The Perfect Webinar Script Powerpoint Template Walkthrough

The Perfect Webinar Script Powerpoint Template Walkthrough

Hello and welcome. I’m Zach Miller and I want to thank you once again for purchasing The Perfect Webinar Formula. Now this video and this email is going to be going through and really helping people out who seem to maybe have gotten stuck on a few different areas inside of their power point when they are designing it. So I’m just going to go through, kind of give you some directions, help you and once you view this, this will give you that final push that you need to make it happen, finish your webinar, and honestly we should be done with this in less than an hour. And that’s including things even if you didn’t have anything done, you have no idea and you just started watching this.

So you’re going to open up the perfect webinar template, you’re going to see the legend here, that’s page one. Of course you want to delete that before you start, but purple means that’s the direction. As you can see here on slide two my purple is ‘Hire a Fiverr Web Designer’, so that’s my instruction. Now the green was of course placing that webinar logo there, so green is where you are going to place photos. And anything that is underlined or specifically states that you’re going to be filling in your words, that’s all you’re going to be doing right there. So let’s just kind of jump in, I’m going to be switching back between my webinar and of course the template and just give you an idea of what I did. And of course, I always want you to copy what works so doing to be afraid to do almost a one-for-one exactly what I did.

Now the webinar logo is going to be here, you can hire a designer, it’s going to cost you anywhere from $5 to $15.  As you guys know my colors are down here, and that’s the orange and the blue. Now whatever you have there is probably complimentary colors, maybe black and yellow, blue and white, whatever it may be you’re going to put those two colors down, it’s good to variate it. And if you go over and just simply look at my webinar, of course I had one made, it’s very simple, it’s black and white, I thought that stood out the most while still keeping my logo colors the same.

So once you get that made you are going to instantly go into, “Hey, what is the one main benefit of your product?” So even if you’re doing coaching here, whatever it is, what’s that one mean benefit? And again for me it was showing you how to run high profit webinars without knowing anything about webinars. So “How to Instantly” – that’s a really big word, ‘instantly’. For a lot of people, if it isn’t instant then what I love to put is “My Dirty Little Secret”, and dirty little secret for some reason everyone wants to know those. So when you have a dirty little secret, you’re doing something instantly that’s giving that gratification that people want, either secretly or the instant gratification, that’s what you really want to go after. Try and look towards instant gratification. The more you instantly gratify someone, even if it is something that takes a long time, you’re going to make a lot more sales and you’re going to have a lot more happy people. Some people they just need to buy your item and that makes them feel good, that’s it. So again, they just want that instant gratification. Anyway that you can do that or give a dirty little secret with your one main benefit, you’re golden.

And then, to what? Is it to them? Is it to their business? Is it to their health? Whatever it may be, tell them where they are applying it to without that one main pain that they had in getting that benefit, so how to run high profit webinars and add them to your business without knowing anything about webinars. That is exactly what I am doing, I am showing you guys how to go through, and literally within a few days you can have your first webinar up and running and send traffic to it, and bam, the success can be very quick.

So again, you go in, “My Goal Is…” and you simply state here is what I want to do, at the very end you are making your main promise. Again this is all covered inside the script so we will move on to the next slide. Now this is your hook, if you stay until the end this is what you are going to get. This is making sure that anyone who comes on who is going to leave or has maybe a hesitation, etc., they don’t know how long this is, you need to hook them in. This is your bait line and sinker; once you have something that you can hook them till the end to, maybe it’s a promise, a freebie, maybe it’s some special secret, whatever it is. For me, I was going to literally show you the exact script. You didn’t have to pay for it, it was right there. Sure I didn’t explain it all the way, but that was enough for people to stay, and honestly that is of value. Just having that script you’re really can learn and lean quite a bit off in your webinars from just viewing that one picture. So it doesn’t have to be big, just like I didn’t deliver something extremely huge, I didn’t go into it. But you are just giving that hook so much that they almost have to say, “Hey, I need to get that.” So hook them till the end and let them know, “Hey, this is the reason you’re going to stay, this is the reason why you want to be on this webinar till the end.” So it makes a difference, you’re just putting it how you’re different from everybody else, no matter how that is, it can be just one small thing and that is all they need to know, that you’re different.

Now inside of this slide you are going to want to of course place your picture here and of course affix your name. What are you the king of? What are you good at? And you don’t have to be the best but, again, you are your own self-declared king of ____, and of course what goes along to prove that you would be a king amongst the average person that looks at this. Now, you don’t have to be the king of fitness per se, but you can say that you are the king of weight loss, you are the king of weight loss without eating carbs, or whatever that is. So you did this, xyz for Client 1, Client 2, Client 3. You are going to want to put these people in, of course talk about a lot of other people, maybe unhealthy, diabetic if you are in the health niche. For me it was we have done this for lots of other network and affiliate marketers and we have made over xyz or we have spent over xyz in dollars or time and testing for your product. And it’s very simple, once you’ve got that you just simply let them know how you have done a lot of things wrong, or a lot of things right, a lot of things wrong.

And then you just go through, you list the benefits of “After doing this for so many years I have learned how to do this, how to do this, how to do this.” And going over to my webinar I will just simply show you what mine looked like. Of course, after doing this for 10+ years I found a hidden business inside of my existing business. I have three simple pages that you can add, this is kind of you going through this webinar and what are the benefits they will receive for going through and witnessing what you are about to explain to them. And the ability is that they can use webinars without feeling like a used car salesman pitching $1,000 or $5,000 services or products. And then you can plug this into almost any business. Of course I have a picture of what I would consider something that’s detrimental, what people hold close to as a stigma when they are going through. Maybe when they think of, for example, weight loss, they think it is going to be a long, hard journey; it definitely doesn’t have to be when you have proper diet and nutrition. If it’s something like financial investing, maybe it’s the idea that their money is going to be instantly lost in the stocks with a crash or something of that nature. So again, you are just simply putting out that stigma and saying, “Hey, you can do this without that stigma.”

So you discovered it the hard way, and you just simply let them know that “You get to cheat me and find out what it was.” Here’s the hard way – I read hundreds of books, I did this really crazy thing, I built this crazy thing you shouldn’t, or I did this crazy thing you shouldn’t. A picture of the hard way would go right here. For example, here is my team, we are all out building an entire system, a webinar system and a call center just so that we can handle all of the traffic that we are pushing. Of course you don’t have to do that, I found out that that’s the hard way, that there is a lot easier way, but what is it? Well, we will get to that. And you want the main hard way without requiring you to… and again we are going back to that pain point. My pain point, again, happened to be going through and without becoming an expert webinar speaker, without knowing about webinars, without having to become a great linguistic analyst, learning NLP or neurolinguistic programming; just simply follow the script, follow what I have, fill in the blanks and watch how powerful what you say is. Yes, it’s really that simple.

So I go into our benefit. In the past 30 days we have sold over six figures. You go into your main benefit, the unique reason why your product is so amazing. And of course you always want to give ‘the results are not typical’. The main reason is a lot of people are inactive. I would say probably the 80-20 rule applies to almost every business everywhere and especially when it comes to taking action; you’re going to have 20% of people probably taking action. Now if you have 80%, wow, please let me know what you’re in, I would love to be able to copy over that hyper call incentive mind thought process of a buyer like that. But what’s mainly going to happen is a lot of people aren’t going to go and actually do what you have, even though all they have to do is take a step forward. So you need to let them know these results aren’t typical. We don’t want to these types of people, you don’t want ‘get rich quick’ people, you don’t want lazy people. I specifically say that because I want those people to just jump off my webinar, I don’t want them anywhere near me or my products because at the end of the day someone with that thought process they are going to come through and they are going to be bugs. They are just going to go after and ask a bunch of questions and say, “Woe is me” when I didn’t get the exact results that you did because I didn’t put in the time you did. So again, you are just letting them know “No, thank you. I don’t want your business, I people who are serious.” And that instantly shifts people who are on the fence into, “Okay, I am serious, I am ready.”

Here are my secrets: Secret #1 – you can do this, make more in one day selling high profit webinars than in a month selling normal products. Yes, crazy, right? Secret #2 – you only need 100 clicks a day. Maybe it’s not as hard as you think to lose all that weight, it is not as hard as you think to invest in proper stocks. You can do all of this but the secret is that I am going to hold back this one idea, and this one little secret, this is what shifts it, and then of course we will go into that. So these are all mainly tertiary, what I would call them, hooks. So you’ve got your main hook to the end but then you have your three secrets, and these three secrets are the things that you teach inside of your course, product, coaching; whatever it is. And Secret #3 – you don’t need to be an expert; that should almost always be one of the secrets. You don’t need to be a fitness fanatic, you don’t need to be a stocks investor, you don’t need to be the smartest person in the world, you don’t need to be a fast reader, you don’t need to be a great golfer; whatever it is, at the end of the day you don’t needs to be an expert at this. I’m going to show you how to do it without being that, because I’m such a great expert I should be able to teach you guys how to do it without being one, right? It’s the sign of a great teacher.

So Secret #1, I go into that and I just explain how that really is the case. Well, the case is that when Secret #1 is achieved with this – for example, the way I solve my problem over here is I sell a $37 product, $5000 a month and then I simply say that is going to be 135 products sold at a 3% conversion rate, which is pretty standard for most industries. Forty-five hundred clicks and paying $1 a click, I’m only making $500 a month in profit, “Woe is me.”  But my Secret #1 with this one twist right here, a picture of you, tell the story simply saying “Here is all the ways that I struggled. I was trying to get this going but then I figured out that you don’t need that.” You can sell a high ticket product and it can obviously make everything that you have worked so hard for in a single day. So most people will think, “Hey, in order to get Secret #1 I’m going to, of course, need Secret #2.” Well for me if you are going to be pushing a product, of course you need traffic. A lot of people think, “Well, I need a lot of traffic. In order to make $100,000 every week then I need to push 100,000 clicks every week.” Not true. It’s all about how you leverage every click and what you do; you don’t need a lot to make it work. And even if you didn’t, I’m going to show you how to get unlimited traffic no matter what.

So how much traffic do you need? We break it down, kind of showing how that Secret #2 is so special when we are selling that high ticket product. One out of ten is going to sign up for that webinar, that’s 10% conversion rate for a freebie webinar; cool, that’s extremely low but we are just saying very, very minimum standards here, so, so low of a standard. But one out of ten signs up, so that’s 10% conversion rate, one out of two sign up or show up for the webinar, that’s pretty standard, one out of five who show up will purchase. When it’s a webinar you should have those conversion rates especially when NLP is inducted inside of it, you are following the script, you have this power point, everything is aligned into all of these neurolinguistic buying habits and buying triggers that are inside people’s minds and all you have to do is press the button. So once you do that 20% should purchase – these are minimal rates you should be hitting – 100 clicks equals 10 sign ups and if you are not hitting these things something is wrong so you just need to split test, that’s all it is. Split test until you can get these numbers. 100 clicks = 10 signups = 5 people watch = 1 person buys = $1000. So if you are selling a $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 or even $5,000 product, you can imagine how webinars can 2x your sales. And even if you don’t have one I even say watch how you can turn one one of your simplistic products maybe that’s already an info product and you just record yourself going through that and now it’s a video course. And of course I break that down like I have before. If you haven’t checked out that email then go ahead and watch that, and if you haven’t watched course yet, go through that, and I even break down more of how you can turn a simple product into a $1,000 or $5,000 product.

So, the webinar number two secret, this is where I break it down. That $37 product, I can get $5,000 a month – 135 products need to be sold in order to make that. But here is how it’s achieved, and if I go back over to mine… Now Secret #3, whatever that is, again, you don’t have to be an expert in your idea niche, industry, whatever it is. And here are the three reasons why most people like me shouldn’t ever, and that main pain point. So for me, should never speak in public or learn to become an expert speaker. Number 1, it’s too taxing, there is so much you’ve got to do.

Number 2, it’s not great leverage – when you have to be places you can’t be all around the world giving to an infinite number of people inside of their own home the basic presentation that you are giving somewhere else that may take you three/four/five days out of your time. You’ve got to go travel, you have jet lag, then you speak and then you hope that you close all those people because they are in the right mindset that they should be like when they come into your webinar; so that’s reason number 2.

Reason Number 3, at the end of the day you just don’t need to be an expert at these things; you just need to follow formulas and then split test off of numbers, that’s the only thing that changes. So people go, “Yes, you’re right. We don’t need those things, We don’t need to be an expert. We don’t need to try and work so hard. We can make and leverage our time and our effort.” So then I go into number 3, you just need one webinar pre-recorded, live or not. Of course if you do them live it’s a really great thing because you get instant, active feedback and you can always improve on your webinar. But at the end of the day once you find something that works, aka bread and butter, let it go, let it be pre-recorded. Simply give it the aura of it being a live event. You don’t have to say that it is live, of course when you probably record it you are going to say, “Hey, we are here live.” But that’s just a natural thing that happens. So all you can simply do is pre-record one and now it’s set it and forget it, and you’re just pushing traffic and testing numbers.

Then you have a script that ensures that the webinar has NLP buying triggers. Again, I have included almost up to 20 closes for you, all of this you can pick and choose and sprinkle throughout your webinar. And notice I said script, and watch how you make the perfect webinar formula makes you sound so natural when you are presenting. You don’t even have to realize that you are pitching someone because my transitions show you all you have to do is ask this one single frame changing question – you are changing someone’s perspective and their frame of mind. And when you do that, bam, you are allowed to now sell people because they have let their guard down openly by giving you consent to say, “Yeah, I would love to learn about this. How can I speed this whole process up?” So again, that’s what the script does.

But again, I am going through, I showed an experiment that almost failed. Here was the experiment that I did – it was the old model, I built everything out. New model, you can do this, you can do that, and then you get these types of results. Now my example is we had all these old scripts, we had lots of webinar registrants and it was great. But then once I did this one cool thing, where it says in that green area, I hired a copywriter, paid him $8,000 to craft the perfect webinar formula, an extra $12,000 in order just a train obviously all of my consultants on it in order to craft their own customization forms or be able to help you guys out. And then once we did that, the next day $22,000 in sales; and then of course over the past 30, it has been a heck of a lot more. So the good thing is you still failed with… yes, that’s fine. But then the old thing that you changed goes right here. What was that? And the main reason that you were maybe failing before was ‘because I was doing this thing stupid, wrong or I forgot about it’. And then what’s the biggest thing of all? Is it time? Is it sales? What’s that worth to you, what is that? And then let me just go over into mine, I will show you what I did for my experiment.

So, Who Wants Person’s Help? Do Easy Thing # 1, Do Easy Thing # 2, and then let so-and-so help you do this for a few hours and you are going to unlock the hidden ___ inside of your _____ – ‘the hidden body inside of your existing body’ if this is weight loss, ‘the hidden wealth inside of your money’. Whatever it is, the niche, you are just basically saying A-A, it’s the hidden ‘A’ inside of the big ‘A’. And once you do that just put that picture of either you, a person or a consultant. No matter what, you just want to simply adjust it over to understanding that when you get help from this person, whoever you attach that power to, this is a NLP sequencing, whoever you attach that power to, they look up to, and of course they instantly become and have an elevated status in their eyes. So you can hand these people off to different people and you don’t have to do any of the work if you would not like to.

Then you go, of course you want to see that hook to the end that I said, okay, well here it is. And then I go in and we go into these closes, bam – do you have disposable income? I crack all of the stuff down inside of obviously the videos. The past hour you’ve learned a lot of things, it can be overload. There’s nothing to change actually inside of this. Now you are going to intro that webinar page here again, so anything that you have you are just going to copy and paste the first slide right here. And this kind of gives you a break inside for people to realize, “Yes, okay, I’m with you, I’m here.” Right here we find that’s the middle part if you can see; right here, that’s the middle. So we find that when we reintroduce the intro part they almost reset mentally to go, “Okay, I can sit through this a little bit more.”

Then you give them the instructions…  My instructions are when it comes to offering value and bonuses, that doesn’t have to be complicated. All you’ve got to do is separate your product into different ideas. And what I mean by that is that you can have one course but that course can have three parts to it because of course it’s a course – there are modules, there different ideas covered inside. You can simply split up the videos; that’s all you got to do. And there you go, you have bonuses. So it should already be a complete idea, a product idea or thought or course. And then simply breaking it up gives people the leniency towards, “Okay, do I have this part? Okay, do I have this part? Okay, do I have this part? Okay good, I can buy now.” That’s all you’ve got to do. Simple, right? So you have your course and then you have the other part of your course, and then I am going to give you this part of my course, and then idea from the course in a box.  That’s really a great one – in a box. of course if it doesn’t work for you you can change it out with a million different things – the blueprint, the mind map, the strategy, the dirty little secret, whatever it is. There are a lot of different verbs and adjectives that you can place in there.

So I just tell them who it has worked for. For me, it has been authors, speakers, consultants and other network marketers; so basically everybody. Even people with a 9 – 5; of course they don’t have 9 – 5 after this so that’s basically the point. So again they become a network marketer and you are putting them in that mindset.  I don’t mention 9 – 5 because of that, but if that is your main niche, stay-at-home moms or whatever, go ahead and mention that. If you are a financial advisor or weight loss or you’re teaching someone how to bowl or someone how to hit a baseball, whatever it is, all you’re going to say is this has worked for people in the little league, this has worked for semi-professionals, this has worked for so and so. All of that is going to be there, and I do mention groups, don’t mention specific names. So you have two options, you don’t have to change anything there, it’s pretty simplistic. You are of course going to place your clients testimonial of why this is so great, what it did for them. I do, do, do highly suggest that you get this as soon as possible for your webinar, this is very, very, very powerful stuff. Having a testimonial, just one that they can check, talk to on Facebook, I often tell you guys go check out my leads and my testimonials on Facebook, you can see the real people making real money. All these things need to be verifiable. Some people are anal retentive, they just need to go around and check; so let them. Give them the full name, let them know, tell them to reach out, tell them they are on Facebook, tell them where they are at. “Here is their handle name, go ask them how it worked. But be sure to do it now because this thing is ending.”

Bonus #1, you go into that, Bonus #2. Then you go through and you stack those out. If all this did was made your pain point better, how much would it be worth? Would it be worth this amount of money? $5000? And of course, you always start high and then you drop it down. Never try and go around and say, “Oh, I’m not going to be one of those cheesy marketers who just lowers the price.” If you do that you are going to fail, you are going to see the numbers drop. You are messing with people’s minds and their thought processes. And when you don’t drop the price you instantly build a brick wall. Do you want to build a brick wall or do you want to drop walls for people’s ambitions for buying your product? You want to drop them, exactly; so that is what we are doing. So drop the price, you drop those walls for people.

So what’s this part of the solution? Is this worth it to you? Okay, so what is in it for me? Is getting one client worth it, if you can charge $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000? Or is it worth more? Maybe so. If it’s losing 10 pounds, is it being able to ensure that your investments yield at 3% ROI in the YTD, whatever it is just with your main solution here; the main, biggest one that has value to them. Everything should have value, even weight loss has value. People will pay millions when you associate and losing one single pound of their fat with happiness. And the association is very easy to do through NLP sequencing. Okay so how much more would you pay to get ____ solved, whatever that is – lose 10 pounds. What about to solve it this week or today? Again maybe you can’t promise those things but you can at least get them on the right track and that is of course solving it this week or solving it today. Because like I say you just need to frame them with the reference of mind that solving something even as elongated as an investment or weight loss, you can solve it today because when do you make the change? People always keep this in your diaries, especially weight loss people that lose a lot of weight. And this is mainly where I am attaching it to because that’s probably the longest it takes, weight loss. You don’t lose 20 pounds today, you lose 20 pounds in three or four or five months.

So in order to solve it today you have changed your mind today to take that first step forward, and you are then solving it today. So you can stay true to that word you just need to give the frame of reference that we are solving this today because today you are now a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Let me say that again – you are a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Today you have begun solving, i-n-g, solving, so it’s an ongoing process, this problem, this issue, your investment, your weight, your training, your expertise, your webinar; whatever it is.

So you can see why people are paying us _____ plus _____ of the profits or whatever it is. If you have coaching, $25,000, I usually suggest starting at $12,000 and then working up to $25,000, I have of course even covered that inside of my high ticket hack which shows you how to close those types of deals from someone that just paid you $7 for a simple little free + shipping offer. Again, all these things you can see why they are paying us so much more than what I am charging inside this webinar. That’s all you’re saying.

And if you can solve your main pain point here, wouldn’t it make sense just to pay me that $5,000 one time? If you are charging $5,000 go up to $10,000. Wouldn’t it make sense to just pay me $10,000 one time to do this all for you? Sure, yes, of course it would. And you really don’t change it until you get people to start saying “Yes, yes, yes, I agree.” And if you want to even go through, the other thing is I like doing the money tree close here or money replenishes. The idea is that most people that are buying your products have j-o-bs, or even if they don’t have j -o-bs then they are making enough money. But if they have a j-o-b then if they are just over broke; that’s what j-o-b means to all of us here on the internet. And I’m sure you feel the pain if you still have one. But the point is you’re asking them, that j-o-b is going to replenish every two weeks in your bank account, so that money is always going to come back. And that is a great money replenishes close right here. So you can start getting those yeses of them saying, “Yes, I would be willing to pay that. I would be willing to pay that because the money is going to come back.” And at the end of the day this is going to make way bigger of a difference than with that money where it is just sitting there just doing nothing or being wasted on more junk or extenuous items – going out for dinner when you can cook in or going out to the movies when you can rent from Redbox, whatever it is.

So you go, “Okay, see why it’s a great deal at $5000 that comes in? It’s only $3,000 for the general public, but because you are special I want to let you know that you can get this deal for this amount.” So once you do that of course you come in with Bonus #3, that’s another reason to close. Again you are trying to cut these bonuses off for a limited number of people. Some of my secrets behind it are I always give everyone Bonus #1. And the end of the day I give everyone Bonus #1 because they’ve got to have it, you’ve got to have that for Bonus #1. Bonus #2 and 3, maybe not so much. Some of my webinars do include the bonuses, some of them don’t; you never know and that’s the mad grab I like to play sometimes. I help people as much as I can but I also stick to my word with these bonuses, they are limited and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

So Bonus #3 is probably going to be the biggest bonus that takes a lot of your time up and that’s okay. For me I just simply put one of our consultants in, they help you with your script, they go through. Of course I have these videos, these training so everything should help you. And I am really building up almost this wall of help so that way once you get over that you’re probably 99.9% done with your webinar, and then if you still need that final 0.01% you can call up one of my consultants, they will help you, it’s usually 5 or 10 minutes and your just like “That’s it, I’m ready.”

So that’s Bonus #3, and again you are going to build up a lot of support around this, you are going to help them with this. And it’s not that it has to be an ongoing thing, it’s just that this bonus should be something that makes them feel like, “Okay, I am taking your time and time is valuable” because you have built up the idea. We will usually run this close for the time or money, and money replenishes, time doesn’t replenish. You go forward, that’s it, someone has a day they’re going to die. Guess what? You can even bring this in – a lot of the most wealthy people in the world didn’t start making most of their money until they were about 55 or 60. I’m of course talking of Warren Buffett. There are more people, but getting outside of that you can just bring it in. The fact is that at the end of the day I am giving you my time and this is so valuable. You’ve got to get on this right now because I can’t give my time to everybody. I told you how valuable my time is. So that gets them to go.

And then you of course going with your two options, nothing to change here. You give your examples again. There is the three parts of the system, whatever it is, the issue they are starting with, how you are going to help them past it. You give your 30 day guarantee; and of course this will pay for itself because of this one big reason – if you were even to run a webinar and make one sale, it would pay for itself. So there is The Tale of Two People – there is timid Timmy and confident Ken. And then you have Let Me Show You What To Do Next, you just go here. You are going to walk through your own sales page which means you’re going to take it off, you’re going to bring it up in your browser. You’re going to go, “Hey, here is this. I’m going to walk you through, I’m going to fill in fake information, we are going to click like we’re going.” And then you slide over to a new tab and you simply say, “Here is what the inside looks like. You are going to see this, this, this, and this.”

Then go to What You Are Going To Get. Of course you’re going through, you’re restacking it, building the value, letting them know, “Yes, this is what it is worth. it’s worth the $14,000. You’re only getting it for $1,000.” So if you didn’t sign up immediately here is the reason why, you don’t have to think about it. You think you don’t have what it takes to succeed – that’s probably for a lot of people. That’s going to be your product. People just are so afraid that they are going to fail; failure is one of the biggest fears outside of public speaking and actually dying, which is kind of funny. Failure is always a stepping stone to success. I’ve never heard of anyone succeeding instantly. Have you ever heard of anyone taking 100 shots and making 100 shots? I haven’t. Have you ever heard of anyone swinging the bat 100 times and hitting every ball? Not if you’re a professional; professionals probably missed more than Little Leaguers; yes, it’s kind of weird. But you’ve got to reframe people and just let them know, “Hey, you’ve got what it takes to succeed. If you are nervous about starting, here is what you about to do, xyz…”

So anyway, I like to put a picture of myself being lazy, for me it was just being goofy, I was sticking my tongue out. And just the reasons you’re like me – number 1, number 2, number 3. You can either spend a lot of time doing this the hard way, but why would you? So you thank them for attending, have another picture of you. Simply go to the checkout page, you have the walk-through of the sales page one more time, and then this is the clincher. A lot of people have one single question left and this will increase your sales by upwards of 25%; that’s a lot of money.

So most people they’ve got all the NLP, they have gotten all worked up, their emotions are attached everywhere. Let me just show you how this works once you maximize it, the video comes with this. Well the countdown clock seems to be not working well unfortunately because of the recording software. But the long story short is that you are letting people have 30 minutes with you to answer questions, and let me tell you, you are going to have more than enough questions to fill up your time. If you are not doing a live webinar then just simply make up a whole list of questions, I’m sure there are hundreds you could get. Just simply look at your product as a skeptical person and then look at it as someone who has already bought; those are the only two scenarios you need to run through – someone extremely skeptical and someone who has already bought. “Hey, I’m already in here, I’m already inside, where do I start?” That gets people in the NLP program of simply going, “Oh, they’re signed up, that’s a spot gone. There is only 9 spots left max. I got to sign up now, especially if I want Bonus #3, that special time with you or someone else.” And then again you’re going through as you answer more questions, you just let them know, “At the end of the day I’m going to answer all the questions I can on this webinar, this live webinar. And if I don’t get to your question what I want to do is call our voicemail line at this number, leave a detailed message with your full name, address, phone, email, credit card number with expiration and we’ll return your call tomorrow. Now I just want you to know that we are not going to process your card, all we’re doing is we’re doing this to make sure you’re serious about actually going through, and we are just going to confirm and once we answer your question we will process your order.”

That single idea right there, I’ve talked about it in quite a number of my emails, but it basically is the idea that a lot of people only have one question before they want to give you thousands of dollars; just one question that holds almost a quarter of your buyers from buying. And all they need is your help one time on the phone, because you already have all their information, is it not worth it for you yourself personally to call them up and answer their questions? Because if you answer it rather than a consultant, yes, it takes a little time, you’ve got to do it almost daily especially if you have a webinar running every day, but I make 2-minute calls and I make a $1000 every time. Two people have said after they’ve asked questions, and this is out of hundreds, two people said, “Well, I’m not sure about this. I don’t think that this is right for me.” And I understood because what we had talked through was they were looking at it like get rich quick. Which, again, that’s why I give my thing – if you’re a get rich quick or you are lazy, gtfo, I don’t want you. That’s not the type of people I am here for. I am here to make people rich and then once they get rich they pay me more money and I make them super rich; that’s it. If you are lazy, what am I going to do? I’m going to make you ‘kind of’ money, I’m going to make you j-o-b money? That doesn’t pay me either at end of the day. I want to make you money so I make money, that’s the whole idea of this. So the more successful someone is, the more likely they are going to be looking for you and giving you more of their success.

Anyway, going back, once you’re asking these questions, you break it down. There are a lot of different things but once that clock hits zero, it’s an odd thing, people just stop buying, that’s it. It hits zero, they stop buying, even if it’s not a live webinar, it’s a replay, they just stop right there. Like you will see they started watching this webinar, the webinar is exactly two hours long and the countdown clock ends at 2 hours and one minute and, bam, no orders after 2 hours and 1 minute, not at all. So you’ve got to be careful, give yourself a lot of time. If you feel like, “Oh, I don’t have time”, every single minute counts, every single minute. Just think about every minute you have 1% more converting for every minute that you spend on this, and it’s worth it my friends, so worth it.

So that’s it, that’s the Perfect Webinar Template completely filled out, you have it all here. If you have been going through with me then you’ve probably paused the video a few times or stopped and kept reading through if this is in transcript and you’ve got it all made out, so you’re ready. Now all you’ve got to do is simply go apply the traffic methods and get that funnel set up and customized to yourself. And of course I will be helping you with that more and more as we go through.

I thank you for joining me, I wish you the best, and make sure to look up for tomorrow’s email.