The Art of Online Sales: Whatever, Whenever, Forever

Hi! I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to be talking about the art of online sales: whenever, whatever, forever. Now the things that I teach are evergreen. I follow the same things that I teach and are meant to be applied to any business. Because the marketing techniques I teach are foundational.

Online Sales Broken-down

Whatever you do online, everything should be quantifiable. What that basically means is that, you need to know your numbers.  You need to have the statistics showing how many visitors came to a certain page, how many took the one action that you asked them to take, how many left, and how many of those that took the action then went on to take another action. Then from there, you’re quantifying every single step understanding the exact process a visitor goes through. A person comes in not knowing anything about you and goes all the way through your sales funnel gaining trust throughout. Even taking out the credit card to give you that vital information.

What is it that makes this process so easy? Well, it’s one of the core methods that I teach. It’s called a sales funnel. Sales funnels are absolutely vital to the longterm success of an online business. Sales funnels come in a multitude of variations. But the one core feature that makes a sales funnel a sales funnel, is that every step along the way has multiple steps. Each step asks for the visitor to take one action at each step. If there are two or more options than this can confuse a buyer and immediately diverts from being a funnel.

Online Sales & The Power of Segmenting

The only way I really quantify the funnel in allowing a multitude of steps, is when you don’t know anything about your prospect. It’s ice cold traffic so you can pop them through a quiz that will ‘warm them up’ and allow them to tell you what exactly they’re interested in. What exactly they’re looking to do inside of their life, what their desired result they want to achieve. When you can identify that, you can more properly segment these people into the various sales funnels that they would best fit in.

For example, not everyone within the health niche is looking to lose weight. While everyone that’s looking to lose weight isn’t always looking to do it through workouts. They may want to do it through dieting or cleanses. So to narrow these people down and get them much more segmented, give them a more targeted offer.

Increase Online Sales with Sales Funnel Stacking

This all starts with a sales funnel. The sales funnel has one action even when you segment these audiences up. The one option is take this quiz or leave. Take this quiz, usually with a free report to see what type of person you are. For example what type of body builder you? or what type of entrepreneur or billionaire are you? There’s a multitude of ways that a quiz can be used. Alternately you can have funnels work together. There may be one sales funnel that offers a weight loss plan another that offers a gain muscle plan another all-together that talks just about wellness or increasing energy.

Make More Online Sales Using Click Funnels

So all of these things can be segmented to offer a product that’s more relevant to the person. A sales funnel allows you to go through this traffic in a very concrete fashion and form that equates into trackable numbers. Especially when using a system like click funnels. You can get a free trial of click funnels by going to Now setting up your sales funnels in click funnels helps you quantify all of these variables. Using all of these steps will ultimately bring forth the success that you need because you can split test. With split testing you can understand if an improvement made a positive or negative impact on your campaign.

Summary of Our Online Sales Tips

Utilizing sales funnels is the beauty in the art of online sales. It is the ability to know what you’re doing is working or not working. That right there is knowledge and that’s the power of marketing. All marketing consists of, is how well we know our audience members, how well we can direct them to the next step, how well we’re able to communicate with them. When we do that properly, sales become easy sales. With that being said I’m Zach Miller and I wish you the best of success online and in creating your next sales funnel bye, bye.

Selling Online Is Easy – If You Say It’s Easy

Selling Online Is Easy – If You Say It’s Easy



Hi my name’s Zach and today I’m going to be talking about how selling online is easy as long as you say it’s easy and it’s hard if you say it’s hard. The reason being is that a lot of young entrepreneurs or people who are just getting into the online marketing side of their business seem to struggle with getting the results that they desire. A lot of these issues come from usually traffic conversions or average cart values being too low. Any of those things can be a huge issue inside of any business so when it comes to selling online there’s a million and one things that you can do, you can go over and create all your social media accounts, you can upload dozens of videos create hundreds of podcasts write dozens of articles and still be spinning your wheels with little to no gain and that’s a very unfortunate thing because marketing online is very easy when you know what to do and knowing what to do all comes from having only one path that an individual or visitor can take.

Now I’ve talked often about how websites can be troublesome in certain ways the main being that there is multiple paths for a new visitor to go down when they first land on your website. Usually they’ll land on your home page which then gives them a multitude of links in which they can choose to go down from your blog learning more about you contacting reading different articles the services that you deliver there are so many things that a user can get lost in and unfortunately the more options that you give the more likely it is you won’t receive any action at all because as Dan Kennedy and Sid Michaels used to tell me great mentors within the marketing industry have always said. A confused mind never buys. That’s as simple as it can get the more options that you give to your prospect the more likely it is that they’ll say no.

So when you want to get the best results and be able to track them you want to have only one option and that one option will then lead to the next secondary step if they take action there, then a third step where they can take action so on and so forth this is known as a sales funnel the reason that a sales funnel is different from a website is because a sales funnel only has one thing to do usually giving information such as an email address phone number and or name in exchange for some information that you’ll give them for free. Now anyone who of course is interested in what you have to offer or talk about is going to raise their hands and give away simple information such as that to learn more and get free things too obviously hear the issues that they’re having right now.

So whenever you go into a landing page you only have one option either give me your information or leave and guess what everyone who leaves was never a good prospect to begin with because they weren’t interested in what you were going to offer or sell them down the line. So there’s no reason to waste time with those people so instantly getting that email address that phone number that name will allow you to re-contact and reengage and RE market every one of those individuals who opts in. Now that’s the top of your sales funnel and when you work on your sales funnel at the very top at that landing page and you’re only working on getting that contact information to remarket and reengage with those new visitors and new prospects you’re going to make a lot more sales because as Michael Jordan a great N.B.A. basketball player used to say you miss all the shots you don’t take which simply put means you’re going to become a great salesman by taking a lot of sales calls a lot of sales initiations reengagement opportunities the more that you take the more that you make. But guess what all the ones that you don’t take you miss and that’s the issue.

So selling online is easy the more that you can reengage with your customers and the best way to do that is through sales funnels. By having sales funnels you’ll be able to not only reengage with these people but give them only one clear path to go down and take action on which is usually buying your first front end product we’re not worried about buy them buying large high ticket products All right what we want is truly the ability to give them a taste of what we offer and our expertise that we can deliver.

When that’s done then the first initial sale is the hardest and if you’ve overcome that the ability to build trust and that factor for buying the next high ticket item is so much easier because it’s all about establishing that first initial trust which really comes in the form of an email address being able to reengage re-market and e-mail these people on a daily basis when that happens sales online become much easier because you have more opportunities to make the sale it’s simple mathematics and when you really start, stop and think about what you’re doing inside your business and the places where you’re missing that re-engagement opportunity you’ll understand that oftentimes it’s because you give too many options. Only having one option will have better conversion rates than two options two options will have a better conversion rate than three options and so on and so forth the reason being is the more options you present the more it confuses the mind when you only have one thing to do most people will do it if they’re actually interested in it which is exactly who your prospect buyers are. With that being said I’m Zach Miller and I wish you the best of success bye, bye.