Never Get Stuck Again: How to Entrepreneur Like a Pro

Hi I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to show you how to never get stuck again. I’m going to show you how to entrepreneur like a pro. Because I know as an entrepreneur we wear so many different hats. So many different things that you’re going to be doing. A lot of these tasks you may not have all the skills to solve.

Entrepreneurs Wear A Lot Hats

You’ll be doing tasks like playing with your website, to setting up hosting, to making sure the sales are coming through, to making sure your payment gateway works, to making sure that your emails are being sent out. Every single one of these things can get very technical very quickly and they can easily go over your head. If you’ve never had these types of expertise or gone through these things before you’ll end up wasting hours of your life just on one thing that would take probably someone else five minutes to do.

The Secret to Successful Entrepreneurs!

The most successful entrepreneurs know the magic of delegating. So that’s why I delegate too. I used to love hiring Micro workers from Odesk which has now become UPwork. All of these types of sites were where I could hire other freelancers for their expertise specifically to help me out.

The Website That Made Delegating Affordable

Then all of a sudden I found the website fiverr On this site, for five dollars you can hire someone for an hour of their time. See somewhere say Bangladesh or say South Korea even places like Taiwan there’s so many different places around the world where five dollars an hour is a great pay. Surprisingly in Vietnam where there a lot of coders especially for WordPress and other websites come from. So a lot of these troubles that we have in our day to day issues can usually be solved on the website Someone has these types of expertise and for the simple price of five dollars you can get all of these things pushed out of your way off of your to do list and done.

Smart Entrepreneurs Syndicate Content to Save Time

Now most of the time I’ve talked about how a lot of my content is syndicated across multiple social media platforms. In different forms of media, from audio like a podcast, video like YouTube, a blog post. It’s easy to make 3 or 4 pieces of content from one nowadays. So I get these things done every single day for me. So I don’t have to spend hours and hours and hours doing them.

Entrepreneur Trick: Create Multiple Pieces of Content from One

How? Because when I make a fifteen minute video, if I were to transcribe all of that myself. It would probably take me somewhere between one to one and a half hours to get done that’s not something I want to do with my day whereas I can pay someone five dollars to do that for me. And they’re probably going to do it way better because it’s something they do day in day out all the time. They’re used to my pronunciations they understand what I’m saying. Sometimes I do slur my words that’s why I have someone that I can constantly go to for five dollars. I get all of my videos transcribed all of my podcast transcribed so that it’s very easy to place these in other places other social media platforms and get seen even more.

Sweet! But How Much Will All This Cost Me?

All of this cost me about total $20. I pay five for my video editor per video. I pay five per graphic. I pay five for each fifteen minute transcription. That’s about it. I mean if I want to go even further, I can pay five more for syndication across multiple platforms. But I’ve learned how to do that myself within usually thirty to forty seconds. So again it’s always finding new things that you can outsource that takes up hours of your time and delegate it.

You can place it on someone else’s to do list for five maybe even ten dollars. When someone takes a fifteen minute video of mine and they’ll edit it for five dollars. Which means they’re going to add some graphics, cut off any bad points. I often just have simple little things that they do inside of YouTube that increases the S.E.O. That’s how it gets found and searched all of that is really what adds up for me. Maybe you end up having things that you want to go over rewrite or correct yourself. And that’s completely fine.  When you finally get completely comfortable with the way that you speak and present, get an editor. It’s only five dollars.

Entrepreneurs Make Delegating A Habit

All of these things in our daily lives that takes so much trouble and rack our brains can be delegated to save time and energy.  All the time, I find myself looking into my websites, into my sales funnels and guess what for five dollars I can pay someone to do most of that for me. And when it comes to the intrinsic parts of my sales funnel guess what, that’s where you can hire more of a full or part time person. They can be virtual, they can be physical, there’s all types of different ways that you can utilize the website

As a busy entrepreneur, I absolutely love delegating because it helps me get so much done in my daily tasks. Not to mention saves me lots of time. It makes what used to be a long drawn out process into a simplified click of the button. I tell someone what to do and I’m done. Isn’t that easy well it is for me and I know it will be for you too! So with that being said I wish you the best of success I’m Zach Miller bye, bye.

5 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur  Lesson #1 – Pick ONE Teacher & Follow Young Grasshopper

I had to make this number 1 because there is SO MUCH NOISE ONLINE it’s easy to get distracted! In fact it took me a few years of reading hundreds of blog posts and trial and error only to realize I was really just wasting a lot of time. So how you do you prevent that from happening? How do you learn what you need to get your online business started without getting drowned in information along the way? 

Find someone who has already accomplished something very similar to what you’re looking do and make that person you’re go-to teacher.  No matter what type of online business you’re planning to run – pick ONE person to take advice from and follow it.  I know it’s tempting and easy to get lost in the many blog post-rabbit holes but if you hope to cut down on your learning-curve time, this is a must. The only reason this works so well is because you’re only focused on one main ideology and you get to put the advice into action and see if it really works or not.  When you’re following multiple strategies at once – its much harder to tell what’s really working. And that brings me to #2…

Entrepreneur  Lesson #2 – Find & Engage Yourself in a Community

This is another big mistake I made early on. Back then, my motto was “any money is good money” – NOT TRUE! I learned that the hard way! I was out to “get rich quick” but it took me 7 years to figure out – it really doesn’t happen like that anymore… and if it does – consider yourself a golden goose!  You gotta have a proven business model and community of good business people to follow. Although hard to admit, no successful person got to where they’re at by “going it alone”.  The”lone Wolf” is a myth – wolves hunt in packs because there’s safety in numbers.  We all need support and guidance from time to time – especially when you have temporary failures (which you will!) but having that community or coach there to talk to, can really take away the sting and help you can back on the horse.

Entrepreneur  Lesson #3 – Know Your Market – Message – and Medium

If you’re not familiar with Dan Kennedy’s Marketing Results Triangle –


this simple little method will simplify the way you do business.

A) What’s Your ONE Message?

B) Who’s your Market (audience)?

The more you can learn about your audience and customers – the more you can craft your content and products to better meet their desires.

C) What Media Will You Use to Communicate with your audience?

For media, I always recommend selecting just 2 platforms to begin with.  Email will be your first platform and you can select one other (like your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube, Pinterest, ect.) *Landing pages don’t count

Entrepreneur  Lesson #4 – Do Not Compare Yourself to Others – Focus on What Makes You Unique

This is one we ALL struggle with but it bears repeating –


I’m not exactly like you and you’re not exactly like me – we’ve gone through different experiences and all of that collectively is what makes us who we are.


Entrepreneur  Lesson #5 – It Costs Money to Make Money

This was a difficult one to learn as well. *Now I do want to say that it’s not impossible to start making money online without a dollar to your name – I’ve done it more than once, but it requires more effort and takes a lot longer to get started that way. If you have at least $500-1,000 to get your online business up, things can be up and running within a matter of weeks.  To take that one step further, a lesson that I just recently learned in the past few years is – if you have $400-800 to spend each month in paid advertising that will double your efforts in half the time!

Entrepreneur  Lesson #6 – Don’t Cut Corners – Do Try to Find the Shortest Path from Point A to Point B

Whenever possible look for the simplest and quickest way to achieve the goal you’re going after. So for example – When it comes to creating new content – find a way to work it into your daily tasks and hit two birds with one stone so to speak by creating two pieces of content at once like a video and podcast.  If you’re planning on selling digital courses – find a way to plan out and make all of your products at once; almost like one big product that you “cut up” into smaller pieces that will be easier for your audience to consume. If you’re interested in learning more about my product creation hacks – email me for details, I cover it in depth in my coaching program which will be opening soon!

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and motivating!  If you’re not already, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post.