The $4 Million Dollar Video Game Funnel

So if you’ve been following my emails..

You’ve heard about this guy PewDiePie on YouTube..

pewdiepie-4 million-dollar-funnel

Making $4,620,00 a year from his subscribers..

How does he do it?

Follow along as I break down the funnel he unwittingly uses to close $4 million dollars in contracts each year..


The Financial Breakdown

First, let’s break down the PewDiePie value with a quick pie-chart.. keep in mind, he’s netted 142.7M as of 2017, but as a Swede he has a 57% tax bracket and only kept 61.4M of that money..

PewDiePie Net Worth by Zach Miller

Now let’s review this.. and remember these are ROUGH ESTIMATES..


YouTube advertisers are legally not allowed to disclose their earnings for fear of being banned..


So these are all based from other YouTubers who have told us their personal income and we manipulated those numbers to represent PewDiePie’s follower base..


Surprisingly, only 18% of his net revenue came from YouTube earnings.. $17.18 Million Dollars.


It was PewDiePie’s monthly subscribers [40%] 24.54 Million Dollars + sponsored content [15%] 12.27 Million Dollars that brought in most of his paycheck..


The final portions, Affiliate Payout [7%] 4.3 Million Dollars and Personal Site Revenue [8%] with 4.9 Million Dollars..


How to Build a Million Dollar Empire

PewDiePie didn’t do this overnight, it took 6 years to have 50+ Million Subscribers [as of ’17]..


He really started in February of ’11 when he 1st hit the 1M subscriber mark..


This grew [really fast], but do you know how?


NOTE: He was/is the fastest grwowing YouTube channel 2011-today for a reason..


Yes! He used a funnel.. and..


Here’s how.. it’s the exact same thing I do for promotions..


Giveaway Contests.. just like this..

PewDiePie Contest Giveaway
Found here:

He got 275,000 people to his email list and latest product with a FREE PROMOTION..


See G2A PAID PewDiePie to run a contest with their game cards as the prize.. [he made $3-$5,000 on this + the new subscribers]


Are you starting to see how he blew up really quickly???


He in turn emailed these 275,000 people and around 20% of them converted into PAID subscribers..


That’s 55,000 new subscribers OVERNIGHT, and at $7 per subscriber [YT Red’s subscriber payout], per month.. that nets PEWDIEPIE $385,000.00 a MONTH and $4,620,000.00 a YEAR just with this single funnel..


And that’s how a Giveaway Funnel > Email List Promotion of 14 emails > YouTube Red Subscription Squeeze Page > PROFIT..


..became a $4,620,000 funnel for 1 video gamer..


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