The Business Model That Changed Everything!

Have you ever come to a turning point in your life that’s so drastic, it changes the course of your entire life?  If so, you know how challenging it can be moving out of your comfort zone and into something brand new. Having a child can be one of those turning points, so can changing careers.  My turning point, wasn’t exactly a career change – it was a business model change.

Really? A business model changed the course of your entire life?

You bet it did!


See before I discovered how to properly run an email-based, I was struggling just to get by each month.  I didn’t have a proper sales funnel setup, I didn’t know how to scale up my business and I definitely wasn’t making the profits I wanted. Sound familiar?

Hundreds of thousands of businesses have found success by using email marketing and now more than ever it needs to be a STAPLE in your business if you hope to be successful long term. 

“From legacy print organizations like The New York Times to digital native groups such as BuzzFeed, almost everyone sees the value of the (email) medium.” – Andrew Jack from

So we know that email is the way to go, but there are a few things you should know before you go out and start asking for people’s emails. In this post I’ll cover what you need to know to make sure you select the right business model that will let you successfully scale your online business without getting overwhelmed or hitting a financial glass ceiling.

Making “the big switch” = going from a 9 to 5 to being fully self-employed from home

If you’ve been looking for a simple (manageable) online business model, the best method to ensure you end up with something that allows you to scale up at your own pace is to look for these things:

  • Make sure the business model is proven to provide an ROI (return on investment)
  • Ensure your business model has a front-end to make sure you break even, and also a back-end to allow you to offer high ticket sales, if it doesn’t, even with a big list, you’ll have trouble growing your business.
  • Any good online business model doesn’t leave things up to chance – make sure your business model has a formula for you to calculate just how much traffic you’ll need to reach your sales goals. This is vital because without it you’re just guessing.

While it’s not necessary, some awesome bonus features of a great online business model is that it also takes into account: continuity programs, upsells/downsells and extra income opportunities.

Now that you know what a reliable business model should have, you’re ready to see my own business model that’s proven to help you reach your financial goals quicker than ever with my 100 clicks a day formula!