Hi My Name is Zach Miller

Hi – My name is Zach, and I wanted to welcome you to my marketing laboratory.  Ya, I know it kinda USF Engineering Buildinglooks like a blog, but there’s a reason for that.

So you’ve heard a little bit about me (hopefully all good), and you want to learn why I’m ‘the guy to follow’. And I don’t blame ya, I don’t follow a man till I know where he’s headin’ too. So, who am I to tell you all these marketing marvels & secrets? Well, let me tell you I’m no genius – I’m actually a college drop out (University of South Florida to be exact).  —> There’s the last time I saw it, before getting kicked out.

But let me tell you where my story starts..

So there I was, looking over my teacher’s shoulder. It was just for a moment, amongst the dozen other tabs and windows open, but it was clear as day. A Bank of America statement with just over 150K in it. All of it from internet marketing..


Rewind back to the beginning of the school year, high school. That year, I had a teacher name Mr. Killes. He was kind of quirky. His teaching method: Everyone is an idiot [starting anything] and that’s perfect. Clean slates to learn the ONE and ONLY method you need to succeed. I laughed when it popped up on the projector screen.


But contrary to my laughing, in less than 60 days (and only 35 mins each day), he taught a class of 32 kids how to expertly take apart and build any computer, fix a motherboard, how to solder wires – you name it. How did we ALL (not even 1 person failed, with the lowest score an 88%) learn so perfectly?


Well, on the 1st day, Mr. Killes told me, if you read 100 manuals, you have 100 ways to build the same thing. Some manuals tell you to start from the top, and others from the bottom. Either is right, you only  get into trouble when you look at another manual. You soon become confused and begin to wonder if you are doing it right. And he was right! What did I learn through all this? IF YOU JUST FOLLOW ONE PERSON’S INSTRUCTIONS 100% – YOU’LL SUCCEED EXACTLY LIKE THEY DID.


His other nack? Mr. Killes always talked about Internet Marketing (IM) and how he could quit his teaching position any day, I never believed him. I don’t think anyone really did. Now Mr. Killes did some very crazy things with computers that I still cannot believe to this day. And this is even taking into account the new developments in this day and age with holograms, self-driving cars & (cross fingers) some teleportation if the government deems the public so lucky. And every day Mr. Killes would evangelize about IM.


Mr. Killes

Pretty close to what Mr. Killes looked like! Despite searching my year books, he only worked there for 2 years. I can’t find him anymore at TCS – God Bless! So.. this picture will have to suffice as an uncanny resemblance. PS: In case you’re wondering, it’s Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds.

Who’s going to believe that an under-paid teacher, holed up in a small forgotten school, in Ohio, is rich? Well, that is until I saw his bank account one day. It was just for a moment, amongst the dozen other tabs and windows open, but it was clear as day. A Bank of America statement with just over $150,000.00 in it, which today is like your kid’s teacher accidentally opening their bank account on the projector and you see closer to $250K dollars in it! Yeah, crazy, right? So, I picked up my gaping jaw, and I took ONE THING from him that year – Internet Marketing is where the money is at!


It was just a couple years later I started with reading Internet Marketing’s Insider Secrets by Corey Rudl (R.I.P.) in college, I spent $2.500 on that course. It was every single dollar I ever made as a kid. I literally was betting everything on what Mr. Killes told me in our 6th period  computer lab, the final day I said goodbye to him. He pulled me aside and prepped me for college. The words burned in my mind like a scar. If you want to be smart broke, be an engineer, if you want to be dumb rich, be an internet marketer.  I never got the smart/dumb part. Always thought you had to be smart to be in IM – HAHAHA!!!

I never got the smart/dumb part. Always thought you had to be smart to be in INTERNET MARKETING – HAHAHA!!!


St Croix Apartment

My first rental at St. Croix in Tampa, FL. It was so damn small!

So here I am, fresh out of high school, enjoying life on my own. I’m adulting! [apply sarcasm] Paying my own bills, cooking, cleaning my 450 sq/ft rental, even some 1st time repairs myself. It wasn’t 5th Avenue, but with my fiancée, Sasha, she made it feel like it was.


And about 3 months into college, Corey Rudl finally sent off his course – which blew my mind away. It was 2 binders, about 4” thick.. EACH! Round 1,000+ pages of information in all – it was literally everything you needed to know about internet marketing back then.. crazy, right? I absorbed it all in 1 month.


Which honestly wasn’t hard, considering the Florida sun to light my reading every day, learning about the “Dream Internet Marketing Life”. You know… To never have to work a day in my life. Not have a boss. Set my own hours. Work in my briefs. That sorta thing…


I read it all, got so fired up and then.. what happened? Well I focused on more than 1 thing. Thanks to taking college courses in high school, I was almost in my 3rd year to get a Computer Engineering degree. So that was truly my main focus, but as I started to learn more about what my ACTUAL WORK and my REAL WORLD PAY was going to be, I quickly shifted my eyes back to that Internet Marketing book. Making $150,000 a year for 60 hour work weeks was NOT my idea of fun. Making $150,000 a year from 20 hour work weeks however…

Computer Engineer Payscale

LOOKS LIKE GOOD PAY! You only have to.. take 6 years of college courses, accumulate $78,700 in debt, work 8 more years to get promoted, while working 60+ hours a week. STILL SOUND LIKE GOOD PAY?

I thought I wanted this career, but I soon realized I had set my sights on the goals that SOCIETY TAUGHT ME, not the goals I personally wanted for myself! This is where I learned my FIRST RULE. Focus on one thing for success, and two things for failure. I shifted back to Internet Marketing, but while still being enrolled in college. I quickly found that my grades went from A averages to D averages. I lost my full-ride scholarship. My parents expressing their anger stopped paying for my rent. With no job, no degree and no visible way out, I almost instantly went in over my head in credit card debt, $24,713.12 to be exact.


I immediately knew I had to start paying rent and my bills, especially with my newly engaged fiancée, Sasha with me now. I couldn’t ignore it, I needed a guaranteed paycheck TODAY – not TOMORROW. But who was willing to hire a kid with just a high school diploma and no experience? economy sucked then, sucks now. So.. There was none, at least, not enough to pay my bills and keep going to college at the same time. The only thing I found that could was.. selling insurance. I could get licensed in 2 weeks, and start right away.


Sasha said about 3 months into getting my licensing from the State of Florida, I looked like I was in a depression. The leads were shit, the clients weren’t buying, all my foot work didn’t result in a sale in all 90 days – I was at my wit’s end. So much, I loathed the fact of waking up. I began sleeping 10-12 hours a day.


It was the fear. That’s why I was sleeping so much. Just thinking about my future. With no scholarship or degree, I was destined to struggle all my life. And possibly work a dead end job with a boss I wanted to murder.


Sasha and Zach

I will always think of you and love you Sasha.

After 90 days of solid work, calling people 6 hours a day and 3 hours of walk-ins to local businesses. Do you know what I made? $873.60 – THAT WAS ALL! I worked my ass off, and was only able to sign TWO PEOPLE THE ENTIRE TIME! I hated my life, and I hated working. Most of all, I hated the fact that we only had 30 days worth of money left, and still no hope of making any “rush of sales” any time soon. I had nowhere to turn. If my life wasn’t already terrible, Sasha was sick with something any “standard” & “specialist” doctor could diagnose LET ALONE solve. She had been bed-ridden for 3 months while I cared for her. Sasha kept telling me she felt like she was close to dying. Was the love of my life about to die in my arms? This was 2010. I remember. I fucking remember.


I cried. I don’t cry. But that night I cried. I cried like I had been holding onto a lifetime of shame and worthlessness. I was always raised with the idea of ‘supporting your spouse’ and being able to ‘provide for your family’. The entire time – I only saw how everyone was going to look down on me, in disgust of me, loathing me for my failure. That night I was ashamed. I was living with my wife, we had just gotten married, and that was the first night I couldn’t look her in the eye. Like my manhood was stripped from me, my flesh exposed for the world to see.


I had nothing. I was nothing. My future was so bright, and in an instant it turned into the darkest moments I ever faced. Even when I think about that moment, those same emotions come boiling out.


That moment. That’s when I reached for something inside, even though I felt nothing was there. For what seemed like hours, I sat in the darkness of my living room at 4 in the morning. And just as the sun broke the horizon, something whispered in my ear.. if you want to be smart, be an engineer. If you want to be rich..


10 Ideas

The ’10 Ideas’ that save my life and Sasha’s.

I immediately shot up with the sun and started frantically writing 10 ideas I could sell IN 24 HOURS online. I took what I learned from the IM course by Corey Rudl and started having my 1st success with eBay marketing. I listed all 10 of my ideas on eBay, but one REALLY hit the jackpot. Back then, I sold what was known as “game saves”, they were just files that unlocked game items, levels and cheat codes. The 1st day I sold well over a dozen on eBay, profiting $3 a pop on each one. The next week, I sold 100. Then the 1st of the month came..


I was so happy, I only had $27.33 left in my bank when I wrote the check. But by Day 30, I started selling 100 each and every day, and it went on like this till I topped off with hiring my good friend Dan Smith. It was literally the good life, just like Mr. Killes said!


The very first portion of the money I made after paying my bills, I invested into some holistic healers for Sasha. I had to figure out her sickness before she died. I and her, felt it was close. She said it was a matter of days left, not weeks. So we do our research, pay $1,000 in consulting fees. Which ends in us buying a single bottle of 99.99% Pure Iodine. Turns out she had a hypo-active thyroid deficiency which was completely reversed with ONLY 4 DROPS OF IODINE!!! In 14 days, she was back on her feet, running, lifting – I cried for another time, this time from pure joy. My life was saved.. my life was right again.

Now back to making money, right?

And the rest I got from eBay? Well I paid off my credit card debt, and all that was leftover – I spent. Now, don’t jump to conclusions! I didn’t buy lavish items, cars, vacations – NO! I was a serial entrepreneur in the worst way. I wanted to be successful, but I wanted it so bad, I invested everything back into my businesses. When one failed, all my money went with it. Leaving me worthless again.


I guess I was always thinking, “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket” kind-of-thing. Guess what happened, I RE-learned my FIRST RULE FOR SUCCESS – Focus on ONE THING for SUCCESS, and TWO THINGS for FAILURE. The result? I spent every dollar I made, on 4 random businesses, and blew all that extra money in no time.


Now about 6 months into “living the good life”, one of my main competitors began buying my listings and leaving negative feedback in bulk. This led to my account being suspended. When I got that email, everything came crashing down. My entire business – GONE! Now how was I going to pay the bills this month? I thought I was going to have another one of those “disaster moments” like I had just a few months earlier.


But instead, I had taken what I learned and applied it to another online model. But next thing I knew, my account was suspended. Moved onto the next one. SAME RESULT. It was like a conspiracy, anytime I had built up a business that started earning $10,000+ a month, something or some ONE took it away from me. And all the time, these internet marketing gurus kept telling me how there was millions to be made everywhere & they always had control of it. How come I couldn’t find any of it, then?


It was Feb 18-20 of 2011, ClickBank Conference in Orlando, FL. I met a lot of the top earners there. It was Day 1, open bar, and all of a sudden the big guys are spilling the beans, trading million dollar lists with each other, one guy sent an email right there on the couch, made a 100K in 5 minutes. It was surreal, I even took my first ride in a $250k Lambo Gallado, just because.


These guys were millionaires every day over. I was star struck [and that’s what they wanted]. Every talk was a pitch for a $10,000 course they sold as a “tell-all”. It sounded like bull-shit. And then I met a startup, Mitch Sanders – in the last 60 days, knowing nothing about the internet, he had a 50k launch just a couple days before. Now, last I heard he was almost at 9 figures in his bank account. Hearing this, changed my life forever.


Internet Marketing Gurus

How many gurus have you seen, looking like this?

That’s when I learned that it’s not your fault. The reason I failed, the reason you failed, was because all of these so-called gurus built up an email list for themselves while never telling you how they created all those sales, leaving out the most crucial parts like which autoresponder to get, how to sell a product, choose a niche. Everyone always left something important out, all leaving you with the inevitable failure that came, didn’t it?


It came for me, so many damn times. So many… and then I learned that any guru who wasn’t teaching you about email marketing, and talked about having a 5, 6 or even 7 figure product launches, or making $1,000 every day – did it all with an email list somewhere. It was this important detail they always neglected to mention. And even when I went and paid literally tens of thousands of dollars to hear these same gurus speak for 3 days, they mentioned that key phrase we have all heard “the money is in the list” – but they neglected to tell me how I could work that to my advantage. That I needed a sales funnel, how to write emails, they never told me that.


I didn’t build other traffic channels. Didn’t start new campaigns. Didn’t create my own products. No continuity. None of the things that shape a “money maker” into a real proper business.


The Business…

My SEO CompanySo I took the bits and pieces I learned and glued them together. The sales scripts, the training, the lead generation methods – I took it all and created my own SEO firm. I utilized a site known as Fiverr, to offer my services at low price points. I used the advice Dan Kennedy gave me, “..a buyer, is a buyer, is a buyer.” I knew that someone who was willing to spend money, was willing to spend more money when given the correct picture that bridges what they want to achieve, and how my service would make that possible. It was a huge success BECAUSE the concept is/has always been true. Still is, if you can build a list of buyers (even if they only have spent $5), you will create a 6-figure business after you reach 1,000 buyers. Dunno why, but that’s where the number is. So after 1,000 sales – I ran the numbers, after signing quite a few $10,000 & $12,000 contracts – we booked $265,000.00 in services in 1 single year!


How did I do it? Well, I asked my clients what they HATED MOST about buying from SEO companies. I knew if I could address that issue, I could make a fortune [and I did]. Turns out, they just wanted to guaranteed we were doing the work, reports and link lists were not enough. They wanted results. So I guaranteed my firm would get their keywords to Page 1, once the first one reached Page 1, they began paying. If we didn’t – they didn’t pay. Simple – right?


IT WAS! We simply took keywords that were on Page 2, 3, 4 and pushed them up with little effort. Next thing we knew, 1 & 2 year contracts were being signed, left and right! I learned, if you gave more up front, addressed someone’s biggest fear, you can be EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL. Now 6-figures every year ain’t bad, but I wanted to live the lifestyle of 7-figures, and working 10 hours a week. I didn’t know if that was possible, even with everything I had learned and all the 10s of thousands I had spent. Then I met Russell Brunson. Russell showed me his  sales funnel that made him $17,947 per day. A DAY. And I felt like I knew more than him even! He taught me the final secrets to email marketing & sales funnel hacking I missed.


And I was on my way.. Russell made me realize I didn’t have to be smart to be good at internet marketing, and I didn’t need to work hard. I just had to do ONE THING and DO THAT RIGHT, tracking my results.


Russell Brunson Fiji SeminarOnce I realized all these other ‘gurus’ were secretly holding me back to bleed me dry, I picked out the missing things and began testing. When I did, I found insane success. How much? The SAME NIGHT I switched over to [a] high ticket sales [funnel], I doubled my business. I now only have 13 clients at a time that I consult with. That makes me 80% of my money [I love the 80/20 Rule]. I then laid all this out in my Email Mastery Course which served as thousands of businesses email marketing blueprint. And we’ve all discovered, your sales funnels are where rapid growth happens. Now this is where your journey begins..

Join me, won’t you?

Live the life, like I do. Work from home. Enjoy life. Work 1/2 as much. Make 2x as much. Money in bank. No boss. Spouse doesn’t have to work. No college degree. No previous experience. No salesmanship. No phone. All profit.

Your Story…

So, now you know who I am…

I guess the next question is who are you?

Why are you here?

Are you here to learn how to start a business online?

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