How to Integrate ClickFunnels and Aweber, GetResponse or MailChimp

How to Integrate ClickFunnels and Aweber, GetResponse or MailChimp



Hi my name is Zach Miller and today I got a question from Sam regarding Click Funnels. Sam wanted to know how to integrate ClickFunnels with a third party auto responder or mail service. Good question Sam!  I want to  quickly answer that for you so that way you can get right into collecting e-mails without any hiccups, let’s dive in, shall we?

STEP 1 -Log into your ClickFunnels Dashboard

First off, what you’re going to do to is: log into your click funnels dashboard. It’s going to look just like this..

ClickFunnels Dashboard

Then you’re going to scroll right over to account integrations and you’re going to click on that button right here.

Clickfunnels Account Integrations

It’s going to bring you right over to this page.

Click Funnels Integrations

STEP 2 – Now you’re just going to click on “Add new integration” that little orange yellowish button.

STEP 3 – Authorization

Next you’re going to type in the autoresponder in aweber or you can simply select it from the dropdown menu.

Aweber Click Funnels Integration

It’s going to ask you to connect the service and it’s going to bring up a new window which will bring up an authorization token or A.P.I.

Click Funnels Aweber Integration

STEP 4 – enter a username & password

Now you’re just going to log in here and enter your name and password. Once you do that, this is going to be added in here like I have done with my Ship Station account. Actionetics is a replacement if you have the upgrade inside of Click Funnels. I do recommend using Actionetics so you don’t need to use a third party processor.  There’s a lot of other bonuses too like the backpack feature. Actionetics is also able to segment your list automatically, but we’ll talk about that in another video.

Aweber Click Funnels Integration

So it’s going to show up right there and it’s going to say “aWeber.” Now let me show you how this looks in action.

chiropractor opt in landing page

This is one of the funnels I’ve setup – it’s an opt-in funnel.  What I have here is for a chiropractor and all you’re going to do is go to the tab “automation.” Once you go there you will see that basically you’ll have one option and it’s just going to delete the old setting.

STEP 5 – Add new action

You’re going to click add “new action.” It’s going to say “aWeber opt-in” and you are going to add them to a list from the drop down menu. For me it happens to be click funnels internal because I’m using Actionetics but for you it may end up being a third party processor like GetResponse, aWeber, Mail Chimp, ect.

Then you’re going to say which list you’d like to add them to. Create the funnel action and now all of these opt-ins will come in through here.

Now sometimes these automation tabs are not always available on Click Funnels – I’m not sure why exactly. It does this with new users sometimes. I guess they don’t unlock that tab; if that’s the case – here’s my backup plan:

Zach’s Backup Plan

STEP 1 – Go into “edit page” and once that loads you’re going to have a little tab up here that says “settings”.

STEP 2 –Then you can see the integrations and I get to choose from which integrations I would like to setup. Like I mentioned, I have actionetics set up right now but you can go right inside of here and set up almost any auto responder integration. So we can remove the integration again it’s going to be a dropdown just like this for me it happens to be actionetics. So I add them to a list – let’s say it’s my soap list. Now it’s connected and we’re done.   We go ahead and save that!

STEP 3 (POST) – What I like to do after I have this all set up and working is, I like to verify the inside of my third party autoresponder and make sure that I have a single click opt-in not a double opt-in setup.

I know that’s contrary to what a lot of people teach but for me it works and if you’re just getting emails – make getting the email as easy as possible and then segment your list. Anyone that doesn’t open an email from you after thirty days is probably not the best subscriber and I get rid of them by scrubbing them off my list. That’s how I keep my list clean and I get a lot higher of an opt in rate up to seventy five percent because I do single opt-ins.

So make sure that your autoresponder allows you to do that and then the way that I checked that all of it is set up properly is to go to type in ten minute mail one hour mail whatever you want but these are temporary email addresses that you can sign up through your own opt in page so that way you can verify that you are receiving the emails first off and second that you did actually get opted in subscribed to your third party autoresponder.

I hope that has helped answer your question Sam! If you have any other questions comment in the section down below and be sure to like and subscribe if this helped you. The whole point is that I want to keep making these videos helping you guys through the minutia of every day troubles I know you guys get hung up on and it wastes a lot of time even though it usually takes just a couple minutes to solve.

So again type any of those questions you have in the comment box below I’m going to be making more future videos for you guys and your future success with that being said I’m Zach Miller bye, bye.

One Step Towards Knowledge = One Step Towards Power

One Step Towards Knowledge = One Step Towards Power



Hey guys Zach Miller here again today and I’m just browsing the world of YouTube and I’ve really gotten into Def-Con you know a lot of these hacker conferences where they get together. It’s so awesome to see how technology is growing and helping to advance basically our ease of use in living. After all knowledge is power, right? Yeah things are going to get a little scary, things are going to get a little dicey at times of course but that’s how life naturally is so it’s really amazing to see these blasts in technology I’m sure at the end of the day history repeats itself you know somehow we’ll always send ourselves back into a stone age but while we have it – let’s enjoy it, right?

Well with that being said the one thing that I know that has been here and will still stay here is Click Funnels and I have been loving the way that they have been making these advancements inside of their machines inside of their software it is really helping to be able to build funnels quicker than ever. If you guys don’t know already click funnels is actually what I use to build all of my sales funnels I talk a lot about this inside of my book sales funnel secrets there’s a lot inside that really goes over the aspects of what do you offer for a front end, what about your middle, have you ever even thought about there being a middle to your business, what about a backend, what do you mean a back end, well what are you selling to people after they purchase that first initial product that you’re trying to get everyone in the world to buy oh this is what I’m trying to get everyone in the world to buy but what do you offer afterwards.

I have an entire product line built up for you guys so that you can take it step by step this is basically what I call the 80-20 rule. Eighty percent of all my knowledge I give out and twenty percent I keep and give out in my other products. There’s lots of money to be made online whether you are an expert you want to be an expert you’re just an affiliate you’re looking to get your start online whatever it is there’s technology that helps you get ahead Click Funnels is what I use but when you’re ready to actually get ahead in the sense of knowledge because you need to take one step forward in power what I call technology and then one step forward in knowledge what I offer here. See this will be able to get you revolutionized and ready for the new wave of marketing that is about to hit the world if you’re not with it then you’re going to be behind it that’s as simple as it goes.

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