SLO Funnel (Self Liquidating Offer)

Watch me breakdown what your VERY FIRST FUNNEL should be.. it’s called a SLO (Self Liquidating Offer). The idea is to break even for every dollar of paid advertising spent. $1 IN = $1 OUT. When you build a buyer’s list with this, the very next product you offer will make you 80% of all your income this year.. SIMPLE RIGHT?

SLO – Self-Liquidating Offer Funnel Breakdown

Hi I’m Zach Miller. Today I just wanted to break down one of the funnels that I happen to utilize inside of my arsenal. It’s pretty basic, and in fact it’s one of the ones that you usually start off with as a building block and then of course you add more complex parts to the funnel from here, and this is called the SLO or Self-Liquidating Offer. This obviously isn’t one of my own creations, this was made back in 2007. The very idea of the squeeze page and the landing page leading to your core offer was something that came even before I hit the internet. So I can’t take the claim to fame for that, but again, it’s a very basic simplistic idea and it always leads the user into a natural state from opt-in and into potentially using that traffic especially if it’s paid and converting it and creating a $1 in $1 out scenario. So that way again you are building your buyers list; that’s always the core idea. You want a following or a tribe no matter what you call it, the whole idea is to get your own language, your own ideas, your own emotional states that you want to induce inside of your audience so that way they follow you and you alone. You only need a few people to really follow you, and by ‘a few’ I mean just a thousand, that’s not much. So you can imagine just building up a thousand people who would loyally follow you over the course of the year, even two years then you can make it happen and make it big. So again, that’s all you really need and it’s all about spreading your ideas, spreading your success whatever you are doing and just being able to show how you can be an asset or a benefit to whatever they do.

So whatever you are doing is you are offering your lead magnet. Again, that’s your squeeze page, that’s where you are giving your freebie simply stating, “Hey, here is what I am giving you for free. In return all I am asking for is your email, sometimes your name and sometimes additionally your phone number or more.” Of course what they always say is ‘simple is better’, the more simple it is the more that you can split test and work on which words are really converting and which aren’t. Sometimes a winning copy can be changed with just one word, one color, one button, one movement of a picture or a change out of a picture, removal of a photo or a line of text. So you got to be very simple in your squeeze page, so when you build out your self-liquidating offer make sure to always keep in mind simplicity. So what I usually use is just one sentence to begin, and usually one sentence is what end up staying until you get to your core offer, that can be more of a complex page. But your lead magnet is usually going to be something that they get instantly. Whatever that core is I usually give some sort of value, instantly stating it’s free, usually in big capital letters usually underlined, sometimes in big red text – red is a color that makes you stop instantly, especially in a lot of the English speaking countries we have stop signs, one of the ideas behind the color red is stop or caution. So whenever you have that on your page it instantly gets people to pause, especially when they are visitors, they are hopping and they’re going you are going to have the bounces naturally. So getting red text is going to make people stop for that few seconds that you have them for, get them to read that text. Usually I say, “Hey, it’s a free video and with it you can do this”, it’s ‘how to’ and then my benefit and then without whatever my core audience detests. Sometimes it’s getting on the phone and making calls if it’s high ticket sales, because again, when it comes to high ticket sales you have to bring them up the value ad or make sure that you are building them up, and of course then you eventually have to change the selling environment as I have talked about before.

So whatever it is, again, you have to make sure that you are giving a benefit and then something that that benefit, that you can obtain without the normal pains and stakes that that benefit usually requires. So that’s my lead magnet, it is usually a sentence, sometimes I show a report, sometimes it’s as simple as just the idea of the sentence and saying “Here is the email, tell me the best address that I can send this to” and then submit it. Usually I say, “Get free instant access”, that’s my core button that I say submit for, and then I split test from there and then I’ll say sometimes like yes if they really know what my idea is, and it depends on the traffic, then they will know, “Hey, this is your core offer”, your 100 clicks a day or your email mastery or your traffic mastery, your sales funnel mastery, sales script. Whatever it is I would say “Yes, get this” because they will be pre-warmed and instantly understand “yes, this is something I came here for, I want it, give me a preview of it, what do you have?” So there are high opt-in rates because I am simply telling them once again “Yes, this is what you came here for. Yes, this is what I am sending you.” So it’s just getting that confirmation, and of course getting people in the state of saying yes, nodding your head, getting them…  even though you are across the computer, they can’t see you like you can see me in this video or on a podcast you can hear me. In that text you need to get them to mentally say yes and nodding their heads “Yes, I do want this. Yes, I want free instant access.”

So once they submit, that lead magnet is usually going to lead to your core offer. What I do sometimes suggest putting inside as a bridge, especially depending on the traffic that comes in, a bridge page is totally necessary in order to lead them from your lead magnet or your freebie, whatever you are offering them to get their email in exchange, you need to bridge it in with, “Hey, just pause for one second, this is an offer that I want to extend your way. It’s a one-time offer.” It’s just something so that way you can squeeze the money out of the traffic instantly and hopefully make $1 while are you are generating all that traffic. And then of course you rely… 80% of it is going to come from your email and your follow-up, naturally just touching with people. And like I talked about multiple times before, it’s not that people are seeing you the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth time; no, it’s the 12th time. Yes, 12 is the magic number and that’s why when it comes to email it is really important to have a side-way sales funnel or an email sequence built out telling your star story solution, getting them involved with who you are, what you do, why it is so important to follow your advice in this niche of what you are giving them the benefits for, whatever your product gives that itch and gives a scratch to. Whatever that is, that is your side-way sales funnel, that’s your 10-day email sequence because guess what? They saw it on the lead magnet once, they probably saw you on the ad, a lot of people will probably end up viewing something, reading up on you; that’s the first contact. The second contract is getting their email and pushing them to your core offer and they get to see it, that’s your second. And then by Day 10, bam, you hit it and that’s finally number 12. Now, I am not saying that everything is going to come through at number 12, it’s the idea that that’s how many touches it really starts happening at. So once you get 12, you’ve technically warmed them up, and by warming them up now when you start asking for certain things, and of course, if you follow my sequence properly at Day 4 and even Day 5 you can begin asking properly for a sale because you have built up a star story solution. But again, that’s something I talk about that I can’t get into here.

So once you get them to the bridge page you explain that “Hey, this is a one-time offer. I wanted to extend it your way, just give it a second and see what I have here to offer.” Usually I like doing a video that auto plays because a lot of the traffic they are looking for auditory visual, and then I will allow long form sales copy below that so that way they can scroll down and read. Some people they simply just let the video play, listen in the background let it run into their subconscious while they are listening, they will go over your bullet points, see what’s bold, and some people just scroll straight to the end. So you’re kind of building your long form sales copy for all different types of people. Like I said, there is the auditory visual people, they stand right there watching the video and then they will probably make the decision to buy it right there. So you want your order button very close by within that video, usually what I call within the fold, which is what loads within the mobile window or even the desktop window. Obviously the desktop window is going to allow much more space; when it is mobile you are going to really need to actually have almost a separate funnel optimized just for mobile users, because guess what? 55% of my buyers end up being mobile users, and guess what? I have something that is customized just for those users so that they can see my offer and see the button immediately on their screen without having to flick up; and that’s a huge thing for people. We are very instant gratification users in this day and age. There is even a podcast where I talk about how our attention spans have been killed, have been wiped out completely because of today’s instant gratification world; it’s a good thing and it’s a bad thing. But it is just how you use it to your advantage.

So again, my core offer is always built out so that I am giving as much information as possible. If it’s a really simple offer, sometimes like $7 or less, it’s called a tripwire and then I’ll just give them a video and I don’t need to explain too much after that. And then after that the people that buy, so a lot of people will leave but again, you will have somewhere hopefully between 5 to 10% once you have a really good converting offer that will go over purchase and then you will up-sell them on your OTO or your one-time offer. Once someone is a buyer this is the only time that they are going to see this offer at this price. Again, you can offer it to them multiple times again throughout the course of your emails, you know, after Day 30 or 40, I do suggest doing that because that is another way to monetize your email list. And what you are really doing is you are just giving them your other core products that go in line with this one offer that they just bought. Now, what I do suggest and this is more a Inner Circle advice where we get more into these details, but whenever someone buys something, unless it’s within the health niche and is really supplement specifically, if you sold them on “Hey, here is how to generate leads, here is how to generate traffic”, they don’t need another thing on how to generate more leads and more traffic. Because even though they haven’t watched your video, they don’t know that this is Part A and this Part B, like this is free traffic and paid traffic, that’s off the math. You might as well clump all of that together for them because once you’ve talked about it and they have bought the traffic method, that’s it; inside their minds it’s over, it’s done, it’s bought and it’s solved so you need to move on to the next thing or the next itch. And unless it’s like “Hey, I saw you just bought this one month supply of this protein supplement, would you like to buy three more months supply, because you get three months for the price of two or you can buy 12 months for the price of six.” And for some reason, supplements, people keep going “Okay, yeah, I need more of that. I am going to buy that monthly, I need more so I would like to get all of that up front.” And you can get bulk purchases on supplement, but not too much else really works on that scenario because you are going to have to think of something that is a continuity that people naturally already have in their mind like, “Yeah, I have to  have this every month.” Food may be another idea if you maybe do some sort of food delivery, something like that, but other than that where someone goes “Hey, yeah, I need this every month” they are not going to keep purchasing another piece of your product. If I have already bought a line of your cheese that I am getting delivered monthly, I don’t need another up-sell of more cheese, you know, I’m already sick of the cheese, like I have had the cheese. That’s a mistake that Boris had, is actually trying to make with some of their meat and their  up-sells, but again, it’s just offering cross products, simply, “Hey, here’s the meat, now here is some crackers. Here is the crackers, now here is some cheese.” You are just selling each portion and piece one by one, and that’s your core piece to your up-sell.

So once you do that again, your up-sell, you just usually have one or two to begin, you can build out as many as you want but I am going to tell you this, even though you can sell more, you are going to make more money, over the long term of everything it’s the customers’ appreciation of you that is going to deteriorate and that is not what you want. You want to get as much value as you can for really as little as you can. Now, I am not saying free; the only thing that should be free is your lead magnet because guess what? You are still exchanging something. If I am not exchanging something at every point in time and place I am not training my list properly. See, even the lead magnet, hey, I gave you this for free because you gave me your email for free; that’s what the idea is. And then it is like once I have given you this video guess what? This video has something attached to it, this video says you have to do something for me, maybe make a post, maybe reply back, maybe click here, learn more, go through this email list, sign up here and then you get that free video. So again, they are getting opted into another list that talks about this side idea, this side product, whatever it may be. So again, you are really building up a lot of things from there. But the SLO is very efficient in the sense that it is very simple when it starts out, it’s just a lead magnet page, a core offer and a one-time offer, and then from there you can make it more complex to of course increase your conversion values, your EPC, your earnings per click so that your lead magnet is very simplistic, maybe only have one sentence. With this it reveals ‘how to’ without having to do this one painful thing, and then it leads off to a bridge page once it get a little bit more advance, it explains, “Hey, hold up, I got a special offer for you, just give me one second” and then it redirects, here is the core offer, video audio plays, now you are generating revenue off of this traffic. And then once you have someone that buys eventually, it may not be the first time, that’s okay, maybe 12th time after those 10 days, the emails are all spread out. And then you finally get that conversion there, then up-sold on the next pain point that they are going to have. And while you can deliver as much as you can, let’s face it, you want to have reasonable price points, because when I finally do deliver $500 or $1,000 product, the depths that I am going to go into inside of those courses are much more detailed, much more is given inside of them, much more effort split testing, all of that so there is hours and you just simply can up-sell those ideas further down the line. And what you want to do is offer you a core offers at low price points, somewhere between $7 and maybe $97; you don’t want to charge too much, depending on the market of course. The markets will always dictate whatever someone is offering, usually whatever someone offers that is similar to your offer minus $7, that’s what I usually do. So if someone just naturally have a $7 offer that’s it; $7, just offer it for that.

And then from there of course you’re up-selling. Your up-sells can be a little bit more, they can be $97, $197 depending on again, what the market dictates. I do suggest being careful with the price points, starting within a reasonable area – not too low and not too high – you are trying to break even so don’t shoot for the stars but try to break even.  And then from there you can split test once you have $1in and $1 out through your self-liquidating offer because again, that’s what the idea behind it is, self-liquidating offer.  Every dollar you put in is paid advertising and should come out $1 so that you are creating a buyers list and a large email list. And the next thing that you offer, the next webinar that you host, whatever it may be, you just send out that email and guess what? You don’t have to pay $1 for that next portion of your advertising; and it’s all done because of the self-liquidating offer. So that’s where people have these $15,000 or $100,000 product launches. It’s not coming out of thin air, it’s not coming out of this ‘I didn’t spend $1 on advertising’; of course you didn’t. You built a large email list, your self-liquidating offer just like this, and then you build your buyers list. You built a large email list and then you sent them your next offer, you didn’t have to pay $1 to do that and it was all pure profits from there, and that’s how you do it.

Well I hope you have enjoyed it. I don’t want to take up too much more of your time. If you love the video, share it. This is in part of my podcast or audio series and of course, don’t forget to subscribe to my email list, just go to I can’t wait to give you guys a bunch more of this because there is so much more that we have to cover and of course I always love giving this much for free so you can imagine how much more I have inside of my other courses. I can’t wait to see you on the other side, you have a great day, bye bye.