How to Make High Ticket Sales Without Talking on the Phone – EVER!


high ticket sales without picking up the phone

There it was. The phone on my desk just ringing away, my hands sweaty and cold as I starred at it. I couldn’t bring myself to pick up that thing again. There were just too many things that had gone wrong before…

But let’s rewind a bit. Before that moment, I had been running a business online for almost a decade. Up to this point, I had built a six-figure business selling products online for $30 to $100.

But after spinning my wheels, and making hundreds of cold calls to get new clients, I couldn’t get enough momentum to reach that “next level” in business. It felt like one step forward, two steps back. I just couldn’t make enough profit, even when selling 500-1,000 products a month!

I had heard about people selling high-ticket items but with every system high profit sales without picking up the phone everrevolved around selling on the phone.  I hate talking on the phone!  But I needed to make more money so I gave it shot.  Calling each prospect, felt like a chore everytime I did it. Growing my company was fun, but this wasn’t. I knew I had to find a solution. I needed to be able to sell products that had a higher price, aka high-ticket sales.

So early the next morning, I went into “the lab” and began Success Hacking the best people I could find in my industry. What I found amazed me…

Not only were they selling millions of dollars in products each month, but they were doing it with a very similar sales script to one another. Almost every one of them sounded the same.

When I saw one “guru’s” numbers, it blew my mind away. He had closed 14 Million Dollars in the last 30 days!!! WTF, RIGHT?!

Once I heard that, I knew I had to learn this process if I were to have any hope of growing my business to the levels I wanted.

So I bought a lot of my competitor’s high-ticket courses and spent A LOT of money learning how they did EVERYTHING. From landing pages to traffic sources, ad copy and emails.  I learned exactly what my competitors were doing, defined my target audience and found proven strategies to follow.

A few weeks after implementing my new strategies, I finally had my first success! It was for $12,000 dollars!!!  When I saw that in my bank account, I felt like I was dreaming, high or both! It was a rush…

But then three months passed and I didn’t get another sale. That money I just made was drying up even though I had followed the systems like they taught… Why? I had done everything right…

But I came to understand everything they taught, it’s all a BIG LIE!

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT you can’t make high-ticket sales on the phone – they haven’t been telling you everything!

All these “gurus” had told me what to say, how to call, what to offer. But that’s when I learned that all of them, every last one, was keeping something vital to success from me (and you)…

The moment I shifted my focus from what they were TEACHING ME, and started following what they were DOING. Everything finally turned around for me. I doubled my growth and in thirteen months I was able to close over $250,000 in yearly contracts by myself!

But guess what else I discovered?

I found out, I was able to make even more without making the calls myself…Want to discover the ONE hack that made it all possible?

I’m revealing it all in my new web class: “High Ticket Hack

Where I’ll be showing you how to instantly add high ticket sales to any sales funnel without you personally talking on the phone – EVER!

“If you’ve got a sales funnel – this class is A MUST-ATTEND! I was barely bringing in $5K a month and now after implementing Zach’s advice, I’m making well over $25K every single month! The course is a total game-changer.” – Jack McCaig