combined if you do a Free + Shipping (kind of like I do here).

With that in mind, you’re going to have three steps. But always remember your Continuity/Micro-Continuity as well [, although not counted as a “step” on The Value Ladder].

Once you build out that Value Ladder, you start having six, and with the Back-End, seven figure businesses.


What’s Next?

Just like I talk about inside of my Email Mastery course, you need to get that number (you need to earn each month to be happy) in your head right NOW. That’s what that 100 Clicks A Day Formula is for.

What is it? The formula shows you how to turn 100 clicks a day into $20,000+ each and every month. It’s seems impossible, but when we do the math [and remember the Value Ladder’s importance], we’ll see it really does only take 100 clicks a day.


Your Front-End vs Your Back-End

Understand, your Front-End is only there to break you even. Your Back-End, your Middle, your Continuity – that’s what really makes your profits.

Why? Because you’re remarketing to an audience [via email] that you’ve already built a relationship with.

We’re only looking to get as many people as we can through the top of our sales funnel. I call this a Front-End. Then [those buyers are] going to go through the rest of The Value Ladder.

Just remember, the life-blood of any company is a continuity, [which charges clients on a recurring basis] for 6-12-infinite months.

I personally like to do Micro-Continuities. [They] have an end date, and that end-point is the perfect time to contact these people about my Back-End. They’re more likely to participate after time has passed, than right away up-front. The entire point of the Middle, Continuity and continued communication is to get buyers to buy the Back-End.

For me, that’s my Inner Circle, which is a $25,000 / yr coaching program. Sounds crazy, right? But, there are steps to get there, and that’s why people buy. They step up to that decision over time through The Value Ladder. So, I want to provide quality to all of my clients, so those that can pay, do. Don’t worry about criticism or people who cannot afford that level. That’s why we have The Value Ladder. There’s a step/level for each person’s time & financials.


Is There Life Beyond The Value Ladder?

YES! Once you get to a certain point, you’ll end up creating another Value Ladder like some famous entrepreneurs: Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker, Mike Dillard, Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy. They all created another Value Ladder after making a successful business [with their first Value Ladder]. So you’re going to have another [Value Ladder] after that, and it’s going to be its own separate idea. It’ll have it’s own unique Front-End with a slightly different focus.

Keep your one Desired Result close in each Value Ladder you build.  You may not always cover everything that you really want to, so that’s what other Value Ladders are for.

Quick Example

For example, you want Mind-Body-Health-Wealth, but you know money is one thing, and mental health is a completely different one. This is where you develop different Value Ladders. [But remember, your first Value Ladder should make you six-figures before moving on.]


Even if you don’t feel like there is “another Value Ladder” – there is! When you’re looking to achieve a new desired result, [then that’s a new Value Ladder].

If I’m going for ultra high-end clients, which is a small percentage of people; most entrepreneurs will build a second Value Ladder that offers something slightly different. And you can build a whole new business and make those new 3 or 4 steps. Once you build that out, you have a million dollar business.


The Back-End’s Importance

It [the Back-End] should earning at least be $500,000. Don’t believe me? I show you inside of my FREE Webinar, High Ticket Hack. Again, that’s the minimum you should earn. Is that all profits – no. But your sales people alone, should be closing $500,000 [in Back-End sales] for you every year.

[And when most] have that put into place, [they build] another Value Ladder. It’s the idea of, “I don’t want to have all my eggs in one basket” and I get that. But I would say “the riches in the niches”. Whatever you choose to go into, creating an ultra-high Value Ladder that eventually goes on to offer a 1 million dollar program or you just build another Value Ladder that goes up and offers a $100,000 coaching program. Back-Ends can keep [being added] or branch into a new Value Ladder. Just keep adding steps to go up to the million dollar range.

You wouldn’t think there would be people that would say “YES” to that high of a price tag, but there are! You’ll be amazed once someone says “YES”. And they will, eventually. It’s going to be like that “Eureka moment”. That’s what you need to keep in mind throughout the entire equation.


Everyone Has A Value Ladder (Even a Chiropractor)

Now, a lot of people think, “Well, Value Ladders only fit in with the certain businesses. Like the ones that I’ve seen or heard you talk about Zach”. But that’s NOT true! There’s a Value Ladder inside of every single business. I prove that even inside of my books Sales Funnel Secrets. I even go into a mechanic’s Value Ladder & a chiropractor’s Value Ladder… which for a lot of people, I’d like to have you just try, just try to even have you think about ANYTHING you go to the chiropractor for, that isn’t an adjustment.

That’s hard, isn’t it?

You wouldn’t think there’s a Value Ladder in there, but there is. Every business has a Value Ladder!

One misconception is that you already have a completed Value Ladder, and most don’t! See, everyone has to start somewhere. Most have a Front-End, some have a Middle, some are affiliates and that’s OK.


What Are The Price Points?

When you have a Value Ladder, you have to have multiple steps [, thusly] multiple values. [Your Middle] course may have to be six or seven hours, [then you can] charge $1000. Now that’s one-time and you can profit forever from that course you made.

But when you’re making a million that, doing sales – it’s a little complex for me to explain it. But let’s just say – it isn’t your high ticket. Your Back-End should be a million dollar a year program, and you only deliver 40-60 hours of work for that pay each month. When most smart business owners hear this, they go “Oh wow! You know it becomes easy to leverage an idea like that.”

But again, you have to least value yourself at $2500 / hour if you’re an expert, right? Take this a step further; if you’re an affiliate and you’ve even made a few dollars online. As an affiliate, you have affiliate marketing knowledge that I would say 80% of the affiliate newbies would like to know. There’s so few that stay past that 6 month mark or even the 3 month mark. Help them get past that month or 3 months. You have some expertise that all of these newbies would love to ascertain. Now let me tell you, they will pay 7, 12, 15, [17] bucks just to be able to get that knowledge and create the shortcut [for themselves].



Front-End: Free – $497

Continuity: $7-$197

Middle: $997-$4997

Back-End: $11,997-$1,000,000


Success Hacking – What Is It?

There’s so much that you can Success Hack, like Tony Robbins says, “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”

That’s it! That’s Success Hacking.

For us, it is understanding The Value Ladder. There isn’t just the Front-End, there’s a Back-End, there’s a Middle and there’s a continuity. There’s even upsells. Everything that you do, is to push a buyer to your Back-End. Why? Well, your Back-End is probably going to make you about 60% of your profits.

It’s simple math. It’s really easy to do high ticket sales and make a large profit [with low overhead]. I think there’s about 45% that end up [going into] the delivery process, from: the Open Office Hours, to the videos, 1 on 1, paying for plane tickets, paying my sales people, commissions, all that sort of stuff. Then I get to keep 55% of those as profits.

That being said, all my promotions lose me money on my Front-End. You’re going to be losing money on your Front-End. Deal with it. That’s what an amateur focuses on! You need to focus on the Middle, the Continuity the Back-End!

Let’s go back to the chiropractor’s Value Ladder. What do you think it’s [consisting of]?

Just adjustments and… you’re coming back for more adjustments? I used to have scoliosis; very terrible thing. It’s basically a curvature of the spine usually around what’s known as L3-2 & 1. And it’s because of how I sit, I’m a desk jockey.


My Chiropractic Parable

So it was a terrible thing to go through. I went through about 22 chiropractors [trying to solve this], and it was my wife’s suggestion to try this one using a special therapy. [It’s] called The Activator Method. After, I think 3 months of adjustments, I was good as new. No more scoliosis, nice straight spine, everything’s been good since! [It was like a miracle.]

“But outside of adjustments, [what else do you offer]” I asked my chiropractor. “I love what you do. You know, you made me a fanatic for life. You got me every 2 weeks, that’s fine. But isn’t there more? I want to give you money. I want you to make me better because I imagine that if you made this better what else do you have inside your head that could just improve my life?!?!”

[Lone behold, he didn’t have a Value Ladder!] So what we ended up writing down was a plan. We understand that adjustments aren’t sexy. Besides, he was great at his career and had a full schedule already. No more hours in a day.

So we created a Front-End, called M.A.T (Muscle Activation Therapy) and it was the same thing he used to fix my scoliosis, The Activator tool.


Heck, I even have the tool [The Activator]. I know The Activator Method [and studied it]. I love it so much! I’m not a licensed chiropractor, but I got a certified, going through the schooling and courses.


So this technique that was added, didn’t take any extra time. It was an adjustment almost beside the ones he already did. So it was an upgrade basically. With that, he was able to double the money made, without doubling the time he spent making it!

You can do the same for a typical chiropractor, just add a masseuse who can tell when ribs orthe spine is out of place. They ask if they’d like to have an adjustment to keep the relaxed muscles longer, and a portion of them will say, “YES”!


The Big Bang for a Chiropractor

“Hey, if you want to make this adjustment even better, you can attend my Wellness Clinic. It’s a one week event. We’re going to come out here and learn XYZ. It’s five thousand dollars.” I said “yes” instantly. So did over a dozen other people from his clients. He instantly made $80,000+ in a single week. More than he ever thought was possible in that short of a time!


The Wrap Up

So again, there’s a Value Ladder for almost everything. There’s a Value Ladder for authors, do a quiz asking them what types of books they enjoy, then send them to a Free + Shipping book offer with an upsell for the Audiobook version for $37. Then a One Time Offer of the entire series for a discounted price.

There’s a million different things that you can sell. You can even do coaching programs that teach someone how to do what you do.

One cool thing about my sales funnels. When you do a Free + Shipping, people will give you their email first to get the book. Then a 2nd step will show up, asking for their credit card information in order to ship the book off. From there, people often leave. But guess what? Since they filled in that email address first, and clicked the “NEXT” button, their email can be used to market to them about finishing their order.

I show you how to do this and more, including the segmentations that understand if they haven’t fully checked out. The system I use is called ClickFunnels. Sign up through that link to get my sales funnels I use currently. You can go to get a 14 Day FREE Trial and use a lot of the same templates I use. Bye, bye.

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