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How to Host a Webinar Like a Badass! [FREE Webinar Checklist]

Ever struggle with how to host a webinar? Maybe you don’t even know what a webinar is… hmmm? Have you ever tried building a large piece of furniture without instructions? It’s damn near impossible, isn’t it?  (especially if it comes from Ikea!) I find that very frustrating sometimes.  Shouldn’t we just be able to examine each…

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8 Ways Webinars Can Increase Your Profits

Why Webinars are the BEST Sales Medium Online Hundreds of thousands of people attend Webinars every day (a majority being home business owners), but only a few hundred businesses actually host them!  I’m sure most people pysch themselves out by thinking “I’m not ready to host a webinar”, “I don’t know enough”, or “I’m not…

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