How to Host a Webinar Like a Badass! [FREE Webinar Checklist]

Ever struggle with how to host a webinar? Maybe you don’t even know what a webinar is… hmmm?

Have you ever tried building a large piece of furniture without instructions? It’s damn near impossible, isn’t it?  (especially if it comes from Ikea!) I find that very frustrating sometimes.  Shouldn’t we just be able to examine each part and know exactly where it goes?

Host a Webinar

While it would be great if we could that, more often than not, since we were not the one that made the furniture pieces and have never put it together before, we do not know how each part works.

Therefore we need a guide to take us step by step showing us how each part works together with the next piece to create the whole. Sales funnels and webinars are the same way – each having multiple pieces that work together to form a whole.

Let’s first begin with the life cycle of a webinar, shall we?

Learn How to Host a Webinar – The 3 Phases of a Webinar

Pre-Webinar, The Day-of the webinar and Post-Webinar.

Pre-Webinar activities include planning your webinar topic, contacting your presenters (if you choose to have any), creating your webinar script, slide deck & video/s, creating your registration landing page, setting up your event via your webinar system, where to host a webinar, and and lots of practice getting comfortable with the technologies, your speaking points and script (if you plan on using one).

Then there is webinar promotion. you’ll need to craft your strategy and create the webinar promotional materials. The actual promotion should begin about 2 weeks before your event. This involves: writing your webinar email sequences, social media posts & videos, blog posts and creating any paid media content like ads, banners or polls.


The Day-of the webinar – these task may vary from person to person depending on whether you’ll be hosting a 100% live webinar or a prerecorded webinar. But for the sake of simplicity – let’s say you’re doing a live webinar.  On this day you want to dress nice and look presentable.  You will have already done a practice run by now so all of your audio and visuals should be go to go.

*If you are planning to have other people presenting in your webinar – make sure you squeeze in at least one “dress rehearsal” before recording-day and have them arrive an hour or two early to setup and test audio before going live.

You should also create and send a social media post to broadcast the day of. Also, email a reminder to your registrants the morning of the webinar. Usually 1 hour before and 15 minutes before the webinar begins.


You’re Not Done Just Yet…

Post-Webinar – When you host a webinar, there’s more that comes afterwards. You can also test sending an email reminder at the 10 minute mark for late comers. Send at least one reminder after the webinar with a link to a webinar replay to those that missed it.

You can test this an hour or two after the webinar is over or the day after.  According to Bizibl Marketing’s 2016 Webinar benchmark report – 28% of webinar attendance comes from post-webinar signups the day after.

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8 Ways Webinars Can Increase Your Profits

Why Webinars are the BEST Sales Medium Online


Hundreds of thousands of people attend Webinars every day (a majority being home business owners), but only a few hundred businesses actually host them!  I’m sure most people pysch themselves out by thinking “I’m not ready to host a webinar”, “I don’t know enough”, or “I’m not a good enough presenter”, the list of excuses can go on and on. However, I’m here to tell you that if you’re reading this – you CAN host a webinar.  Seriously!  You don’t have to be a world class speaker to host your own webinar and take your business to the next level.  The best part is, doing webinars properly can increase your profits immediately!

8 Ways Webinars Can Increase Your Profits

1) Video is the new favorite medium!

In reality video has been a favorite medium since the birth of the television.  Now we just watch our videos online instead of whatever the TV has playing.  First it was YouTube that created the huge boom of online videos. Now with Facebook putting more of an emphasis on the medium video is everywhere these days!  And with stats like these – it’s no wonder every marketer and their mama are making videos to share with their audience.

  • In 2017, online video accounts for nearly 74% of all online traffic (KPCB) (and that number is only expected to continue growing up to 79% by 2018)
  • If both text and video are available on the same topic, 59% are more likely to choose video (MWP).
  • Including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80% (EyeView).

2) Webinars Are The Most Flexible Sales Medium

Webinars allow you the most flexibility of any sales medium.  You can create an outline, write out notes, a script – whatever you need – you can have that right there in front of you and the audience isn’t any wiser of the fact. Besides that, you can do a live-webinar or you can pre-record it and edit as needed.  So you have a lot of options and flexibility when it comes to exactly how you want to host and run your webinar.

3) Webinars Help Position Yourself as an Authority

But you don’t have to take my word for it – take a look at how webinars have helped others just like you build their businesses online…

“Webinars have been an instrumental tool for helping me establish myself as an authority in the copy writing and online entrepreneurial niche. Not only do they help me reach a larger audience, but they also give viewers a better look at my personality and help me further humanize my business.” – Ardelia Lee of

“Through webinars only, I hit my first $5K month 10 weeks into business. And since I have grown my expert status and empire to where I’m working only 4 hours a week. All because webinars grow your warm market (think trust factor) and are high concerts for sales so you don’t have to do them as often as other marketing tactics.” – Brie Beeks of

“Webinars are really helpful because people know that you are “real”, I don’t know why… but when I am writing a post or in an auto-responder series they think you are a robot. Also, because of a webinar my audience connect with me, they understand that I know what I am talking about. And consider me a “master” on my field.” – Diana Castillo

“One of the most effective ways to expand my reach and display my authority within my niche is with webinars. One of my most successful webinars began with tech issues, but instead of cancelling, I hosted it on Periscope. The attendees said the way I handled myself with grace spoke volumes about my character, and earned me several new clients and customers, even though it was my lowest-quality webinar to date! Giving my audience the opportunity to see & hear me live, and answer their questions on the spot, goes a long way in building know/like/trust.”   – Kirsten Thompson of

Even if you aren’t the best speaker or presenter, just getting your face in front of the camera will help you build credibility with your audience!  And with the tips I mentioned above you will be capable of hosting a good webinar.  The biggest tip is to spend a little time planning everything before you dive in to create your slides and other content.  Be sure you’re comfortable with your topic and speak with excitement and enthusiasm. If you’re excited about your topic – others will be too!  There’s nothing worse than hearing a monotone webinar speaker that bores you to sleep.

4) Webinars Instantly Build Rapport, Credibility & Trust with Your Audience

If an image is worth a thousand words, a video’s gotta be worth at least hundred thousand!  At the end of the day – people buy from people and just seeing a persons face is incredibly powerful element for building trust. That’s why people fill out their social media profiles, add videos to their websites and show off social proof.  That’s why video & webinars are the next best thing to being there in person. Which brings me to my next point…

5) Sell to an Audience (not just one-on-one) With Webinars

Imagine if you had to sell your products and services one-by-one, that would be dreadful wouldn’t it? Luckily, in the age of the internet we don’t have to think about such things. There is one thing to keep in mind with selling through webinars, and that’s that people watch webinars to learn. To learn about you, your methods, and the unique solution you have for their problem. Ensure your webinar will be successful by following a proven method: The Perfect Webinar Formula.

6) You Can Sell Higher Ticket Items With a Webinar than a Sales Page

There are some awesome looking sales pages out there nowadays but even the best converting sales-page can’t compete with the product-price points you can sell via webinar. Although webinars can be powerful alone, as you’ll learn in The Perfect Webinar Formula – they are a crucial component of what makes our online sales funnel so damn profitable and I look forward to teaching you exactly how I do it so you can duplicate my success.

FYI – (I won’t be touching on these last 2 in this particular webinar but they are still important so I wanted to be sure I mentioned them.)

7) Webinars are a Fantastic Way to Build Your Email List – FAST!

Webinars can be an amazing way to grow your email list quickly. Just a few tips though – if you are planning on using webinars for this reason – be sure to have a heavy promotional campaign and highly consider following point #8.

8) Webinars Can Help You Build Partnerships and Reach New Audiences

If you are just getting started with your business online and you don’t have a lot of authority yet, I recommend researching people within your niche that have slightly different specialties from yours and that already has some sort of an audience or list that you can partner up with. There are many MANY ways to do this (which I’ll have to save for another post).

So there you have it! – 8 ways that webinars can bring you in more money this year!  If you enjoyed this post and want to learn how to host your own webinar like the pros do – be sure to sign up for The Perfect Webinar Formula! (HURRY! This webinar is limited & registration will be closing soon!)