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the Plata 'o plomo deadline

Get Started By Setting Your Plata O Plomo Deadline

Let me read your mind.. you’re thinking.. WHERE SHOULD I START? FIRST, get my course, Email Mastery.. ..and watch those videos 2x.. SECOND, do the most important thing in your LIFE.. Set a deadline for [product creation, getting traffic & funnel testing] Are you a doer or a procrastinator? (be honest with me & yourself)…

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Setting A Deadline [Plata o Plomo Parable]

Whenever someone has asked me why they haven’t had success yet..   I always ask them, “If it turns out to be something inside YOU that has to change, will you have the courage to do it?”..   Most say “YES”, some are honest with themselves and just stop there.. I challenge you to dig…

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