I Only Need How Many Clicks to Achieve $20K a Month?!

Ever wondered exactly how much traffic you’ll need to meet your financial goals?  I know that’s a silly question! Of course you have!

Your Money-Making Problems Aren’t Just About Getting More Traffic

More often than not, the problem isn’t necessarily just the traffic part though – it’s your entire sales funnel.


Because even if you’re getting 100,000 visitors every day – but they’re not sticking around – something’s wrong and needs to be looked into.

What I Finally Learned About Having an Online Business After 5 Years of Struggling

For the first 4-5 years of my internet marketing career I had heard the term ‘sales funnel’ before and understood the general concept; however, I didn’t understand how they fully worked (and how they could work for me) and therefore I didn’t have one setup for my business. The only thing I knew was what all the bloggers talk about “setup a 5-page website, research keywords, do on-page optimization, write blog posts and build links”. I wasn’t in touch with my audience, I didn’t have a value ladder and I wasn’t collecting emails, I can’t even tell you how much money and opportunities I lost, because I didn’t see how all the pieces of my business were supposed to work together seamlessly.  And then I met Russell.

Russell Brunson, if you don’t know by now, is the king of sales funnel hacking so the guy knows a thing or two about the subject.  He not only re-introduced me to the idea of a sales funnel – he taught me how simple it can be to set one up and build your entire business around it! That was a HUGE GAME CHANGER for me!  The best part is, this model works for virtually EVERYBODY – brick & mortar local businesses, authors, entrepreneurs, people who sell digital products & courses, small to medium businesses, eCommerce stores, you name it!

Self Liquidating Offer Funnel

Now when I sit down to consult with my customers or launch a new sales funnel (no matter what the niche is) – I always follow this exact formula every single time because it removes all the guess-work through reverse engineering each step.

This Proven Formula Will Help You Meet Your Financial Goals Every Time By:

  • showing you the full power of a Self-Liquidating Offer and why every business needs one
  • figuring out what your high ticket products should cost
  • how many high ticket sales you’ll need
  • how many continuity sales you’ll need
  • return percentage to take into account
  • how many monthly clicks you’ll need
  • how many daily clicks you’ll need to get

Not bringing in $20K a month yet?

No worries! I’ll show you how in my FREE video

I’ll be showing you exactly how you can reverse engineer your own sales funnel and find out just how many clicks you’ll need to meet your financial goals!  Setup everything just like I show you and you don’t need much traffic at all!!! Just go watch it now!

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