Build Your Six-Figure Income with Sales Funnel Secrets Labs!

You, like me, want more money, don’t you? (That’s a silly question because I know you do!)

But have you taken the first step by getting your sales funnel setup yet?

If the answer’s no – why not?!

When I first started out online –

I heard of guys bringing in 20, 50, sometimes $100,000 a day in sales or more!

I remember sitting in a Wendy’s parking lot, in my 1998 Gold Doge Minivan feeling so frustrated, confused (and jealous) at how they were all doing it so easily…

Every day that went by, I’d feel worse…

“What was I doing wrong?…”

I knew the money’s in the list..

and that I needed a sales funnel…

“But what else were they doing, that I wasn’t?”

After attending Russell Brunson’s Funnel Hacking event back in 2015, I discovered the trick that makes internet millionaires so damn successful.

The trick?

#1 – They took action!
#2 – They were using more than one sales funnel.

In fact six, seven, even eight-figure companies use 3 CORE high converting sales funnels that when pieced together create a powerful force that creates legions of loyal customers.

Tripwire Funnel + Webinar Funnel + Coaching Funnel = 6 Figure Incomes!

That’s how the pros do it, if you’ve read “Sales Funnel Secrets”, you’ll see that’s how I do it and that’s how I’m teaching you do it too!

If you’re ready to get your 3 core sales funnels setup in just 6 months – Sales Funnel Labs is perfect for you!

In my Sales Funnel Labs workshop, I’ll be walking you through setting up your 3 core sales funnels step-by-step and in just 6 short months you’ll have your core product, webinar and coaching funnels all setup and be well on your way towards generating 6 figures a year!

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Avoid making this HUGE mistake in your business

When I was just getting started online, I read thousands of blog posts, watched hundreds of videos – I studied and learned as much as I could.. I thought I could do it all myself – on my own.

That was a huge mistake…

It was that ONE mistake that held me back for years!

Simply because I was too stubborn in my own ways to humble myself to join a community where I could interact with others on the same path and get feedback on what I was actually struggling with!

It wasn’t until I chose ONE mentor to follow that I finally became successful.

And if I had to go back and start all over again (I wouldn’t want to) but the first thing I would do is find someone who can teach me what’s getting them success and stick to that community like glue!

I want you to have the support and sense of community you need to take action and be successful, which is another reason I created Sales Funnel Labs.

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Sales Funnel Labs is where I walk you through setting up your 3 core sales funnels step-by-step and by the end of month 6 you’ll have your core product, webinar and coaching funnel all setup and ready to start generating 6 figures a year!

There’s no such thing as a successful lone wolf…

There’s safety & success in numbers – Join our community!


[Live] Step-by-Step Funnel Walkthrough

Building a successful business is a lot of work, don’t you wish there was someone who could walk you through the entire process step-by-step and make things more efficient?

Now there is with my 6-month workshop – Sales Funnel Secrets Labs!

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In just 6 months, here’s what we’ll cover:

MONTH 1: Value Ladder|POS Funnel , Product Creation & Research,  Setting up Your First email sequence and (SLO) Funnel

MONTH 2:  3 Core Sales Scripts You’ll Need, How to Get Traffic (SOLO, Facebook, Media Buys like Propel Media), How to do proper tracking & Split Testing

MONTH 3: How to Write Emails That Convert, Your Missing Website and Why It’s Good,  Content Creation Hacks (Podcasting, Video, Social Media, Blogging, Email)

MONTH 4: How to move up the value ladder [CONTINUITY Programs], Continuity vs Micro, What Should You Offer, The Continuity Script, How to Build Out Your Continuity Program

MONTH 5: Building Your Webinar Funnel, Writing Your Perfect Webinar Script & Emails, Create Your Webinar Promotion Strategy

MONTH 6: Building Your Coaching Funnel, Coaching Is Possible & What to Offer, Introducing The Sales Team , Writing Your Coaching Sales Scripts


After the 6 months are over, we will have built out your 3 core funnels and you will have everything you need in place to begin making a 6-figure income!