Getting to Know Your Target Audience – The Shortcut Guide

What’s your all-time favorite show? Mine would probably be Rick & Morty or House of Cards (I’m not one for binge-watching but have to admit I watched all 4 seasons in just 2 weeks!!! LOL).  Where would these awesome shows be if it weren’t for them KNOWING their target audiences?

I think Seinfeld (another legendary show) put it best…


[NBC Exec: Why are people listening to this?]
[George: Because it’s THERE..]
[NBC Exec: Not yet..]

That’s right!

Until you know your audience and what they’re looking for – you’re only guessing & hoping that your products and services are going to be a hit.  Wouldn’t you rather know for sure?!  I know I did!  When I started my second business, I didn’t have a lot of startup money so I needed to make sure I made smart decisions the first time round.

My goal was to set up a sales funnel & start bringing in profit as quickly as possible.  I already had my niche chosen, but before I could begin crafting my product, I needed to find out more about my audience so I could learn their biggest pain points and what they need & want most.

Before we dive into the 9 pillars of your target audience, I just want to mention the 4 main types of traffic & audiences you’ll run into.

  1. HOT – Product Aware: They’re aware of solutions and are typically in the ‘comparing’ stage of the buying process
  2. WARM – Solution Aware: They aware of some solutions
  3. COLD – Problem Aware: They Know they’ve got a problem
  4. COLD – Unaware they have a problem (hardest to sell)

TIP: Keep in mind that at every stage of your business you’ll be dealing with these 4 types of readers. Since each type has different pain points, it’s best to create emails and segment your list for each type.

The answers to these 9 questions will help you craft better content & products that your audience won’t be able to resist gobbling up!


The 8 Pillars of Your Customer Avatar

  1. What are their ONE biggest pain point?
  2. What do they need help with?
  3. What scares them?
  4. What’s the biggest danger they don’t even see yet?
  5. What are their greatest opportunities?
  6. What are their hopes, dreams and desires?
  7. Where do they congregate online? What sites do they trust? Where are they getting their news?
  8. What gets them to spend money? What are their hobbies?
  9. What are your audience Demographics:
    1. Geolocation – where do these people live?
    2. What percentage of your audience is female? what percentage is male?
    3. What age group are they in?

***A quick note about demographics – although important – they are not nearly as important as knowing if your audience is product aware, solution aware, problem aware or completely unaware.

Go right now and find your answers to these questions!  Your target audience is out there waiting for you!

P.s. If you’re not sure where to start – and are feeling overwhelmed – sign up for my email mastery program, where I “hold your hand” and walk you through each and every task step-by-step (from researching your niche & target audience to setting up your very first sales funnel) to get your own email based business off the ground and running.