The 5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Email Marketing

Have you ever opened your inbox only to find it full of desperate-sounding promos and spam messages you never remember signing up for? It’s so annoying, isn’t it? If you’re like me, you end up just dumping most of it in the trash bin, don’t you? (even if it was something that you initially wanted) Why is that?

Because more often than not, so many promo emails sound the same and at the end of the day – there just isn’t enough time to sort through it all.


So what you do? More often than not, you probably end up reading the ones from people you know and the ones with the most captivating subject lines, don’t you?

So whether you’re a blogger, marketer, momtrepreneur, or CEO, here are the 5 crucial things EVERYONE needs to know about email marketing that will simplify your life.

Email Marketing Tip #1) Subject lines are the MOST important element

Why? Because until someone clicks to open your email – it doesn’t matter what’s inside.  You could be giving away a million dollars in cash but if you’re subject line sucks – guess what? No one’s going to open it!  So the very first thing you need to focus on is creating an enticing subject line that readers can’t resist.   When crafting your subject lines be descriptive, creative and stay true to your topic.  After all you don’t want to create an awesome subject line only to have it be so mis-leading that you piss-off the people who end up reading it. You can also play around with using merge tags for added personalization with your recipients name or location sometimes this can increase your open rates – other times it doesn’t (that’s why we split test).

Email Marketing Tip #2) Write as if you are having a conversation with just one person

This one can be tricky, especially if you’re just starting out, but no worries I’m here to make it super-simple.  First of all, I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve unsubscribed from an email list because I didn’t feel a personal connection – I felt like I was just a number to them. So how do you make a personal connection with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people all at once through an email?

Step 1 – Know your audience

Getting to know your audience is a topic I could seriously spend an entire week talking about – no worries though, I’ll save that for another post later on (or maybe even a mini-series – who knows) anyways for the sake of time, I’ll simply mention the #1 most important thing to focus on, and that’s – what’s your audience’s #1 pain point?  Once you know that, focus on being the solution for that problem!

Step 2 – Choose your language carefully

This is what separates the pro marketers from the armatures.  Using phrases like: “you guys”, “you all”, “a bunch of you” not only shows that you’re speaking to a group, it also creates a sense of distance from your readers.  That’s the exact opposite of what you’re looking to achieve.  In fact, with email – you want to be more like this little kid –

kazoo kid gif

“Come over here – just you and me!”

LOL, my point is you want your communication to be direct & personal like you had something important to tell a friend – not like you’re an underpaid online professor lecturing to hundreds of students.

Email Marketing Tip #3) Respect your reader’s time – keep emails short, sweet & simple!

So about 3 months ago, my wife and I moved from Sunny Florida to not-as-sunny Georgia.  During the move it seemed there just wasn’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in and as a result my wife wasn’t able to get in her daily yoga session like she normally does.  (Here’s the thing you need to know about my wife – when she’s not in action – she’s planning to take action. So in her downtime she’s always looking for new fitness & health tips & blogs to subscribe to.) She came across a blog written by a women she felt like she had a personal connection with and after reading a journey to yoga story, she said “I felt like we had walked similar paths” so she subscribed to her list.  Initially she loved the story-like newsletters but after about 2 or 3 – she began to ignore them & just throw them in the trash bin – why? Because every single email was over 2,000-3,000 words long!  “I love her passion and story-telling but I just don’t have the time to read all this” I remember her telling me as she hit the unsubscribe button. So the moral of the story is: Respect your reader’s time – keep emails as short & simple as possible!

*If you do have a lot that you want to say – create a video, podcast, blog post or infographic to get your larger message across in a more digestible (and time-efficient) way.

Email Marketing Tip #4) Always have one call-to-action

Writing an email without a call-to-action is like a billboard without a phone number – it’s just a waste. Now with that being said, a call-to-action doesn’t necessarily mean you’re asking someone to buy your product or service. Often times you’re simply asking your readers to click to get something free like a PDF, video, ect. Outside of being resourceful, another reason you always want to include a call-to-action is to train your subscribers to get used to clicking on a link in every single email you send. Why? Because over time, you’ll be sending out links to your products & services and you want your list to be used to clicking through so that they’re more likely to click through and buy your products as well. The final thing to remember is to only have ONE call-to-action per email. Any more than that will confuse the reader and decrease click through rates.

Email Marketing Tip #5) Engage your list everyday

This one may surprise you but really it’s common sense when you break it down. When you think about your close friends, family, people you trust – how often do you talk to those people? Pretty often, isn’t it? It’s the exact same way when it comes to emailing your subscribers. The more you engage and talk to your subscribers, the more trust you establish with them. The more trust you establish the more likely they are to buy from you. Just check out this graph from it breaks it down beautifully.

send more emails make more money

Now you know the 5 most important things about email marketing. I hope you’ve found this post helpful. Join my list to get more great tips like this and see how I engage my subscribers. See you on the other side!

Posted on April 12, 2017 in Email Expansion

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