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Inception Secrets

Hi once again. I just had a client who I was recently consulting with and building a following for and he had a few questions, one of them was regarding the inception secrets. So I just wanted to create a video for all of you guys right here, right now. Get you involved in honestly some free coaching. He’s at my inner circle level which is $50,000, but these are what’s called inception secrets and it is a ground breaking formula that lets you literally get into the mind of your buyer, and when they think of success or who to buy from or who to go to, to learn more about creating their success, you’re going to be the first thing that comes into their mind. And the fact is that if you’re the first thing that comes into their mind and this is what they associate, again, success, their dreams, justifying their failures helping them achieve success, when you become the first thought with all of those ideas, you are going to be extremely successful in your business. It’s that simple and this is exactly how you do it.

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Now, all I want you to do is follow along with the picture. My inception secrets are very easy. What I like to do is I like to encourage their dreams. Simply when I do it I start out by saying, “Listen, I know you want to make money online; that’s a really great thing to do. Firing your boss, that’s something you do want to do because it gives you headaches and there is a lot of time and energy that goes into it. But you are not getting paid nearly as much as if you did all the work yourself and had your own company, right?” Everyone knows this; they are going to shake their heads ‘yes’. So you are encouraging their dreams, encouraging them to travel, encouraging them to make their own money, to retire, to make sure their wife doesn’t have to work, whatever it may be, you’re encouraging that dream.

Email Inception Secrets

And then you are justifying their failures because everyone has failed before. Failure is a part of success; it’s called split testing to me. But failure has to happen in order to succeed, no one succeeds instantly. If someone succeeds instantly and it’s a six figure or seven figure business, show them to me, I would love to meet them, I have never met anyone ever in my life. So justify their failures, tell them, “Listen, when you failed it’s not your fault.” It isn’t. In fact, all of your failures and all of your mistakes because you did x and y and z and these things wrong and you lost money and you’ve never been able to make sales or whatever it may be. You just find all those failures, you’re saying, “It’s okay. I’ve had the same failures too before. It’s not you; it’s someone else.” And then you find someone to throw rocks at. And I talked about this a little bit earlier inside of the attractive character in which you want to get someone to throw rocks at, it’s us versus them and you’re allying their fears so that you are saying, “Listen, it’s not your fault, it’s the viewer’s fault. They have always been holding back that you need an email and a sales funnel in order to create a $100,000 product or have a six figure launch, whatever it may be.” So you’re confirming those suspicions and then you start throwing rocks at them and you say, “I paid $12,000, $25,000 to this guru and it never worked. It was completely worthless, everything that they did, they didn’t teach me the true secrets that I needed to succeed.”

email inception secrets us and them

So all of these things, again, can be done by just simply finding who your enemy is, allying their fears, confirming their suspicions and throwing rocks at that enemy. So it becomes an ‘us versus them’. And you want to put your buyers in the group with you; remember it’s ‘us’ – us together, screw everybody else, they don’t matter. As long as you stick with me, we’re going to be alright. And when buyers ‘incept’ that idea into their mind that you are the person who they don’t need to throw rocks at, you are the person who they should be allied with, you’re going to get a lot of sales; a whole lot. So what I start off with after I have done all of that, I start off with my primary question which is “How would you like to make $21,227.12 a month online?” They say yes and I say, “Have you had failures before online?” “Yes, I have. I’d love to work online, I’d love to work from home, but there has always been this one issue.” And then I tell them I had that same issue and this was my epiphany.


And then you lead to your epiphany and your epiphany is your magic bullet. Guess what the magic bullet is? You. Your product, your service. So you just simply detail that out and you only describe one thing. Again, there are 100 reasons to buy my product email mastery course, I mean, I go through tracking, how to set up a sales funnel, where to get traffic, paid and free traffic methods, why email marketing works, a bunch of split tests, case studies, you get to copy my funnel. Look at this, there are 100 things that I just brought up about why you can buy, and should buy my email mastery course. But you only need one thing, because we have always found out that when you add two, the results go down; when it’s one, they go up – only one, only thing, and that’s all you need. So my one thing is, “Do you want to make $21,227.12 every month in pure profits online without a website?” Yes, that’s a huge thing. So, “I want that, I want to make money online, how can I do that?”

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And then I go into what I call copy speed‘ Copy speed is the exact way, if you have read any of my emails, any of them at all, you will see I write everything copy speed. It’s a one sentence line.. (dot dot) and then I finish the sentence.. (dot dot) And sometimes it’s just one sentence.. (dot dot) I never end with a period, I end with .. (dot dot) because it keeps people dragging on. One of my copy speeds is just like this: “How many times have you find yourself struggling online? You’ve found that everything you do and you still can’t find success. No matter what, you just can’t seem to make it work. How many times have you failed? How many times are you willing to keep failing? Well why don’t you shortcut your success with my email mastery program?” And then it is just that simple. Again, I’m dragging through each new line, each new word, and that’s call copy speed. So that’s how you want to write your emails and craft your emails to ensure that people are being dragged from one line to the next over and over again.


Now, once you have that, you are going to go into what I call trial closes. Trial closes are things like, “Are you getting this?” “Is this exciting to you?” “Does that make you excited?” All of these things where you’re just getting people to say micro ‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘yes’, or “That sounds good, doesn’t it?” That’s called a loaded question. It’s literally telling them, “This sounds good. Does it not?” So whether they say yes or no, it’s a yes. So that’s a beautiful thing. I don’t do too many of those because the mind will catch up on them and they will start almost blocking out anytime that you create a loaded question where it’s like, “You’re going to get this, aren’t you?” something like that. But I included a few of them inside my emails, but I mainly include trial closes like, “Are you getting this?” “Does this sound great?” “Is this getting you excited?” “Are you ready to take action?” – things like that. Those are trial closes, just letting people slightly adjust themselves into the idea of “Yes, I’m ready to take action and buy this and see what’s next.”

amplify desires

Then all you do is you amplify their desires. You usually do that by what I call an ‘if this, then that’. If all you could do is create a winning sales funnel, what would that do for your business and bottom line? If all you could do is create a buyers list with 10,000 emails, what would that do for your next product launch? If all you could do was create a sales funnel that you put $1 in and got $2 out from it, what would that do for your ability to retire in the next year. A lot of people will take those and will just run with them and go, “Yeah, you’re right. Those are great things that I can be doing with your product or your service.” So that is exactly how you go in and you ‘incept’ yourself inside of someone’s mind, your ideas and you become the person that they think about when they say, “I want to have an ally, I want to have someone who is successful and I want someone to coach me who has already done this, been successful, gone through my issues and have basically done all the same things that I’ve done; but they are going to shortcut it for me.”


So that’s inception secrets. I’ve been Zach Miller. I hope to see you again on my next email. Simply sign up below to get my emails in your inbox everyday. You enjoy. Bye, bye.

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Posted on March 8, 2017 in Email Expansion

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