Diego Davila Interview • The Road to Social Media Millions

Zach:                          Hey everybody Zach Miller here again and today I have an amazing expert with us, if you’ve been kind of hanging on by the thread you understand that have been going through all of the biggest experts that I can find online because as you know I’m the expert sales funnels and you guys have been asking for social media. So, when it comes to social media I have a real expert with us today he has skills in teaching Facebook, Amazon, YouTube and much more.

In fact how skilled is he? He’s taught over a hundred and thirty courses just on social media alone and he has more than four years of experience and if that wasn’t enough, how many people are listening to this guy? Eighty five thousand plus people, if that doesn’t turn your head I don’t know what will so, with that being said guys I’d love to introduce Diego Davila how are you doing Diego?

Diego:                         Hey Zach! I am doing great thank you very much for inviting me here to this interview to your broadcast, thank you to everyone that is listening to us right now and yes I will I am here to help you in all in any way that I can to grow your social media presence that’s my goal my goal is basically to help and Trepan or small business owners, people that have an online store maybe people that have a local business to grow their online presence and capture more clients and increase the sales and we can we are leaving here right now in a very excited time because today we have all the tools and more most of the tools are one hundred percent free for everybody to grow and to to reach people basically all over the world.

Zach:                          Amazing, So again for that portion of the audience that really doesn’t know what you do they’re not too familiar with social media because I know some people are just you know green thumbs as we consider and why don’t you explain a little bit about what you do what you teach and how that results in a business for people?

Diego:                         Excellent yes I am an online instructor and I am social media expert helping people as I tell you to grow their presence right now I puff {courses} on you to me so I am targeting people and you to me on a Skillshare on YouTube, Facebook and I will talk about all these tools and yes I teach specifically Facebook marketing how you can use all the power of Facebook pages, all the power of YouTube that is there, all the social media Slate be translating to grow your online presence. So, I have courses on you to me mainly when I share my knowledge there, I share of strategies most of my courses are very practical so we are not just talking about theoretical things that you need to learn we are giving we are basically taking the right steps to get the results. The work here on the course that we are having here is to help you that are listening here to get some results get some strategies to grow your business that’s the most important thing.

Zach:                          Exactly so when it comes to kind of getting started in social media I think there’s always a few you know bumps that everyone faces but what are the misconceptions within your industry they’re just plain incorrect?

Diego:                         Well most people that start let’s say with Facebook marketing they start placing an ad they have a Facebook page everything is optimized is great and they said okay it’s time to invest on Facebook ads to reach more people, increase my sales and  they create the first ad and they drive people straight to the sale and you are {inaudible} on the funnel so I always recommend instead that’s a big misconception, people say OK Facebook ads never work I try several times I lose money and I have no results the problem Guys is that you cannot I mean in order to invite them and convince your client to buy your products your services you need to establish a relationship with your client and the best way to do that is through funnel and so that’s why I recommend always to drive people from your Facebook ad to your funnel and after they go through the funnel know you will ask for the sale and that’s the way that I am working with my client with my students and what’s amazingly we are having great results and yes again the misconception these people that don’t have much experience and create their ad just driving to the sale saying believing that ads don’t  work right now.

Zach:                          Right and I think we even discussed this and previous episode where the difference between cold and warm traffic and when you get someone who does not know anything about you or your product they’re cold traffic and you have to first in order to convert cold traffic into warm is get that connection that relationship usually through email or a social media connection.

Diego:                         Exactly

Zach:                          So with that being said, tell me how did you get started in your industry kind of talk me through that?

Well, I was actually  was working as an enabler engineer that’s my my profession I did the university and all that I was on a regular job but I was always passionate about marketing about all the tools and especially now that we have all the social media the Internet and all the amazing tools that we have at our disposal, so I started studying that, reading about that, creating, helping people to grow their businesses using social media even when I was a made regular job working as enabler admin so it was a journey of more than forty years that took me to get here so when I saw that people were listening to me and asking for advice I decided to create my {inaudible} course and from there everything started growing people start discovering the course organically on {youtome} on Google and now here we are yeah.

Zach:                          So kind of just a quick note for people is that don’t think that there’s really overnight millionaires there’re overnight successes but definitely not big big successes that people dream of it takes work and time.

Diego:                         Exactly

Zach:                          With that being said what you would say the number one reason for people failing is especially in some {inaudible} industry.
Diego:                         Especially on social media site I think that the main thing is that we need to be consistent because if you have your Facebook page you have your YouTube channel if you are not creating content every single day, every single week you are not consistent and people want to listen to you, people want consistency they want to receive value from you in a regular basis it doesn’t need to be every day you can do it once a week for example you can do it every two weeks but you need to commit to some schedule and be consistent with that in the beginning guys you want to see a great result that’s how it works I mean you are starting with your social media and you are putting energy there and you want to see people watching your videos people liking your Facebook page your Facebook posts but you, in the beginning you will see just a few of that but if you keep doing that if you keep the work if you keep delivering value you will see that’s almost one of these science if you are consistent at the end you will see the result.


Zach:                          So maybe what are some tools that could get you know our listeners involved in social media and put them with their best foot forward.

Diego:                         Well, the people are starting my suggestion is first number one create your Facebook page it’s very easy, go to Facebook click on the menu and click on Create page is a step by step process that you can do it at like in ten minutes after you listen to this you can do that and have your Facebook page ready in ten minutes.  Second, you need to create a YouTube channel because YouTube is a {grail} way to find new clients new people to reach people for free because is the second biggest search engine in the world people go there to search for solution, search for how to videos so if you have you need to think about the pain points of your audience and start creating when you have your your Facebook page your YouTube channel start creating content, fixing not fixing but actually adding value and helping your client new target owners to solve the  pain point and they’re happy and with that being regularly you being consistent on the creator of the creation of videos and Facebook post I mean if you are doing all these tips and doing consistently I think you will have a great success.

Zach:                          Awesome and also for those of you listening again Diego has a Facebook master class and at the end I’m kind of going to give a link to that, so that you guys can just kind of see Facebook, YouTube all the social media  he walks through and he helps you gives you additional tips because let’s face it guys I only want you guys to be able to listen to this while you’re driving to work or while you have the free time but when you have those couple hours to sit down and really make a strategy Diego help you take you through step by step in what to do for each social media platform and one thing I will say, Diego wouldn’t you agree with me in that not every social media platforms necessary.

Diego:                         Correct yeah that’s a great point in fact thank you for bringing that because now we have a lot of tools a lot of social media and people get overwhelm in the beginning because I mean they see they think they need to start creating their Instagram presence, their Facebook presence, the YouTube and they get I mean we get all crazy with the amount of content the amount of things so we need to produce for you out there and you need to be consistent so that’s I mean that’s a full time job by itself. So my suggestion I thank you very much for bringing this up is to concentrate in the beginning in two channels two social media channels Facebook and YouTube all the other ones are also are fantastic and {inaudible} also there. But if you concentrate your energy your time in Facebook and Youtube initially you will have the best results and after that when you see that your audience growing on YouTube on Facebook you are getting the likes you can start and you see OK I have time maybe to start on Instagram so let’s do that I will be posting like every two days for example OK you can start doing that and start growing {Inaudible} after that and also doing the other ones that you have started already.

Zach:                          So I kind of have a question when it comes to getting started on a network or social media how important is email marketing as well and how does that tie into social media?

Diego:                         Email marketing is super important because in my opinion it’s the most important asset on your business right now because you have their name and their email so and so social media is one of the best tools I know to build that e-mail is to create that to put people on your funnel on your email sequence you know and asking for the sale at the end so in everything in every post in every YouTube video, in every Facebook post is recommended to add a link to your website or to your funnel I mean it’s not good to ask for this for the for the email all the time in every post but I mean in YouTube you can add on the comments is very you are not asking hard you know it’s soft you’re asking like in a good way on the description of the video you can add that at the end you can add YouTube cards which is great a great tool that YouTube just Implemented on the system right now and it’s free you can go to your video settings and click on carts and video and you can add that {Inaudible} driving then straight to your funnels or straight to your {Upton page} OK So of course its super important to start collecting your customer’s name and email because if you have everybody on Facebook everybody on youtube you can still contact them but do we have the social media algorithm guys I mean if you create a Facebook post and you have let’s say ten thousand people on your page not everybody will see your post OK if you’re sending an e-mail everybody I mean everybody will receive your e-mail and it’s up to them if they will copy if they will click or not so with the email have a direct contact with your {inaudible} and that’s that’s outstanding.

Zach:                          I just want to aim that point guys if you didn’t quite understand why I always get on you guys’ backs about every single thing you do online every piece of content should drive back to a squeeze page where you getting their email and if you’re not why did you even do that work in the first place am I right?

Diego:                         Exactly yes

Zach:                          So that’s kind of the big issue that I see nowadays is people are thinking that I got to be nice I got to be that cool guy who doesn’t ask for any information for months and months and months but the thing is that not everyone’s going to say yes but the people who are already interested from day one why not let them get involved with you?
So one last thing that I just want to really ask you tell me something that is true in your industry that almost nobody agrees with you on.

Diego:                         Can you repeat that please?
Zach:                          Tell me something that’s true inside your industry that you know but no one else agrees with you and you are kind of like the lone guru.

I mean it is difficult for, it’s difficult to pick that for the social media marketing side because I mean everybody, every company today is paying attention to digital marketing and we have social media marketing and we have the Internet, which is the source of all this knowledge that we have. So basically I mean I believe that the right way to do it is to have the complete package, the funnel, not just the ads that’s super important I am talking about this all the time and I’m repeating myself because I have clients that I tell them, I help them to build the system and they still keep making the same mistake and people are losing money so Facebook ads YouTube ads works guys we need to do it the right way we need to have a system and if you have the system it you will have results is a science you know that’s why big companies you see be companies investing in Facebook ads on You Tube We see all the time you know and these big companies have like a huge marketing departments with super smart people that say yes let’s put all these millions on ads so its working for them if it’s working for them it can work for you too you know if you have the right system.

Zach:                          Right so, is there any roadblocks that people will have when they first get started in social media?
Diego:                         Yes you need to have especially let’s talk about Facebook and YouTube which is my suggestion for you so you can implement right now after these podcast guys go there and create your Facebook page and if you already have it you need to optimize it so the big roadblock for Facebook is that people are not consistent number one and number two is that the page is not optimized so when you’re when you leave go to your Facebook page they don’t feel like liking your page you know they said OK They looked at it and they leave you know and we don’t want that we want that everybody to come to your Facebook page and to your YouTube channel they say OK I want to subscribe to this I want to like this Facebook page so from now from then they will start receiving your notifications and notifications from the social media and all that so, the problem is the big block roads that I see Zach is that people go and create these assets the YouTube channel and Facebook page and they don’t optimize it in the best way possible I mean they {inaudible} they can use a common video with a message for your audience a message talking to pain point that they have so in they when they see that the way when they watched the video they said yes I want to subscribe to this channel you know.

Zach:                          Awesome so, for those of you who see right now on your screen there is going to be the Web site that you can visit Diego Davila dot com and all of Diego’s courses are located in press portion of his website and if you see you can follow that short link that L.-Y. link to get Diego’s social media master course so that’s been updated for this year, it includes a little bit of every social media a lot of tips and tricks we couldn’t cover Inside the time here like I said guys we want to keep it short for you so that we have compact actionable and you can move forward on it. With that being said Diego is there any final closing words you like to add to the audience to get them moving and get their kind of that fire under their ass?

Diego:                         Yes I know I want to invite you guys that after you finish listen to listening to these go to your computer if you’re driving when you arrive at the work or arrive at home go to your computer download what Zach is recommended to you and open Facebook and create that Facebook page optimize it following their steps that I’m sharing with you on that material on that course because that will take you to the next level that’s the first step and if you don’t have a Facebook presence or YouTube presence today I mean its difficulty are always difficult so not these two tools will help you to to take advantage of all the power of social media and get more clients increase your sales on all the good stuff that we have today you know.

Zach:                          Awesome Well I want to thank you so much for being with us Diego I know this is going to help everybody listening so much when it comes to their social media’s and that next step to take Thank you very much like awesome I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day thank you.

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