3 Sales Funnel Tweaks for Effortless Sales


Hi I’m Zach Miller! Today I’m going to be talking about three sales funnel tweaks that produce effortless SALES.

What is an order form bump?

#1 – have an order form bump page

For those of you who don’t know what an order form bump does is; it asks if they would like to purchase an up sell immediately after inputting their credit card information. But right before they click on the button to actually make the purchase.

So this little thing doesn’t seem like it would do much. But in fact from our own research, we have found that somewhere around 20-25% of people will go and say yes to that up sell. The reason being is, a lot of it goes hand in hand with what you’re selling. We like to do a free plus shipping so we then offer a book. Then our up sell is the audiobook version because a lot of people just don’t like reading. We find about 20-25% percent will buy something else right after they’ve bought your main product.

Up Sells Increase Your Overall Value

So that’s something that’s very easy to create & increase the value. Not to mention increase the amount of sales that you can get. Because the more value that you establish upfront on your sales page the better off you’ll be. Again it’s that front end product that needs to deliver the most amount of value so that people can take the secondary and tertiary steps to giving you even more money later down the road.

#2 – Use onetime offers with the proper sale script

Even after people have said yes on that order form bump page, what you’re going to do is add another one or even two onetime offers products. Something that’ll help increase the success that they’ll have with that first front end product. Or maybe it’s something that’ll increase the speed in which they achieve their results. Either way it should be something that naturally compliments your product that you just sold them.

Up Sells Should Support Your Main Offer

Keep in mind, the main product should be able to work without these onetime offers or up sells. But these up sells should enhance the initial offer. They shouldn’t be offered something completely different. They also shouldn’t also be addressing the exact same issue. If someone bought a weight loss product then your next up sell can’t be another weight loss product.

In fact what it may be is more of a diet guide or an exercise guide or a million other different things that complement losing weight. Like how to increase your muscle mass, how to get a bigger booty. There’s so many different variations that you can include for up sells that they should never be something that’s completely off topic or the exact same thing that you already just sold on your front end.

One Time Offer Up Sells Increase Your Average Cart Value

Those OTOs will help increase the amount of your average cart value which will produce more sales down the line. Because people who buy these up sells are going to be wowed by so much information that you present upfront; they’re going to then buy the second item you present latter down the line that cost maybe a thousand or five thousand dollars.  Maybe they’ll go on to get that coaching service or that backend service that costs ten, or twenty thousand dollars. Or may be it’s joining your continuity program that costs anywhere from thirty to one hundred dollars a month.

Again all of these things will naturally produce more sales and profit. Because you’re giving more information up front. It seems counter intuitive to sell people immediately after being sold. But let me tell you people who are buyers in heat are people who need a solution right away. They are looking for exactly what you’re selling and then some. You’re really doing a disservice to them and yourself if you don’t sell those people on the next thing to help them achieve their desired results.

Thank You Pages Complete the Up Sell Process

#3 – Use thank you pages.

Now thank you pages are very important because obviously they let people know that they have finished going through your entire sales funnel. It let’s them know they’ve gone through all your up sells and now here’s where they can see all that they just purchased. So what I like to have is my thank you pages with links to other sales funnels within the value ladder.

Not only will I give them instant access to their products but the second step we’ll have them take is asking them if they would like to receive more information. Like if this product over here would be relevant to them in reaching their desired result. If it is, I’m going to let them access those sales funnels right away.

Because believe it or not, people will go through and purchase up to a thousand or more dollars off your front end. Even though your front end was initially just seven or even ninety seven dollars. Those up sells can be anywhere from two hundred to even a thousand dollars each. And let me tell you, even I myself bank off of two hundred to a thousand dollar up sells. People buy it because they know that it’s valuable and will help them achieve their goals.

Make Sure to Include Links with Your Thank You Page

The other thank you pages that you include at the end of each sales funnel should include a link. That way people understand that they’ve gotten every product within your value ladder. Me personally I include the ability to buy my micro continuity, to buy my mid ticket product and additionally to apply for my coaching. All of those things allow people to take the next step that feels natural to them. So that way they can come in apply and buy those things. It’s not unusual for hyper buyers to go through and purchase everything (even the coaching) right away even after purchasing just a seven dollars product or a free plus shipping book yes. Because they’re in the moment of need.

After their credit card is out – people are more likely to buy again

So that’s it.  Those are the three sales funnel tweaks that have that produced me more sales than anything else. They are effortless. Because after you’ve already had someone that’s raised their hand and said “Yes, I’m a buyer I trust you enough to take my credit card.” They’re probably going to say ‘yes’ again because that’s the idea of marketing using a sales funnel. A good salesman knows that the more times that you get someone to say yes; the easier it is to get them to say yes again.

So now that they’ve already taken that hard process or that hard step of saying yes taking their credit card out of their wallet. You can now go forward and say would you like to use that same credit card to purchase this. And some will go on to buy your first up sell.  Maybe just the first and second up sell or maybe everything all at once.

If you’re not offering up sells – you’re wasting time & money

The fact is, if you’re not offering one-time upsells, you’re doing huge disservice to everyone that buys your products. Because there’s so much more that you can offer and not offering that service immediately after they make that purchase that is a huge disservice to your fan base and your bottom line. So with that being said I hope that you have the best of success again I’m Zach Miller bye, bye.

Sales Funnel Secrets Is Out Now!

Sales Funnel Secrets Is Out Now!

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Selling Online Is Easy – If You Say It’s Easy

Selling Online Is Easy – If You Say It’s Easy



Hi my name’s Zach and today I’m going to be talking about how selling online is easy as long as you say it’s easy and it’s hard if you say it’s hard. The reason being is that a lot of young entrepreneurs or people who are just getting into the online marketing side of their business seem to struggle with getting the results that they desire. A lot of these issues come from usually traffic conversions or average cart values being too low. Any of those things can be a huge issue inside of any business so when it comes to selling online there’s a million and one things that you can do, you can go over and create all your social media accounts, you can upload dozens of videos create hundreds of podcasts write dozens of articles and still be spinning your wheels with little to no gain and that’s a very unfortunate thing because marketing online is very easy when you know what to do and knowing what to do all comes from having only one path that an individual or visitor can take.

Now I’ve talked often about how websites can be troublesome in certain ways the main being that there is multiple paths for a new visitor to go down when they first land on your website. Usually they’ll land on your home page which then gives them a multitude of links in which they can choose to go down from your blog learning more about you contacting reading different articles the services that you deliver there are so many things that a user can get lost in and unfortunately the more options that you give the more likely it is you won’t receive any action at all because as Dan Kennedy and Sid Michaels used to tell me great mentors within the marketing industry have always said. A confused mind never buys. That’s as simple as it can get the more options that you give to your prospect the more likely it is that they’ll say no.

So when you want to get the best results and be able to track them you want to have only one option and that one option will then lead to the next secondary step if they take action there, then a third step where they can take action so on and so forth this is known as a sales funnel the reason that a sales funnel is different from a website is because a sales funnel only has one thing to do usually giving information such as an email address phone number and or name in exchange for some information that you’ll give them for free. Now anyone who of course is interested in what you have to offer or talk about is going to raise their hands and give away simple information such as that to learn more and get free things too obviously hear the issues that they’re having right now.

So whenever you go into a landing page you only have one option either give me your information or leave and guess what everyone who leaves was never a good prospect to begin with because they weren’t interested in what you were going to offer or sell them down the line. So there’s no reason to waste time with those people so instantly getting that email address that phone number that name will allow you to re-contact and reengage and RE market every one of those individuals who opts in. Now that’s the top of your sales funnel and when you work on your sales funnel at the very top at that landing page and you’re only working on getting that contact information to remarket and reengage with those new visitors and new prospects you’re going to make a lot more sales because as Michael Jordan a great N.B.A. basketball player used to say you miss all the shots you don’t take which simply put means you’re going to become a great salesman by taking a lot of sales calls a lot of sales initiations reengagement opportunities the more that you take the more that you make. But guess what all the ones that you don’t take you miss and that’s the issue.

So selling online is easy the more that you can reengage with your customers and the best way to do that is through sales funnels. By having sales funnels you’ll be able to not only reengage with these people but give them only one clear path to go down and take action on which is usually buying your first front end product we’re not worried about buy them buying large high ticket products All right what we want is truly the ability to give them a taste of what we offer and our expertise that we can deliver.

When that’s done then the first initial sale is the hardest and if you’ve overcome that the ability to build trust and that factor for buying the next high ticket item is so much easier because it’s all about establishing that first initial trust which really comes in the form of an email address being able to reengage re-market and e-mail these people on a daily basis when that happens sales online become much easier because you have more opportunities to make the sale it’s simple mathematics and when you really start, stop and think about what you’re doing inside your business and the places where you’re missing that re-engagement opportunity you’ll understand that oftentimes it’s because you give too many options. Only having one option will have better conversion rates than two options two options will have a better conversion rate than three options and so on and so forth the reason being is the more options you present the more it confuses the mind when you only have one thing to do most people will do it if they’re actually interested in it which is exactly who your prospect buyers are. With that being said I’m Zach Miller and I wish you the best of success bye, bye.

Double Your Online Business with an OTO

Double Your Online Business with an OTO



OK as a going guys, Zach Miller here, and today I just want to talk about a very simple concept that comes up a lot in online business – how to leverage.  A lot of us out there are probably selling products, but here’s the thing, we’re probably not asking people immediately after they purchase, if they’d like to purchase more things from us, which you may think is actually counter intuitive, right? you’re not often times by your own product, you don’t find yourself in that mode of that buy, so what we don’t realize is that there is a portion of our audience that wants more from us especially, if that thing will enhance double the speed, whatever it is, take that next step towards that goal that desired result that you’re giving them, you know whether you’re cleaning floors, repairing a home or delivering a marketing system to someone, it’s all the same step process, you start off with delivering a lot of value for a low price, and then you start naturally building off from there.

Now, but I’ve often found is that… when we start off on line, we usually start off with just one idea, one product we think this is it, I only need one idea to make a million dollars, and often I found that thought process is a little bit of fallacy in the sense that… it’s not really just one thing, but it’s actually a multitude of things like I talk about, that’s why we have with I call, a value ladder. That’s where you have something that’s on the front end you have a middle value, and then you have your back end right here, and all of these things again, it’s just going value versus price, so you’re sending that relationship naturally, because no one’s going to start off right here, right what they’re usually going to do is you can consider this time right? so over time, people are naturally going to invest more, they’re going to see the value, and they’re going to invest more, be able to pay more at that price, and as you do you’ll eventually reach that desired result.

So, along this path, there’s a lot of little things especially on the front end those first-time buyers, those are what I often consider the perfect place right here, to identify what’s considered hyper buyers, and hyper buyers what they do? you still come here, and they’ll just simply say.. all right you know you bought this one object, and now what I want to offer you is kind of that next step you know, not that this thing right here, that you bought…not that if you didn’t buy this, that’s ok. This will still work you know, this is still good. But, even if you did buy this, than what it’s probably going to do, so it’s either going to you know, double the speed, it’s going to double your results, it’s going to you know, allow you to do something in half the time, or you know whatever it is, there’s something that that next step that you’re adding, for your buyers, and that’s what we call an OTO (one time offer) and that’s an up sell, so maybe a charge you know, seven dollars here and then guess what you can charge all the way up to you know ninety-seven, one hundred ninety-seven you take this over here, and you can do this.

What I suggest up to two times, and from there, you can you know, charge one ninety-seven, ninety-seven to ninety-seven, all the way up to even a thousand dollars, for these up cells depending on the value, you can even sell certain objects up to five thousand dollars, if you’re within certain industries or niches, that’s just kind of a normal you know modern price for you, for these types of up sells.

So again, these up sells can go from something very small, something very big, very quickly. it’s just trying to get that initial credit card. in hand, you know you want them to check out, to make the purchase, yes right here, they make the purchase right, they fill in all of this little information you know, once they do, now they have their information especially, when you use click funnels, then you’re going to actually be able to keep that same information, they will have to re-enter in all these details again over on this page, over here, it’ll now actually transfer over, all they have to do, is click this one button, if they click that button right, there then boom with one click that’s added charge their card they get that instant access. So what you know as OTO’s (one-time offers) are extremely important because you’re taking someone who may have initially had you know, seven twenty, seven, seven or ninety-seven dollar value, and now twenty percent of these people they end up buying and then say… fifteen percent of the people end up buying this again from here, you’re and you’re going to double almost sometimes you know triple, the amount or the value that each buyer has to you up for an initially, and that’s not even including the lifetime customer value, or lifetime client value, which can be astronomical sometimes you know, like if you have your whole value ladder set up, they can be upwards of up to a thousand dollars per customer, in their lifetime.

Again we’re talking about building relationships for a long time, the best way to do that is to offer your buyers their next step of what to purchase right away, you’d be surprised how many are actually willing to go there and do that with you, with that being said… I’m Zach Miller and I wish you best success bye.

How to Guarantee Your Success in Online Marketing


How to Guarantee Your Success in Online Marketing


Hey guys today I’m talking about how to guarantee your success. If you guys don’t know already, I’m Zach Miller, and there’s five key points that I talk about, in order to guarantee success, no matter what business industry or level of marketing that you’re talking about, no matter what it is, we always look to success hack, other successful people, especially when we’re looking for accolades, that a people have already accomplished already ahead of us. it’s simple as copying what they do, the way that they run their business, and you’ll have the similar results. So, when it comes to those five things, if you are not able to find at least four out of those five, then I never move on with any of my marketing in that nature industry, the reason being is that having one unknown you can get through, you can kind of make a difference and you can actually hack the success and fill in the blanks for that missing portion, but really, it’s critical to have all five, because that’s going to virtually guarantee your, success in what you do.

Now, the first one I actually talk about is the demographics, you want to know who your target audience is, what they are thinking about? how do they talk? everything about them, the ins and outs, everything that you can learn, learn it. The demographics are extremely important and that’s number one.

Number two is, the offer you need to have an offer that’s exactly similar to someone, and what they’re offering already. Somebody who has success, you’re trying to copy, and target the demographics they do, you’re trying to offer in the materials they do, which means you’re going to end up going through their sales channels, and buying everything, that means the front end offer, the up sells, the down sells the mature product, the continuity, everything that you can buy, buy it, so that when you know what the offer is, and how they’re speaking, and how they’re delivering to keep their audience happy, and of course ascending them up that value ladder further and further.

Number three: The other thing that I talk about is landing page, or squeeze page, that’s so important because how they actually drive that traffic in, and what page that the traffic lands on, is so important, that’s really the top of your funnel if that’s not as wise it can possibly be, then the narrow it is, the narrow it gets down below. So, you’re going to result in less sales of squeeze pages, number three, it’s so important and…

Number four is the traffic source, where are they getting these people because, wherever your dream clients are, is where your opponent or your competitors dream clients are, YOU GET THAT? see you don’t have to go and grab traffic out of thin air, there are millions of people already interested in your product, talking and meeting, with other people of like minds, and where your competitors at, he’s probably already found those areas, so all you need to do is tag along with them, and from there, then you can actually get into the Ad copy, the exact words, the language that he speaks, and that really revolves around everything, knowing the language, knowing your demographics, so all five of these are critical and interweaving between each other. And you can get through like I said, with having maybe one unknown, but you don’t really want to have to, one known, two unknowns, I never go through do anything with that industry, and yet unless I can find at least four and preferably all five, then I know that I’m going into something where I can make money, I just need to split test my way there, and I’m going to do it a lot faster, because I’m hacking someone that has already had that type of success so… with that, that’s how I actually utilize my success hacking and the five elements that I look for when I’m going out to ensure that I have that success.

If you want to ensure your success, even more, I suggest that you get my ‘Sales Funnel Secrets’ book, which is actually free for you. I want to put my best materials in your hands, it’s over three hundred pages of my best materials that I’ve learned in the last decade, and all I want to do is I want to give this to you for free, all they ask, my only thing is that you pay for the shipping so, that way no matter where you are in the world, I can get it to you fast that’s all I ask. So, you pay for the shipping, I’m going to send this to you completely free, and it’s going to contain a lot of my best material, some extra bonuses, some cool stuff that I’m not mentioning because there’s so much in here I mean as you can see you know, there’s just so much to go through and talk about, and all I want you to do is just get this in your hands, you understand the five demographics I talk about, I go in how I actually discover each of those five points, and I make sure that I personally and getting those AD’s right, I am getting the target the demographics the landing page, and I show you how I find all of those things outside here, and much more. Anything that you’ve ever wanted to know about, sales funnels I bet you, I cover inside here and right here, this is good for beginners to advance no matter what, I know you’ll love it.

So, I get check it out, go ahead, the links going to be down below, or in this video somewhere either way, it’s on this page, then once you do, you’re going to fill out where we want to, where we’re going to ship that to, because we need to know where the ship this thing, and once you fill in those details let us know, we’re going to send that out, and from there… enjoy guys all right! With that being said, wish you the best.

I’m Zach Miller bye…