Underdog Ideas: You’re an Expert – You Just Don’t Know It

Hi! I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to be talking about underdog ideas. You’re an expert – you just don’t even know it yet. I think that’s truly a powerful statement! We all need to absorb that inside our very being. Because through osmosis our expertise naturally shine out of us and people want to be around us. But only when we recognize our own expertise; do these expertise truly take form and shine through into other people’s lives.

You’re an Expert!

Now what do I mean by having your own expertise and not knowing it? Well, we all have things that we do in our day to day life that we take for granted. Unfortunately, that’s just one of the side effects of being inside the monotony of your own life. See you may not realize it but there are things you do in your day to day life. There are lots of things that people pay money to learn. Like knowing how to eat properly, how to be a vegan, knowing how to drive a sixteen wheeler. Or how to lose weight, gain muscle, or other things that you’ve taken a lot of time to learn.

You’ve forgotten how to utilize your expertise

But unwittingly you’ve forgotten to learn to take advantage of your knowledge. And now other people don’t have advantage of that. You can do yourself and others a service or dis-service by what you do inside your head day to day.  What you do may seem mundane. But to others it’s absolutely brilliant. That is the expertise that we’re looking to yield from your mind and put onto a certain form of media.

There is something that you can offer to the world. Whether it be in print, video, audio or anything else. Your expertise are waiting to be shared! It’s all a matter of how you go about presenting it. Inside my book, “Sales Funnel Secrets” I show you how to take your expertise and how to show it off in the online world. Giving yourself a platform to be able to speak from. Reaching audiences of tens even millions of followers who are eager and ready to hear your message.

There’s a Community Waiting – You’re an expert they’ve been waiting for!

With the planet of eight billion people and growing, there’s definitely going to be a few million people that are ready to hear your message. People who are ready to reach out and want to learn how you did what you did. Even if it’s something as simple as learning how to cook.

Even simple skills are valuable!

I guarantee you that within the U.S. alone there’s over one hundred thousand college students that do not know how to cook anything outside of a package of ramen noodles. So that can be an absolute breathtaking experience to be able to learn how to cook inexpensive and healthy meals. Recipes that give you lots of energy and make you ready for each day inside of the busy world of a college and especially collegiate athlete.

You’re an Expert Because The Riches is in the Niches

Everything that can be niche, can be sold. Everything that can be written, can be sold. It doesn’t have to seem like it’s an expertise. If you’ve taken time and you take it for granted and other people would like to hear it. It can be sold.

All of these things are waiting inside my book “Sales Funnel Secrets.” This book is completely free. All I ask is that you pay the shipping so we can ship it off to you anywhere in the world. And get it to you as quickly as possible. You can get that book by visiting www.Zach-Miller.com/book   So you can take advantage of the decade of knowledge and wisdom that I’ve put inside of this three hundred plus page book.

You’re an Expert – Don’t Let Old Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Hold You Back!

Now again like I said, these seem to be underdog ideas, people don’t think that they can sell their own expertise. That’s just what they’ve come to believe inside of their own mind. But I and so many others are living proof that we each have valuable expertise. What you know is actually valuable to people that you speak to on the World Wide Web.

Will you take your expertise for granted or will you leverage for cash?

You may take all of these things for granted right now. But it’s magic when you present these ideas to a hungry audience or congregation, that’s looking for these types of ideas. You shine. And that’s what people want. They want your expertise, no matter how simplistic it may seem (to you.) There’s a message. There’s a path that you can give that was never thought about by a group of people. People who are looking for the exact secrets that you hold inside your mind.

Find out What You’re an Expert In!

So with that being said. I wish you the best of success in finding what your expertise are. So that you can put them inside of a book or a video. Or even speak about them through audio. Whatever it is, go and write it down, make it a reality. I guarantee it’s going to eventually become the life you love to live. Sharing your expertise as an entrepreneur. With that being said, I wish you the best of success I’m Zach Miller Bye, bye.

Sales Funnel Secrets Is Out Now!

Sales Funnel Secrets Is Out Now!

Hi I’m Zach Miller and welcome! Over the last decade, I’ve built 3 six and seven figure businesses for my clients. Everything that I have done to succeed in marketing my company and clients is all contained inside my book sales funnel secrets.

It’s literally the success hackers playbook for multiplying your business online. It contains everything that I teach. From the scripts that I use, to the copy I write on the sales pages, even the emails I send and how I build my sales funnels. I even give you and inside look at how to sell using a simple free plus shipping book funnel like I’m offering right here, all the way to a $12,000 coaching and consulting program. And before you shake your head in disbelief; yes there are people that will actually pay that much money for your services! It’s all about how you position yourself.  Keep the stuck to the front of your mind!winking emoji It’s crucial.


Whether you’ve had an existing business for a while or you’re looking to finally make this your year to get in on the rush of online success that’s all around; Sales Funnel Secrets is gonna be your playbook & new best friend!

Regardless of whether you think you have expertise (or you even don’t think that you have expertise.) You simply need to realize that it’s all about positioning through your message, market and media. Everything inside sales funnel secrets will help you achieve finally that financial freedom that you’ve been looking for. It even works with affiliating other people’s products even if you don’t have your own.


Starting To Make Money Online

When it comes to starting a successful online business that’s built for efficiency and scale-ability; sales funnel secrets takes you through it step by step.  Handing you each piece that you need in order to create a highly successful business online and in order to guarantee that you have a profitable venture where ever you go inside every industry or niche.

I want to give this book completely FREE because I want to put my best materials inside your hands; really in as many hands as I can. Because I know that with these three hundred pages of real actionable steps; inside your hands and used as a playbook this will help you have so much success that you’ll want to go on to buy more of my products and services. So I’m giving you the keys to the kingdom for you to be successful, grow your income and multiply your business online. The question is; are you ready to take action on what I share?

So how can you get your hands on a copy of the book? Well there’s going to be a form on this page that you’ll see and it’s going to ask you where you would like us to ship this book to now once you do that you’re just going to click on the next button you’ve got to fill it out.

Sales Funnel Secrets Book Opt In

and all that I ask is that you cover the shipping for this book and we’ll deliver it anywhere in the world! Like I said we’ve got the book, we’ve printed it, I’ve done everything; simply pay for the shipping and we’ll ship it off today!


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Guess what else?

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Want to Get One-on-One Training with Zach Miller?

Not only are the golden ticket finders invited to my exclusive web class; for those that stay till the end and go on to join my High Ticket Hack course will also get the opportunity to book a FULL HOUR of one on one training time with me. A lot of you have been asking for my time so I’m going to work with you one on one to plan out your value ladder and answer any questions that you may have.

Value Ladder

What’s The Catch?

So I know you may be asking yourself “Zach, there’s got to be a catch, what’s the catch?”  Well here’s the catch – there is no catch. I just want to put three hundred pages of my best materials sales funnel secrets and over a decade of all my knowledge in your hands. Showing you the sales scripts, sales funnels, images, case studies, showing you everything that I use so that you can success hack me and just fill in the blanks for yourself with your own expertise in your own niche and profit.


How Can I Get Started?

Just tell us where you want the book delivered to and we’ll ship it today! All I ask is that you pay the shipping. And you want to get ’em now because it my publisher about two to three weeks to get these back to me and we only have a limited supply right now. I know we have about at less than 200 books currently in stock so you need to act fast and buy today.  Because we run a lot of promotions and we ship out and sell out of these books pretty quickly usually within a couple days. I don’t want you guys to have to wait so order now.


Do You Have A Guarantee?

My guarantee is you’re going to love this book and you’re going to find the material actionable and relevant. If you don’t, my guarantee to you is just let us know and I’ll refund everything you paid. As a token of my friendship to you, you can keep the book that way we will part as friends. That sounds fair, doesn’t it?

Once again, I’m giving you my book sales funnel secrets completely FREE and it’s going to take your business from zero to hero. Whether you have your own business, you’re an affiliate, you’re looking to get started online, maybe you’re in network marketing; whatever niche it is, sales funnel secrets will take you through our proven system step by step.  Mapping out exactly what you need in order to be successful and have a six and seven figure business online.


What makes Sales Funnel Secrets different than every other marketing book?

Sales Funnel Secrets isn’t just a playbook for success; it’s an accumulation of lessons that I’ve learned over the last 10 years. It’s going to shortcut all of the problems that you would normally have to go through. The same problems that I struggled through for over a decade.  My main inspiration for writing this book was to provide an actionable plan that can short cut your path to success.

Now you need to get this quick because again we do sell out very fast with these books there’s a limited number of copies. Otherwise you may be waiting a few weeks and every single day that you don’t have this book in your hands you could be building your business, so it’s critical to your success you get this in your hands and read it ASAP; it’s going to change your life!


What To Do

Fill out the order form and tell me where I’m going to be shipping this out to you. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be one of the golden ticket finders! I think one out of ten people are going to be able to get the golden ticket. If you happen to have this you’re going to get the opportunity to have one on one personal time with me just go to that U.R.L. and we’re going to train you on how to build out your backend.

So that way you can get consulting and coaching clients that can pay ten, twelve, twenty five even one hundred thousand dollars! You probably don’t believe it all yet but let me tell you it’s all about framing and the way that you attack all of your prospects. When you have that linear sales funnel system setup and you know what you’re going after; you can achieve your desired results so much quicker! Sales funnel secrets short cuts every bit of those processes by showing you what you need to focus on, how the sales funnel should be built, and what they should look like; everything from A to Z.

With that being said I’m Zach Miller I wish you the best of success in your business!  You’re going to just love it – I can’t wait!  And we’re going to get to know each other so much more over the coming months and years well with that bye bye.

Sales Funnel Secrets Book PROMO

Sales Funnel Secrets Book PROMO



Hi I’m Zach Miller and today I’m going to introduce you guys to my latest offer sales funnel secrets the book. Now this inside covers about the last ten years of well over really a decade of information knowledge that I’ve learned I’ve picked up I’ve gone through trial and error and I’ve started to learn the secrets to what truly makes a sales funnel successful and with that I want to give you the short cut. This is going to include so many different things you can read about on this page from my sales scripts to the actual sales funnels that I used to how I actually write my e-mails everything that you could think of is right here inside this book.

So what I need you to do is I need you to fill out the form that’s right on this page and it’s just going to simply ask you where should I ship this book, now what I want you to know is that right off the bat this book sales funnel secrets is 100% free all I ask that you do is pay the shipping see all I want you to do is get this book in your hands as soon as humanly possible and I believe the best way to do that is just to help me be able to get this book faster to you so when you do that again you’re going to fill out that form this book’s going to be shipped right off to you just let us know where to send it all you have to do is make sure you fill out that form right away. The reason being is well here’s the catch outside of the book being free there is no catch except for it takes my publisher thirty to forty days to get these books back when I order a large amount and right now we have a limited quantity left I think it’s a little under two hundred books and I just don’t want you guys to lose out on this because if you don’t get this right now my sales funnel book for free then you’re going to end up waiting anywhere between thirty and forty days to get the book in your hands and I don’t want that to happen so you need to act right now while these books are still available and you can get this in your hands right away.

Now my guarantee is if you don’t love this book you don’t for some reason something’s just wrong with it you don’t feel satisfied that’s completely fine all I want you to do is simply e-mail us we’re going to refund your shipping right back to you every penny that you paid us and as my gift to you I want you to keep this book alright because I know it’s a play book and you’re going to be using it in the future and that way we can part as friends does that sound fair. Awesome so again with that being said I’m Zach Miler I’m offering my free book sales funnel secrets I’m giving it to you completely free no catches no strings attached all I need you to do is pay the shipping so that way I can get it to you much, much faster and I need you to order right now because the urgency is, is if you don’t order these books we sell out we sell very, very fast so if you don’t order this like right now then you may end up waiting thirty to forty days to get this book in your hands and I don’t want that to happen because with every day of sales funnel secrets Oh my goodness you could be the absolute revolution that your entire business needs.

So again get this in your hands and as part of a special promotion with the book I’m going to be giving out. A few golden tickets and this is going to be found basically I was thinking about within one out of every ten books we’re going to be sending out a golden ticket if you get this then you’re going to have a little information on the back and it’s going to tell you where to attend and once you have that again this is going to be a special golden ticket invite for you guys to specifically personally work with me, so if you get this this truly is a golden ticket, this is you guys getting to go on after you go and you join this event you’re going to get to work with me again one on one personally. This is not something that I normally do almost ever if anyone usually wants to work with me one on one they usually have to pay $25,000 and join my inner circle. I want to skip all that I want to give you guys understanding I want to give you your own golden ticket I want you to work with me get your sales funnels under way ask any questions that you may have inside of your head and that way I can help you lead you through all of the issues so that way you don’t have the failures that I had that the other people normally have you can instantly start with success by getting your golden ticket and the only way to do that is by ordering sales funnel secrets right now.

Now not everyone that of course orders this is going to be a winner but again if you do get your golden ticket inside of this take advantage of it you’re going to absolutely love the event that we have on the other side its special just for you guys no one else is getting this. So again if you get your golden ticket make sure you cash it in with that being said again sales funnel secrets this book is 100% free to you no strings attached no catches nothing at all. All I ask is that you pay the shipping so that we can get it to you extremely fast rather than the media mail which may take you know one to two weeks I want this in your hands because every single day matters every single day is so important that I need to get this in your hands as soon as humanly possible so that you can start revolutionizing your business and literally doing a 180 with your success with that being said I wish you guys the best of success until then bye, bye.

Why A Sales Funnels Alone Won’t Make You Successful

Why A Sales Funnels Alone Won’t Make You Successful



Hey my name is Zach Miller, and today I’m going to be talking about value ladders if you guys haven’t already heard… value ladders are the in the thing if you don’t have this for your business already… now and you’re struggling, Well, that’s probably why.

Inside, of your business, there is such a fortune that you don’t understand, is there just yet, but I’m going to show you how. If you look at side this picture right here, the value ladder is something that I like to explain to people as a parable of walking, I am a marketer if you guys already don’t know, I’m the type of guy who wants to make your business better no matter what your business is, I find ways for you to leverage your knowledge, and make your money, the money that you’re worth, compared to being working in an hourly position. I rather the I leverage your knowledge and get paid for your knowledge. Again, everything that we do in trade in this world, is just our professional observations, and that’s all we pay for. So, when you really think about, that you see that your expertise are much more grandeur, than first thought. That being said, your value can instantly be brought to people’s light or attention, all at once, in fact it has to be done nuance throughout time. The best way to do that of course, is the deliver as much values you can for free up front, that being of course the case of the value ladder, the value ladder builds the value over the price, if you came out with someone who you walk into say a subway, or you know a McDonald’s, and I’m sitting there as a marketer, and I say hey I don’t know who you are, but if you give me a hundred thousand dollars, I can build out the most amazing business, the most amazing sales funnel, to value ladder, and it’s going to have multiple sales funnels that interconnect, build a value, give your expertise, and you going to make a lot of money from it, but again I just need you give me one hundred thousand dollars up front… what are most people going to end up doing? laughing in my face because… guess what? bet you ninety nine point nine percent people haven’t heard of Zaman Zach Miller, and if they have, have they built up enough value in that sense that they know enough of my expertise, and how much can make a difference in their lives, if they don’t? the answer is always going to be a recognizable, and astounding no! With that being said, there’s a way to it’s can transverse that from a no, into a yes! and that’s by rebuilding a relationship, with a value and price, over time. Now, when you do that, you need to offer obviously a decent amount of value upfront, for a low to nothing cost, the way that I do it is with of course my sales funnel secrets book for free, I send this to you anywhere in the world, although I ask that you do, is pay for the shipping so that we get there quickly. Again, because I want this to get your hands, instead of you know, in ten fifteen days when to get there probably three to five days, so just pay for the shipping, I’m going to give this to you for free has over three hundred pages of my best materials, everything I’ve learned in a decade, everything I’m talking about here, way more, we’re discovering on probably what’s about one page inside of this, but the value letter is so intrinsically important, because what you end up doing through it, is again establishing a relationship, on the very forefront, where people can pull up their credit card, trust you with just a few dollars of their money, and go. Even if you’re a scam artist, or you’re the worst person in the world, I guess no harm done, it’s just a couple of bucks… but, if you end up being what you said you were, then I guess I can take that next step with you when you ask me, which I show you of course how to do inside sales funnel secrets quickly, so that you can have someone to send upside up all the way all of your value ladder, sometimes in five ten to thirty minutes, and I mean all the way from a free plus shipping book to well a twenty-five thousand dollar coaching program. Quite amazing, but again it’s all about how you set up each of those transitions each of your sales funnels and properly bring that next step inside someone’s head, so they understand that what you offer each level is valuable to them, and pertinent to their success in whatever that you offer as expertise. Now, the Other that be of course like I say… weight loss, making money online, being affiliate for another product and whatever that product establishes, is it doesn’t, matter the value ladder fits into every single business, no matter what you do, no matter all the accolades that you have, there’s always a value ladder that you can place inside your business in life. Now, when I say that, I like to of, go through and show a few examples of that, so the value ladder for a chiropractor may seem very odd. For example, when you think of a chiropractor, you think well adjustments, adjustments, and more adjustments, and that’s about all that runs through people’s heads, and I can’t blame them because most chiropractors don’t have a value ladder, and that’s why most chiropractors struggle.

So, if you are a chiropractor listen up this is one cool thing that you guys can do, we end up taking this, I told a lot of these stories, because I like to tell stories, and parables, because rather than teaching on these things like I do so briefly, and topographically, tell stories that are very deep in detail, and tell how this is affected, real people in the real world, and how this has been applying, and how this can be worked for your business, or your matter, what it is but for a chiropractor just diving in without telling deepness of the story, and how we came to this. We ended up offering something that was sexy on the front end because adjustments are sexy, it’s kind of that you know not absolutely necessary medical, where you’re dying, but it’s also not kind of that are… how would I say? Pretty Donner. but you know you’re trying to Get your sickness out of the way ahead of time… right?

I’m losing the sense of the word there, but it’s kind of that middle tier, it’s somewhere where you do have pain, but it’s like it’s not that bad, it’s kind of bad for fifty bucks, a pop, you know, it’s a hard sell, It really is. So, what we end up doing is offering massage, and messages just naturally… Everyone wants a massage, and you offer a cheap massage to get people in through the door, maybe a freebie to get people in through the door, and once you do that massage, is a very sexy offer that gets a lot of people in and you train the massage therapist to identify any ribs or bones that are out of place so that way, they can naturally recommend an adjustment which is of course, very easy to say yes to, since they’re already there, you can fit in the slot, Maybe they’re waiting five, ten, fifteen, twenty minutes and they didn’t adjustment, and the massage therapist lets the know, when you get this adjustment, it’s going to you know, increase and allow your muscles to relax even more, because you know it’s not pulling them at the same use out of place, and when you really explain that stuff to people, they get it…people are really idiots You know, people are all idiots to start with, but when you start explaining things to them, everyone catches on very fast, we’re all intelligent.

So, the adjustments are naturally explained as the next step for them, to increase the value of their message so, they get that and then through the adjustments that they have you know, some very, you know extensive work that needs to be done, a wellness center, an up sell for five thousand, ten thousand dollars, then sold to them and guess what not everyone’s going to say yes, but since you offer it, there is a select few who will say yes, and pay for it right on the spot so, it’s quite amazing.

I’ve actually been able to take chiropractors who are filled up, thinking about retiring, didn’t want to do it anymore you know, they every single minute of their day was adjustments, and I simply, we added this front and this back into them, and now they didn’t add any more patients, they didn’t add any more hours to their work schedule, but they doubled the amount of money they were able to make, and that’s because they doubled the amount of value that they gave in the price that they charged the timing, didn’t increase, it was because the way we structured it, which again I talk about, and so that site sales funnel secrets, and sales funnel secrets labs, but all of that is something that’s very unique and delivered through the value ladder as long as you have it established, people say yes to it, but how can people say yes to something that doesn’t exist yet… So, with that being said order sales funnel secrets labs – I’m going to give you information, in the description in the video, and you can go in, tell us where to ship the book off, we’ll send it your way, you can learn all of these things and so much more inside.

Start building and expanding your business because like I said, it’s like an iceberg, there is a huge hidden business inside of your existing business, and my goodness I can’t wait till we find it together. With that being said, I’m Zach Miller and wish you the best success bye bye…

Why a Sales Funnel is Crucial in Your Online Business

Listen to this post here

Hey!  Zach Miller here again today and today I’m going to be talking about the very basics, Sales Funnels and why they are a MUST-HAVE when it comes to running successful online businesses.

Now when it comes down to it, sales funnels are one of the core methodologies to ensure that any business can have success, leveragability, scalability for growth. The reason being is because you need to tell what everything is being done inside of each portion of each page; or you split testing, ensuring that people are going in finding the card easily that they can add things especially if you have an e-commerce is even more important but even for the simple things. Often times I found that we as people like to offer kind of a grab bag, we’re used to giving everyone every option that they can have: but uniquely enough, giving people options actually confuses them and through a sales funnel you can have a very unique narrow and focused point and that can drive home the most targeted traffic, the most clicks, buyers, whatever you want to call it. The fact is that the more growth and the more that you can see those numbers and how they change when you change something within your sales funnel -each page, each step that they go through in order to make a sale or that purchase-, well then you actually know what you’re doing.

Until then you’re completely blind. You know nothing that’s going on around you. You almost can’t even focus on what your goal is because you don’t know what will help you bring that goal closer to you because you don’t track the numbers. As a great mentor of mine used to say, David Sprag, the numbers tell you what to do. If the numbers say that when you make this simple little change within your page, you all of a sudden increase the double the value of your clients, you double your conversions and you have these numbers goes up. When you’re tracking it, it lets you know that that was a good decision and that you should keep that implemented and maybe make a secondary change over here and see if that improves it and brings the score up even further: and if it does, well the numbers told you what to do. You’re not guessing, you’re not thinking off of what your vision is what you think looks good because let me tell you, basically eight times out of ten (and I consider myself an expert of experts on these sorts of things) ,even my choice, what I think’s going to work with the audience it starts off in the right section: but the acute ideas, those little small changes, what I think is right probably isn’t right: and it’s more so even for you if you don’t have the expertise of knowing the ins and outs of your audience. Even when I’m able to success hack there are still small nuances that I think when you test, you split tests and you track; they let you know what to do and that’s what a sales funnel accomplishes. It allows you to have one singular motive that one singular idea.

For example, with what I call a landing, a squeeze, or a opt in page, there’s multiple names for all the same core idea which is when you land as a visitor inside my website I only want you to do this one thing. It may be contacting us, it may be giving us your e-mail, your phone number, it may be you even purchasing the product right away or may be you sign up for something because we’re going to ship you something free in the mail. Whatever it is, the sales funnel says you’re either going to do this one thing. You’re interested in what we actually had to say and what we had to offer through our ad, through our article that we’ve written: and if you aren’t, then at the end of the day those aren’t the types of people that you want anyways; because they probably aren’t interested or ready to buy. And so a sales funnel weeds all those people out. But it makes it quick and easy and efficient for the people who are ready to take action, people like me who are hyper buyers.

I love to go out and when people tell me what to do, guess what, it’s a lot easier to go out and do that. And again, that’s what a sales funnel does, it accomplishes all that and much more which is why I’ve created my book Sales Funnel Secrets: and it allows you to go in, understand how I’ve built out sales funnels in my more than a decade of experience and everything that I’ve learned in this past decade and more. It’s all on the site here, all of it. Well, obviously I went into as much detail as I could with 300+ pages. Guys, I wanted to give this to you for free and the reason why is I want to get my best materials into your hands. I want you guys to understand all of the things that I know. I want you guys see the big picture and guess what, the cool thing is I use pictures so that way you guys can kind of understand what I’m going through, what’s all being said inside each page. I’m showing you example as I want you guys to know what’s going on, what’s happening and what I’m talking about. Because I think that when you have my best material in your hand, for free, all I need you guys to do you pay the shipping. Pay the shipping to get it: that’s it, not asking for much. And when I get this into your hands, I know it’s going to revolutionize the way that you think, it’s going to revolutionize your business the way that you see it and you’re going to see a bigger picture for how close success really is. It’s much closer than you guys have probably imagined it’s not an overnight millionaire thing, no. But it’s a lot faster than you would have thought and that’s the beauty behind Sales Funnel Secrets.

So again I’m gonna have a link for that inside the description right here and I’m going to show that to you guys. Again, if you haven’t understood why sales funnels are such a godsend, it’s so amazing for business in terms of scaleability and leverage; to be able to go from five figures to six and seven within a twelve month span, you know. Things are just mind boggling and, you know, amazing really to see and witness and you get to see all of that inside my book “Sales Funnel Secrets. I tell you all the stories and everything that I’ve gone through, my clients have experienced and I just want you guys to know all the secrets, all the success.

Yes, it’s going to take some failure on your part, but you don’t have to go through all the trial and error like I did.  All you have to do is what call split testing; that’s why you have a sales funnel. You split test everything, “maybe I make this change, maybe it doesn’t work“, but hey I’m not guessing – I’m testing. I know it doesn’t work and the numbers told me it doesn’t work so I change this over here “oh, that works!“. So now I’ll just keep that and we’ll keep improving it, improving, improving.

And I tell you how to do all of these things, all the secrets, all of this trial and error can just be reduced so much and all what you guys do just click on that link, fill in your information, tell me where to send this book to you and I’ll get it out to you guys as soon as possible. You do need to act fast though because we only have a limited number of copies of these left and my publisher takes thirty days to get these back to me; and from there I have to ship them off to Amazon because I like them to do my drop shipping for me as it gets to you guys faster. What that ends up meaning is that if you don’t end up getting the limited number of copies that we have (I’m not sure the exact number but it’s under 500 right now), if you don’t get this you may end up waiting thirty to thirty five days just to get this in your hands: and let me tell you thirty days with this book in your hands could be enough to just 180 your entire business in your life, and the way that you think can do business so I want you guys get this in your hands as soon as possible.

Go get your FREE COPY of ‘Sales Funnel Secrets’ right now, guys we run out of copies fast! Again, it’s completely free. I want you to get my best materials in your hands right now, and all I ask is that you just cover “the shipping”. That’s fair, right guys? Alright. And with that, I wish you the best of success. Till next time. Bye bye.