SOLO Ad Secrets [Part 3 of 3]

Solo Ad Secrets Q&A from a Pro [Part 3 of 3]

Hey you guys. So I am in a plain white tee, feeling a little lazy today; I apologize, I normally dress up. But what I really wanted to go over was the final portion of solo ad purchases for you guys, and this will end up in a little mini web series that I have created. I hope this answers a lot of the questions that I have been getting. Of course, if there are any more just add it below, just comment, etc., add any of your questions that you may have for me, I will get back to you as soon as possible, either I or my staff. And of course if I need to, I’ll create a follow up web series on top of this if the need grows so much.

So when it gets into buying solo ads one of the major tips that I am really going to give to you guys is the fact that you need, you need to make sure that you make these purchases with credit cards. I know a lot of people do their sales through PayPal, and that’s great, you do want to use PayPal. But when it comes to the default payment method you need to make sure it’s a credit card. The reason being, PayPal is not always going to be on your side when it comes to purchasing clicks, the reason being clicks is kind of a grey area, it’s a digital delivery. And if anyone has dealt with PayPal refunds on digital deliveries, it’s just a nightmare proving who is the liar and who is telling the truth and there are two sides to the story so of course everyone is saying they are right. So when you have a credit card, the credit card is always in your favor, and at the end of the day the worst thing that can happen is your PayPal account will be closed, you can open a new one, but you are saving yourself potentially thousands of dollars, and that has happened to me before. So I am saving you all of the heartache and the tears of sending someone thousands of dollars and them sending you nothing. The credit cards allow you to charge back all of those issues and you don’t have to worry about getting into any disputes, your money being tied up for months at a the time. It’s going to be right back on your card, you can take all of that. Oh my goodness, if I had that $5,000 and I was able to spend it right then and there in that month, I would have made another $10,000 and then I would have grown at double the pace that I am now. But again, these are issues, hiccups that I have faced that you don’t have to because I am telling you, because you are listening to me. That’s why I want you guys to follow me and hear what I say. If you want to buy my stuff, great, but the point is that I am here really just to allow others to duplicate all of the success I have had and skip over all the failures I have had. Great, right?

So some of the main tips that I like, and let me just pull some of these up. Some of the main things that I like when it comes to solo ads is ensuring that I am just starting small with my ads. You don’t want to go to big, you want to make sure that everyone is tested safely, you want to add retargeting into your campaign like I talked about in Part 2 of this series. You have already paid someone $1 a click to get someone into your squeeze page, maybe they didn’t opt-in, but with a retargeting pixel going from Perfect Audience or AdRoll, one of these retargeting platforms or companies, you can then drive that traffic right back to your website with a little ad banner usually for a very minor amount, not $1 a click, usually anywhere from 10 – 15 cents per click to drive it back to your website. And at the end of the day that is the best thing that could possibly happen, someone that has already seen your offer, they didn’t know about it but now that they are being driven back they are a lot more sure about it. And you are going to get higher opt-in rates and you are squeezing every single penny you can out of your paid advertising when you do that.

So you want to make sure that… of course, I’m going a little bit in depth with the retargeting here for you guys because I know this is a big portion, this is some of the questions I even got. There are only two banner sizes that you really want to worry about, and the main one that I am going to tell you guys to worry about is the 300 x 250; don’t even worry about the other one. I talk about that more inside of my Traffic Mastery courses and Sales Funnel Mastery courses, but 300 pixels x 250 pixels is going to be literally 60 to 70% of all the clicks that you are going to get online are going to come from that one size banner. And when it comes to retargeting that is the banner that is actually the cheapest too, and get you usually the best cost per click. So that is just my advice. The other banner size is more when you are expanding your campaign and you’re looking to drive every single click back to you because you know when you have a funnel that is just $1 in, $3 out, all you want to do is just drive more clicks wherever they are, no matter what they are – good clicks or bad clicks eventually become clicks, it’s weird. But you don’t want really bad clicks obviously; you want good traffic all the time.

So the other thing that I really make sure that I do is you want to make sure that you are pushing that squeeze page and split testing that the most. And then you are bridging them off into a thank you page so that way you are monetizing that solo ad traffic immediately from the get-go. Because it’s not enough just having them on your email list, you can get sometimes 10%, 20%, 30% of your ads money back immediately right then and there instantly from just having an offer that they are redirected to with a thank you page that maybe bridges it in a simple sense of, “Hey wait, please hold on for 3 seconds, I’ve got a special offer I want to show you”, countdown timers, views, Click Funnels, that is what I do and it’s really easy that way. I say, “But wait, have a special offer I want to show you”, it comes down to one, boom, you are redirected and you’re at my sales page. So it automatically pre-frames them with, “Okay, I opted in, I got my free video. He said I got my free video but he is showing me something that is special.” And then I show them my one-time offer, and from there I can make them purchase something that is $7, and if I am running really good traffic then I can get some good up-sells and break even, $1 in, $1 out with my solo ad traffic, or more. But that is not going to happen most of the time like I talked about – it’s the 80-20 rule. Twenty percent of my ads will end up doing that, but even when I run those ads over and over again with the same providers, it doesn’t always happen, you are not going to make sales every time, everyday; unless of course you are pushing enough clicks to make those numbers go up. But once you of course learn what that is, then you can naturally leverage yourself and build up from there.

The biggest thing that people need to realize with solo ad purchases is that it is not just the simple self-liquidating offer, tripwire with the up-sells that will break you even, but it is including also your next value ladder item. When it comes to solo ad purchases sometimes you may need to, again, build up a webinar or like I talked about my High Ticket Hacks or my Perfect Webinar formula, you may need a webinar that offers a product from $1,000 to $5,000, or a high ticket hack where I talk about coaching, how to deliver that from $12,000 to $100,000. Then from there you could spend and get 12,000 clicks and all you need is just one coaching program. Or you could buy 1000 clicks and all you need is one webinar sign up and (well, that’s ridiculous, you’re not going to get that), but anyway, one webinar sign up and one person show up to that webinar and buy your item. And I actually talked about the Perfect Webinar formula and I showed you the script and we break that down; sign up for that if you haven’t already gotten that by now, but we break that down. Honestly it’s just ridiculous if you are not able to monetize a webinar inside of some sort of industry or niche that actually has a need for you. I mean come on, you could be a golf instructor and give away a $2,500 webinar training series and there are golfers that will pay for that. And I’m sure you’ve got all types of ideas that can benefit people even more than someone’s golf swing. I mean if someone is willing to pay $2,500 for a golf swing at the webinar, what do you think they are willing to pay for your product or service or idea that would benefit or change their lives in some way? So, again, you are going up that value ladder and you are turning in that click that you are just squeezing that person from a click into a free opt-in and then you’re hoping, “Hey, will you buy this one-time offer? This trip wire, break me even from this traffic, I will push you to that but if you don’t go to that then after a week I’m going to push you to my webinar and I want you to join that. And my webinar is where I am going to sell you on maybe $1,000 or a $5,000 item whatever is. And then you are breaking even with that traffic there. And really you should do more than break even at that point; you should profit highly from it.

Really, the only idea is that you are sending the relationship, so you are not just ending there, it never ends there, no one is ever done with you. Even when you have given them everything that you can give, someone always wants something more. And when they have gone through everything that you have, the person who asks for something more is willing to give so much to you that you’re almost in exchange like, “Yeah, how could I not?” For example, someone calling me up and offering me $100,000 to come and build out their mini call center and their high ticket platform for them, how can you say no to that? That will get you out of your seat and you’ll fly anywhere in the world just to do that and just spend 3 days with someone, just okay. So it’s all about sending out the value ladder, recognizing that you’re sending a relationship. So buy the solo ads, judge the traffic, judge the quality of them; that is the main idea that you’re trying to get out of solo ads. The quality is always going to dip off eventually, the point is when, noticing when and cutting it off then. And then once you do that you just hop on over to your other provider that you have on your list – like I said, you need to keep up to five – and then you hop over them, purchase clicks, okay, snip it, go to the next person and then you just naturally transfer through all these people. And at the end of the day I have three or four consistent sellers that I go to, and that is week number one, week number two, week number three, week number four and that is where I buy my clicks. And then they have a new fresh list every month because they are building it the way that I have taught them, the way that I have talked about it. And I know their list, the way to sign people up, the way to talk to them; I’ve gotten engaged and I know these things. And that is something that takes time, but you can start small, you can start slow and you can still profit and optimize your squeeze page, your order form, all within the first $1,000 to $2,000 spent right there on your solo ads.

So that is really the biggest thing that I can even push out of it is your first $1,000 in solo ads will really be split testing your squeeze page. You should probably get through somewhere between four and five different split tests for your squeeze page variations. And I usually change it up – when I first started it was every $250 or $300, now it’s about every couple thousand. But the point is that you are leveraging it at a specified scale rate that is accommodated to you and allows you to naturally grow without feeling like it is breaking your bank. Because this is something that isn’t going to instantly give you $1 back out, it’s going to take usually 30 days to do so. And when you keep that in your mind set, things change, your business reforms and you really get the idea of how email can make you grow at an exponential rate.

With that, it is getting a little bit long but we are nearing the end of this. I wish you guys the best, I hope that I have helped you out in a lot of different ways. If you have any more questions, like I said, comment below. If you would like to learn more about these sorts of things or even the webinar, definitely sign up for my Perfect Webinar formula. And again, you don’t have to know anything about webinars, we teach everything about webinars – how to run webinars, how to get that going, how to have a script and everything. Well with that I wish you the best, enjoy your day, bye bye.

SOLO Ad Secrets [Part 2 of 3]

Solo Ad Secrets Q&A from a Pro [Part 2 of 3]

Hey guys. So this is part 2 my solo ad series, there is a lot that obviously goes into this. I hope you guys have stayed tuned from the previous episode and are watching this one, and of course the next one that we are going to have too, there is so much to discuss inside of all of this. Especially when it is paid traffic you want to make sure that when you put $1 in that $1 isn’t just floating off into space, you’re actually applying it to your business and it is coming out somewhere else as money.

So when it starts with solo ads the main idea is you want to have a swipe file. And a swipe file simply means this is your go-to proven email that you have sent before. And I always like getting of course the open rates and click-through rates from the solo sellers, those are things that they will provide to you. But I split test my swipe file so that way it is the most effective one possible. And what I usually do, here’s what I learned from Daegan Smith, this is $5,000 worth of advice right here, and that is the most simplest thing ever – whatever is on your landing page, whatever that copy is, that ad copy should be the exact same copy inside of your swipe and your email file. So mine for example looks just like this – “Free Video. Turn 100 clicks a day into $21,227.12” That is the subject line, so again they know it is a free video and they are clicking into that. And then it says exactly what it says on my landing page – “Free video reveals secret formula so you can turn 100 clicks a day into $21,227.12 every month. Yes, I want to watch your free video here.” I go through, I say it again, “Watch my free video showing you how in 7 minutes you can make $21,227.12 in 30 days with just 100 clicks a day. Yes, get free instant access. Break down my 7 years of hard work in 7 minutes.” I even have a calculator in the video to show you it is true. “In 7 minutes you will know how to turn 100 clicks a day into $21,227.12 every month. Yes, watch the free video now.” So again I am asking them three times over, and it seems a bit repetitive but this is how people respond to solo ads. Especially when they are on a list, a solo ad list, usually they are getting sent multiple offers all day long, so you need to really capture their attention and really push it in front of them.

So the biggest way that you can actually do that is by putting in three links. I always recommend that anyway when it comes to sending out emails on your list. Until you are more established and you really have that ability to just kind of lay back and be easy with your selling, your pitches, you want to place in three links inside of your emails. And that is three links whether it is something that is helpful material linking somewhere giving them a free PDF, or whether it is three links to your sales page specifically. What you want to do is always add in that three, usually chop it up by paragraphs in what I call a speed copy format. Speed copy simply means it is sentence by sentence by sentence, there are no long lines, it goes to the next line, break, next line. No, it’s couple words, couple words, couple words and that’s it and then you are done. So again, you can see my sales copy here. My opt-in percent with the first initial… I always tell them my opt-in rates for here. Again, I usually expect somewhere between the 45 and 55 opt-in percentage rate, that is about 20% below when I push my traffic, and it’s a little bit warmer of a lead; I expect actually a 75% opt-in rate.

But a lot of the things that I do is I include questions inside of my swipe file and I have them answer those back because I want them to go to my page, check out that my offer correlates with their audience, that this is something that someone hasn’t pitched before. Because you want to make sure that no one has brought this offer to the audience before and just beat the list with this offer that is so similar to yours, now people when they see it they are almost just blind to it. So ask them these questions – have you recently ran an ad for something similar to this, and if you did how did it perform? And if you did, when was that? Another thing, do these types of offers and emails swipes work well for your list? And if you know that something is better, could you please give me an example of one that is? Now, you don’t want them just sending off anything and changing your copy, because the beauty of it is when you have the copy the same, like I said, word for word from the email that they send out to their list to what’s on your landing page, it’s going to convert a lot better. That is why I have a 75% opt-in rate when I pushed from other people that have previously build up a good relationship with their list. Not just solo sellers, but for example Facebook traffic or other joint ventures or affiliates or things like that; I have insane opt-in rates for those sorts of things.

Now, another question that you can ask is, can you send me examples of previous solo ad copies that did well with your list? They are not always willing to do this. However, some that are, are really people that you want to keep an eye out for because the best thing about that is you get to get an idea of what is converted, what these features look like, and especially if you are just starting out and you don’t think that you’re a good copywriter or email writer, and that’s okay you don’t have to be. I always tell you simple is best, don’t make it complicated, make it three sentences your link, three sentences, your link, three sentences, you link; that is as simple as your pitch should be. People don’t need to know everything, they only need to know one benefit and you need to repeat that benefit three times so that it gets through people’s heads.

So you get an idea of what the ad copy looks like, and let me tell you, it will follow similar to what I have told you with all of these. It will have simple short sentences which is speed copy – they will have a few sentences, a link, a few sentences, a link, a few sentences and probably another link. Of course, a lot of them will have different ways that they say “Yes, I’d like this. Click here to learn more” and all that; get that out of your head. The best thing that you can put someone in the mindset of is yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I always put yes before a lot of my links because I want to get people subliminally saying yes to me no matter what it is that I offer or present to them. Even if they’re clicking it’s a subliminal way of saying “Yes, I agree with yes.” So it spins up and it’s to your benefit, always to your benefit.

Number four, where can I sign up on your list so I can too receive these emails when it goes out? Not everyone will let you do this; I get it. It’s simply because they don’t want you kind of ad hacking everybody that is on their list and learning where they build these things. Because some of these people naturally have these lists built from different traffic sources and they don’t want to give away the Golden Goose per se, which is quite fine. The point is if they are doing all the hard work, putting it and aggregating it one place for you to buy at a slightly elevated price. And as long as you follow my methods and my steps and the Email Mastery course, quite frankly it’s $1 in, $1 out by the end of 30 days; it should be. If it is not, something within your funnel needs to be tweaked, split test and it is going to get to that, I guarantee it. As long as you keep split testing that is going to happen, and there is nothing in this world that you can’t eventually tweak and split test and position properly to be able to sell to almost anyone, I mean come on.

So when it goes to asking another question for solo sellers I always like saying, “Hey, will you be using my swipe, or will you be writing your own?” and like I said, if they are riding their own then you need to say, “Here is mine, follow this as closely as possible and then you can send it out to your list, but please give me a preview beforehand so I know.” The main thing that I am a stickler about is that first sentence has to be the exact copy from my squeeze page; it has to be that. And when they do that crappy traffic converts at 40%; great traffic converts at 65%. So like I said, it’s all about sticking right on that ad copy. And it lets you know right away even from the opt-in rates and the click-through rates from the solo seller, they will provide those details to you, you can actually find out how well does this resonate with people. Because when you even write these things you want to make sure that you are resonating towards your dream client in the end. So yes, while my idea is towards the person that thinks that they can turn this into quick money fast, the idea is once they hit that video and they are on my list, bam, I instantly explain, “Hey, this is a process that takes time.” And inside of that explainer video I break down, I slow down their mentality a little bit. So I change them up from “Hey, it’s not instant success, but it is success quicker than I have ever found it anywhere else online. So here is how you do it, and yes it is going to take time, but here is usually something that you can expect when you start taking action today. Here is what is usually going to happen six months, twelve months from now.” Now, again, don’t usually give projection of things, that is something you usually want to steer away from. The only reason I really talk about those sorts of things is because people ask, they are so interested in it, and at end of the day as long as they take action these things really have nowhere else to go but up; that’s the idea of split testing, especially when you have paid traffic with solo.

So getting on to that, the other thing that I really like to do regarding solo ad purchases is of course track everything. I make sure that I know each single campaign that I have run with each solo seller, how much they converted within that single send because it’s not just about the big picture of maybe 1,000 clicks like I talked about in Video 1, but it’s the picture of those 200 clicks each week and it lets you kind of get a snapshot preview of how they build their list, what the quality is. Like I said, a lot of solo sellers will tend to send you to their buyers list first to get you the highest opt-in rates, the most sales and give you that like “Oh, this is it” that moment and I am ready to throw down $1,000. Well, no. Usually I throw down $1,000 over about four to five weeks and then once I have vetted them and tested them, and usually again over those weeks, like I say $1 in, by day 30 you should have $1 out with your email list if you have followed everything like I said – the Soap + Seinfeld, the attractive character, the Star Story Solution, building people up, getting them involved in who you are and why your product should mean any two cents to them. And then once you have that everything else is more profit past that first month. So by week four, week five I am buying my final 200 clicks to get to that 1,000 mark for my solo sellers, 200 clicks each week. And once I get to that portion, that first week in that second week of people are finally coming trickling through and are making sure that yes, this traffic is actually converted and got me sales and resulted in money at the end of the day, and as long as that’s being done then I am ready to come through and I am ready to purchase 1,000 clicks all in one day, and see what they can do with that. And then with that you can step up and you can go further, but it’s all about can people provide that many clicks. And the deterioration of click quality does go down naturally, usually after the first 1000 clicks, so you need to keep an eye on that with each purchase because how well do they build their list? Where are they pushing the traffic from? How is the relationship, etc? You need to really get into the mindset of their list sometimes when you make big purchases and they are supplying lots and lots of clicks every day for you.

So one of the best things I do like I said, I go through, I have the swipe file, I have my email questions all copied down, I make sure that they answer everything, I get to know them, know their lists, see what has been run before and they get to know me, my offer, etc., go through the funnel, kind of see would this work well with their audience. And then the final thing that I can give you guys as a tip for today because I know I’m running on, I could just go on forever with this it feels like, is when you can, always make sure to introduce retargeting into your method. Because all of these solo clicks, all of these paid advertising that you have already paid $1 per click for, you might as well pay another $0.10 to get that click back to your website and then re-opt-in. Because anyone that doesn’t hit that thank you page after they have opted in then their service specific cookie that says, “Hey, they haven’t opted in yet, let’s keep serving ads to these people while they go around the internet.” And that is definitely going to 2x your solo ad purchases. It’s not something that you can do right off the bat, but once you have made your first 1,000 clicks and purchases, you will have enough click per click traffic. For most of the retargeting companies out there – ReTargeter, AdRoll, Perfect Audience – those sorts of places, and usually they require a few hundred clicks, but once you have 1,000 you will have enough to be able to serve a campaign and a banner to these people and drive the traffic back to your offer again, get them to opt-in again and then you can even segment that retargeting campaign and you can introduce it for, “Hey, if these people haven’t purchased, I am going to keep pushing them back and back and back.” Maybe what I suggest is one time every 24 hours to pop up your ad, or two times every 24 hours; don’t follow them everywhere, don’t harass them. But definitely just to be in their minds for the next 15 days after they have been visiting. Either they saw your squeeze and didn’t opt-in, or they saw your sales page or order form and didn’t purchase. So that way you can pop them back in to the process in the funnel and you’re not losing that juice.

So that is my final tweak that I can give to you guys for today. Tune in for the next video, Part 3, I’m going to be wrapping up all of my tips about solos. Obviously as I said, I can go into this for about two hours, but I will probably add that into my High Ticket Hacks and my Perfect Webinar Formula for you guys so that way you can really crack down and critique how to leverage solo ads and whether the solo provider is doing work for you or basically running with your money. And thankfully there aren’t too many that are out there that do that, but you have got to track to make sure it doesn’t happen, because if you don’t send them a tracking link you are just inviting trouble for yourself.

So with that note I wish you the best, get out there, go split test, make those funnels work – $1 in, $1 out. If you get anything past that it is like gambling, be careful with that addiction, make sure you have a number in this industry, that’s why a lot of people lose their families and their lives and everything that they love because they get addicted to that number. When you get to put $1 in and you get $2 out, by golly you just want to do that all day, every day and that is not what life is about. So find your number, split test, tweak it. I know it sounds amazing, it is amazing; but again, keep your head on you and just make sure to keep your eyes forward on the goal and to have a goal and a number. I wish you the best, talk to you guys later, bye bye.

SOLO Ad Secrets [Part 1 of 3]

Solo Ad Secrets Q&A from a Pro [Part 1 of 3]

Hi, I am Zach Miller and today I am going to be answering quite a numerous amount of questions that have been coming in. I have been getting about anywhere from five to six emails a day right now, just coming in asking me about solo ads. Obviously that is the number 2 way that we are actually building our traffic and my list and how I am getting buyers into my funnels. So a lot of the questions really revolve around obviously the most core things – what are your conversion rates, who do you use; simple things like that. And that really isn’t the best way to focus on solo ads.

Just a few fallacies first off – a lot of solo ad providers, once you start buying a lot of clicks like I do they may only be able to provide anywhere from 5,000 – 10,000 clicks a week, which that may not be enough for your needs depending on how your program converts. Especially if you’re doing a high-ticket coaching, you are going to need those 10,000+ clicks and they’ve got to be all high quality, you don’t want to beat the list obviously when you are doing solo ad buys. And for those of you don’t you know, solo ad purchases are simply paying someone to send an email to your list which simply informs them of your service, your program, your product, whatever it is that you’re trying to get in front of those hungry buyers’ eyes. They send it to their list and you only pay when someone opens that email and then they click on your link to go to your squeeze or opt-in page so you can exchange some bit of freebie in exchange for their email. So again, solo ads are again a great thing because you are purchasing clicks that are guaranteed within a certain nature or industry based on people that already are relevant to you and are interested in topics that you already talk about. Whether it’s make money online, the finance niche, health niche, weight loss – there is always some sort of media or solo seller that will allow you to get in front of these hungry buyers. Because they have built an email list, everyone has built an email list around something already, it’s just a matter of simply finding reliable people with attention to detail to their list, they have built up a relationship with it just like I encourage of course you to build a relationship with your list. And that of course is going to triple, quadruple, and even more so than that, the value of your client and subscribers on your list.

On average the market usually experiences somewhere between 50 and 80 cents per email per month for a subscriber. Of course, if you do what I say, build up a Soap + Seinfeld, have a Star Story Solution, get that attractive character going, you can easily bump that up to $1 per email per month. And that is usually the baseline I like to work with because as long as you implement everything that I say and go along with the process, then that is exactly what it should be for a baseline, once you have again, daily auto responders, your broadcast emails, you’re properly getting people inducted into your character and who you are. So these solo purchases go way beyond just the simple “Did they give me a click? How many clicks can they offer?” It’s are you actually monetizing the eventual outcome of these clicks. Because the fact of the matter is, you are going to pay maybe $200 to get 200 clicks. High-quality clicks will cost anywhere between 50 cents and $1, $2 on the high end for certain niches, but you shouldn’t really be paying anything really past $1. And you are getting 200 clicks for $200, you want to make sure that every single bit of that campaign is being squeezed out eventually from those clients and from that email list.

So it breaks down to does your opt-in page convert properly? If you have poor conversion rates, and what I consider a poor conversion rates is usually something 35% and below. No matter what your offer is, you should have some sort of message that naturally connects to people, and it’s just an instant “Of course this is free, I would love to find out more about this.” So if your offer is converting at 35% or below definitely tweak the ideas. My favorites are how to benefit without some detrimental thing that it takes to get that benefit. For example, mine is how to turn 100 clicks a day $21,227.12 every single month without a website, which of course my loophole between that is using Click Funnels which isn’t a website. If you want to use your website then of course you can actually earn more, there is branding behind that, etc., but that is a whole other video.

So getting back into the core basics of even starting the solo purchases, can that solo provider provide enough purchases for you down the line? Just because someone can provide 200 clicks today and the next day, etc., doesn’t mean that they are always going to be able to provide that number, are they actively growing their list, how many people are they actively getting on there? Because take for example I contact people and I would get 10,000 clicks. 10,000 clicks usually amount to somewhere between me going out to a 50k list, and I will get 10,000 clicks from that. Because it is average to have about a 20 to 25% open a rate with an active solo list. So that being said, someone’s 50,000 list has already been pushed through and now I need to wait an entire month or sometimes more if they are slow at building their list before I can come back and present to a completely new audience, otherwise I am going to be hammering the same offers to the same people. And if you get that in front of too many people’s eyes too many times, it’s just not going to be to your benefit. What you always want is fresh people, fresh eyes. I remember Russel Brunson always asked, “What’s better – to have 100,000 list that you built up over a year or 50,000 list that you built up in the last 30 days?” And he goes, “50,000 list built in the last 30 days.” Those are people who have just interacted with you and they are hot and they are touching you right here and now. So the point is you want to get fresh people going, and you always want to get in front of those hungry eyes right away because the quicker that you can turn that into a lead or a subscriber, and then that subscriber into your conversion, the quicker that you are going to get that $1 in $1 out portion of your funnel. Because solo ads rarely ever, I would say 80% of ads honestly that I run, that’s pretty much the truth, everything in business, especially with email marketing has the 80/20 rule. 80% of my solo ads do not make me a profit, they are a loss and usually a pretty big loss. And by a pretty big loss I mean I will put in $1,000 and I will only get usually $150 to $200 back. Now, that’s from people who have instantly clicked through, went and bought my offer, and God I wish I could convert every person, everything was $1 in, $1 out.

But that is not the point, the point is that I get a lot of leads. For example, right now I’m running a really great squeeze page, we’ve perfected it to the point that it’s getting 75% opt-in rate. Which really that’s like almost dream worthy, but that is something that you aim for that and you get here and you get 60%, you’re going to make six figures with that by simply adding on to your funnel and perfecting the next step which is of course how many people are seeing your order page, and when did they get to that and how many people are buying the first up-sell, the second up-sell, etc. So always tweak the front end, make sure that those people are getting subscribed to your list. You really want to leverage out as many subscribers as you can because at the end of the day there is just not enough solo sellers and solo runs even from a very reliable person that is going to break you even right off the bat. It’s usually going to become seven days, 14 or 30 days from now, and even if it is 30 days that is quite alright. The point is that you are really just building up a list, you’re getting your buyers and then when you offer them the next product or the next step up in your value ladder as I talk about, then again, it is all 100% pure profits, you didn’t pay for those clicks, you are not paying for any of that. Those issues again with the advertising, they are already yours to keep, to hold and that’s it. So that is the beauty behind it.

Now, that being said, if you can get people who do provide enough clicks for you and can actually break down and give you a new, refreshed list every single, I would say two weeks, I usually pound a list for one week, hold off for one week then go on other, so on and so forth repeating. It’s just naturally you want people to be kind of forgetful of what you’ve offered because so many people hear about your offers especially as you get larger, they will be hearing something three, four, five times and that makes my solo purchase much less effective when it hits their inbox for the fifth time. So that is the main portion of being careful with having a refreshed list, someone that you can rely on and then slowly scale up with. And the main thing is I usually say try and find five reliable providers, you’re probably going to only need to start off with one or two, and at the end of the day I usually try and break it down into spending anywhere from 500 to 1000 clicks with them so that I can actually see how they really are. And mind you, even though I will purchase anywhere from again, 2,000 – 3,000 from a single seller clicks a week, the main idea is that I test them slowly. Even though I am ready to make those bigger purchases, I never throw that much money at anybody. Because there is a unique thing that happens within the solo industry where they will provide great, great leads from their buyers list; that’s what they want. So they will send you to those people first usually and you will get a couple of sales and it will get your hopes up, and you go, “Boy, if I got this back then I can definitely put in double the money and get even more back.” But that is not how it usually ends up working, it is usually straight to the buyers list first, that is to give you the initial incentive that this is great, and then once you get somewhere between the 500 and 1000 clicks range it starts getting into the normal subscribers, you get to really see who their list is, how they really build up their people and their relationship with them. So it is not just the first few hundred clicks, the first really 1,000 clicks. And I don’t make that entire purchase at once, I make 200 clicks, I wait a week, another 200 clicks, I wait a week, 200 clicks; I do this until I reach the thousand mark. Once I have reached that thousand mark I usually try and aim for whatever my standard ratio is now.

My standard ratio is taking into account what are the number of opt-ins I got, the number of sales and officially the number of up-sells if I did get any of those. Now the main point is that of course I want to get my opt-ins really going to a high percentage, I don’t like anything falling below 50%. Especially if I have a page that I know can convert at 75%, I usually accept about a 15 – 20% deviation from what my high quality traffic is to purchasing traffic. So you really want to make sure that you have an offer that does convert well for these leads and for these clicks, and then from there make sure that the quality stays high. The best way that of course I like doing that is using something like Click Magick. You can actually find out from the tracking link what the quality of the traffic is. Because a lot of these clicks between all these IP addresses have actually at some point registered through Click Magick for certain industries and niches and it is all tracked, and they actually pinpoint out what types of clicks are active clicks, clicks that usually go further on a list and have more activity versus clicks that just normally are bad robots, IPs, proxies, things like that, things that you don’t want on your list that are basically fake clicks. So it’s filters all of that out, it helps you with it and it make sure that of course your opt-in rates are to their optimal ability, that they can be with your solo purchases. I highly recommend of course if you are going to do solo purchases too that you do Click Magick, you need a tracking link, don’t rely on them to send you how many links they have gotten. At the end of the day Click Magick is going to filter probably some of the most clicks out there right now so that is to your benefit and it makes the seller works harder which is what you want.

It is getting a little bit late here so I am going this wrap up, I will continue another portion, you guys can tune in for that and I hope that gets you guys started inside of solo ad purchases. Honestly I could make an entire 2 hour course on this, and honestly I probably will, but that is something that comes along more with my High Ticket Secrets and Perfect Webinar. Because let me tell you, while I run solo ads just for my little $7 offer and free + shipping, the main core thing that solo ads really work their best from, is when you are able to leverage that traffic towards a webinar that sells something that is high ticket, anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. And of course then all you need is one conversion out of a thousand clicks which is very easy to do, and that is something that I break down in the Perfect Webinar and High Ticket Hacks.

So what I want to do is give you guys the best start on solo ad purchases, tune in for part number 2 that will be coming out soon. And I wish you the best on ad buying, it is really great and gives you the best start to your business. it’s better than free, it is fast, it is instant, it is quick and it is going to get things done for you so that you can split test, get your funnel up and working. Make sure that it has the right numbers that you are looking for, maybe like that 80% opt-in rate, that’s a dream level, and then a 10% conversion rate at the sales page, that’s again, dream level. And then anywhere from a 25% to 33% OTO 1 and Up-sell 2 purchases, again, those are dream levels, but if you can get to those levels, aim for them; I guarantee you that there is a time that you will eventually reach them, you just need to set your sights on them and keep split testing and testing and testing, it is going to get better. It is always getting better and that is the beauty of it. The more that you are in this, the more that you split test, the better it always gets.

So with that, you guys enjoy the rest of your day, I will talk to you later. And if you haven’t joined my list already then there is a link below, you can go ahead and click and join, and there is so much great stuff that obviously I am talking about, this is the stuff that is free. Once you get in my buyers list there is even more little goodies that I have for you that you can get in and obviously funnel hack me, find out my secrets. It is open to the world because at the end of the day there is no such thing as just enough pie, there is always more pie to be made. So at the end of the day everyone should take these secrets, apply them to their own business or models and then you just let it flourish. I wish you the best, bye.