Internationally Sought-After Speaker And Trainer

Zach Miller

Zach Miller has spoken in front of and personally trained well over a hundred thousand people through his business trainings and seminars. His straight-to-the-point teaching style has the unique ability to literally transform any business in 90 minutes or less and has made him a requested speaker not only in the USA, but all over the world.

Zach has taught people from all walks of life in a multitude of different countries. His amazingly unique and proprietary Internet business building principles and strategies, as well as his unconventional, no-nonsense life design and management skills. He has a huge following in Australia, the United Kingdom, USA and China.

Zach is known for revealing his latest epiphanies, wildly successful, no BS strategies and proven marketing models that are profitable, ethical and ignored by 99% of the marketing world.

If you want the best in the business and someone who only teaches techniques and strategies that are proven to be effective, then you must bring Zach Miller in to speak at your event. Zach will not only bring the latest and greatest marketing advice but he also brings over 15 years of credibility, a proven track record and a level of excitement that your audience will love.

Some of Zach’s Speaking Topics:

  • How to come out of the 9-to-5 rat race and build a thriving home-based business
  • How to become wealthy by earning residual income
  • How to build an income while being a stay-at-home mom or dad
  • How to build replacement income for people who are unemployed
  • How to build your Internet empire

Zach’s Expertises Include:

  • All Aspects of Internet Marketing
  • Buidling Membership Sites
  • Building Coaching Groups
  • Local Marketing
  • Product Creation
  • Online Advertising
  • Online Advertising
  • List Building/Traffic Generation
  • Video and Powerpoint Sales Letters

What Are People Saying About Zach:

It’s so awesome to be taught by someone who cuts through all the BS. I have a whole lot of changes to make in my systems because Zach reminded me of one of the most important fundamental marketing principles: Make decisions based on what you KNOW not what you BELIEVE. Stop relying on other people’s test results and blindly accepting “expert” advice on the best way to do things. Take action on what Zach taught us – WITHOUT changing the system – then when you have measurable results, test changes to see what works best for your business. So after the next session, it’s off to record some videos and create a whole heck of a lot of optin pages. Thank you, Zach , for the best yet and for the sleep I’ll be missing over the next week! – SaRita Hartin
I would just like to personally thank Zach for this training. It is far and away the absolute best training I have ever attended. The amount of material that you have included in this program is beyond expectation. And… the way in which you presented it with progressive building blocks has allowed me to come away with more information and some many great tips than I could have hoped for. – Esateys Stuchiner
Awesome information! My coach, Rhea Perry has been telling me you’ve been her mentor for years — I see why! I see that I have to really work on my follow up emails after my webinar! Launching a program now – will definitely put your methods into effect! Thank you! -Nancy Alexander

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