8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building a Sales Funnel


Hey I’m Zach Miller and today I’m going to be talking about the eight questions you need to ask yourself before building a sales funnel. So what exactly are they? Well there’s a lot that you can get into but you need to really guarantee that when you’re building a sales funnel it’s going to properly fit into your business model and the products you’re going to deliver meet what the demand is within your target audience there’s a reason I say that slow but it’s so that you can really understand what I’m speaking of.

These eight questions will really hit on the exact formula and blueprint that you’ll need to get in line before you start building your sales funnel and really making it work into a six and seven figure earner.

#1 – Who is my dream client?

You need to build an avatar for them make sure you can in understand their inner workings their background what are their demographics those are the basic things that we usually just plot out but we need to get even further into it’s not just Are they male Are they you know age eighteen to thirty five whatever their annual income is it needs to be what are their goals what are their challenges whether their hobbies what’s the common objections that they have when you try to sell them on your high ticket or any of your products what are their biggest fears if you can get into the mindset of your avatar then I guarantee you you’re going to have a million plus people on this planet that represent that exact same Avatar and if you can answer this avatars questions you’re going to answer more than a million people’s questions their intrinsic fears their challenges everything that speaks to them you’re going to be speaking to them because people are more alike than they are different and soon as you understand that you understand that you can create your own pie and make your own wealth and money.

#2 – Where are my dream clients online and…

#3- what traffic sources am I going to rely upon?

So there’s a few different ones alright don’t just think of traffic as being exactly what it is just visitors coming in randomly from left or right A-Z it is very targeted there is a place where you get started online and you need to decide where that’s going to be when it comes to relying on traffic so it’s going to be social media? Is going to be digital advertising you know banners things where you’re advertising on other people’s websites to click through from a picture? emailing is probably going to be your primary way. I usually suggest making that your one core way that you interact and engage with your market or your target audience. Outside of that I suggest having one more way that you getting traffic and that’s usually again like I said social media, banner buys through digital advertising, you can do affiliations, you can do marketplaces or price comparisons, you could do a Google Ad Words you know search engine advertising, you could even do S E O Search engine optimization that’s the free form of search engine and then you can do partnerships you can exchange links things like that.

Whatever it is it’s going to be traffic push to your sales page your ecommerce website whatever it is that is your core landing page that you need to get your traffic to push them to your front end offer that’s where you’re going to be pushing all your traffic find out what you’re going to rely on go to that optimize it learn as much as you can about it because it’s better to learn as much as you can about one thing then a little bit of everything I know that so much it took me a little while to finally understand that. You don’t need to be a jack of all trades you just need to be an expert at one single thing that’s what makes you a millionaire. So again whether it’s organic traffic or paid traffic e-mail marketing is the core thing that you will be doing alright you will always have email marketing as a way to push sales after someone has signed up from your landing page they’ve you know opted in through your squeeze and now their subscribers here list the paid route is what I prefer I talked about this on many stances I’m not going to get into it right here now but there is a reason that paid works much better than organic.

Over the long term organic will be much more valuable to you and it has the largest return on investment because your usual investment is a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and the yield will be much greater whereas with paid advertising we’re looking to spend one dollar and get one dollar back so it’s almost a 1:1 right back even still it’s profitable in the long term. We want to build a giant buyers list so that we can remarket through email our next product our next solution our next step and wherever they’re at maybe it’s a mid-ticket, maybe it’s a high-ticket, maybe it’s a continuity, maybe it’s an additional ad on that we just created whatever it is that’s what you’re pushing through email.

#4 – What copywriting do I need?

Effective copywriting is what you have to have in order to engage your audience and get them to subscribe and opt in. It can’t just be the normal run of the middle of hey you know I can pay someone a couple bucks to write a few hundred words. That’s great for search engine optimization and you’ll get you great rankings because you can turn out a lot of content quickly. But when it comes to actually engaging your audience on the main website or page that they’re leaning on they may explore after going through your squeeze page and purchasing your product that right there your blog is what needs to be high quality content what types of content or what type or types are going are you going to use when you write in a certain creative style make sure that you learn how to do that so you know that you’ll always be engaging this certain type of individual that it’s exactly how you build an audience that is rabid for you loves you and is almost cut like in their following towards you that’s exactly how you do it.

#5 – how will my autoresponder be set up?

That’s the next thing you need to ask yourself is it going to be just a five day sequence like I teach you, are you going to have a thirty day sequence where it’s automatically sending out for thirty days letting them get to know you more about your character what you offer things like that. For me I choose just a five day plan and then I get my daily emails going from there because that’s what I enjoy the most being able to get people to understand now that you’re signed up here’s the next thing that you should be looking at because it’s absolutely going to rock your world so when you finally do that you turn out what you’re going to turn out what you’re going to create this content for your auto responder you start getting into your daily Seinfeld’s and you understand here’s where you start picking up now you need to learn all about creating urgencies.

#6 – How do I create that sense of urgency?

Are you going to be removing part of your sales funnel? is it going to be available for a limited time? is it breaking information or news is it something that plays into a fear vulnerability or long held belief? Whatever it is these things need to be real so that way you can automatically play off of these ideas that people can trust you from the get go if it’s something that you’re going to remove, remove it eventually doesn’t have to be today doesn’t have to be tomorrow but maybe in three, six, twelve months from now it’s eventually remove you told people hey this is something that’s going to be limited time not going to have it forever those who get it get it and those who don’t, don’t that’s it it’s simple as that and then maybe you can offer those courses as bonuses later on in other things that’s what I do old courses that I’ve no longer really sell as a friend and offer I utilize as bonuses on the back ends of other offers I give it as an incentives to pay me a thousand dollars for a course or maybe isn’t up sell for twenty or thirty dollars on another course that only cost twenty or thirty dollars as well these are all great things that you can utilize over and over but urgency is what creates the sale all the time alright if someone can come back to this weeks, months, years later than the urgency to buy is not there and the opportunity to buy is closing quickly because of that.

So creating scarcity can be an easy thing to do create a clearance a limited time reduced price while supplies last limited runs special editions whatever it is there’s always a way that you can spin anything that you offer to it being a limited offer something that won’t be around forever so when it’s gone it’s gone that right there is my favorite phrase to use it’s open ended its truthful and it’s absolutely to the point when it’s gone it’s gone if you see it now you need to act now because it’s here but when it’s gone it’s gone and it’s gone forever that’s a simple as it is and it’s absolutely true now when I move those programs away I get to move them whenever I want to so next time I introduce my next product those products all of a sudden from before its predecessors get removed their done their move from search engines everyone that has bought that gets final access to it for a couple of weeks and that’s it I close it off and I make people wait and then I offer it usually a little bit later as like I said and up sell to one of my other products which again increases the people who didn’t get to take advantage of that first offer now seen it this time I’m more likely to buy It’s always agree thing to introduce into any products or value ladders that you have.

#7 – what payment integration am I going to use?

You have a lot of options: PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon, visa or you can be taking credit cards like through authorized.net. Or are you going to be using stripe there’s one hundred in one different places you can go to know hey I can take these payments but which one will integrate with everything that you have I’ve often found either PayPal or stripe work the best in worldwide integration towards anything that you use whether it be click funnels, WordPress, any website or anything really that’s the best that I use.

#8 – Are my numbers adding up?

Like I say if you’re going to invest a thousand dollars in your sales file you’ve got to make sure you’re not just getting a couple hundred dollars back out it’s got to be a thousand dollars start small work your way up I usually start at fifty to one hundred dollars in buying paid ads and then I’ll double up every time I see a success to me is getting at least fifty percent of the money back because I know on the back end I’m going to naturally make that up even more I just want to build my buyers list that’s what’s most important to me and my position as where I’m at because I know again when you have a full value ladder that you will be able to make much more money because you can remarket to those people the next step the next product mid ticket high ticket continuity whatever it may be. Then when you know that you having a sales funnel that is giving you at least fifty percent hopefully one hundred percent (inaudible06:13) back so one dollar in one dollar back out then you know that you can invest and build a large buyers list from that after that you need to determine who is your ideal customer who exactly are you looking to target.

With that being said those are the questions you really need to start addressing before you start building your sales funnel and your value ladder out when you do have all of these things answered you have a great marketing blueprint to step forward into and envelop the success that you deserve.

With that being said I wish you the best I’m Zach Miller bye, bye.

How to Produce Content Quickly Without Sacrificing Quality

Hi, I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to be talking about how to produce content quickly without sacrificing quality. Because at the end of the day, we’re all strapped for time. There’s so much to get lost inside of in any industry nowadays. Everyone has a platform or soap box to speak from and they use it. With that being done, you need to create content that is easily made and is highly valuable.

How to Produce Content With One Awesome Hack

The most useful content creation technique I’ve found so far is by using just one small hack and syndicating all of that content to my various platforms/audiences. That includes: social media, email, websites, my blog, videos and podcasts. All from creating just one easily digestible piece of content and then you will be able to share that across all these places online.

How Can I Produce Content Quickly Too?

How do I do it? Well here’s how. I begin by getting a video recording of myself. One of my favorite video cams currently is the LogiTech C920. That’s a high quality recorder so that you wouldn’t even need to use a microphone if you don’t want to. If you do choose one, obviously get a U.S.B. microphone to record with. That will increase the sound quality and obviously the video quality should be there. Now, if you feel that your background isn’t the best of conditions, a completely black bedsheet works just as well. Get a few clips and you can hang it up; it’s that easy.

Turn 1 Piece of Content into Many Like Magic!

That’s the magic of creating videos. Once you start recording yourself… I often use free video programs like A.V.S Editor. Or sometimes I use a video recorder like Camtasia, Student edition which works great. Now, once I get these videos recorded, all I’ll do is go over to a website called Fiverr.com. What this website will allow me to do is hire someone to edit this video for as low as $5 , as long as I keep it under 10 to 15 minutes. Then for another $5, I can get someone to transcribe this entire video to text for me; which sometimes can equal up to two thousand words. Imagine trying to pay someone to write two thousand words, it can be a lot of money. The best thing to do of course is just to simply speak like I do inside these videos and then they can get transcribed into articles later down the road.

Produce Content for Your Blog Faster Than Ever Before!

After you do that, you’re going to be able to take that transcription and create a blog post out of it. This is the fastest and easiest way to start a blog nowadays!  And it’ll start to get you lots of natural, organic traffic. Now you can upload the video to YouTube. If you want to take that even a step further, you can embed the video into your blog post.

Produce Content for Your Podcast at Lightening Speeds!

Now while you’re at it, take that same video and rip the audio (like with camtasia) or you can do the same thing with free online tools. After you have the mp3 file, upload it to a place like Sound Cloud in where you can host your podcast for all to hear. There are even certain plugins, where you can take all those podcasts from your Sound Cloud account and place that inside your website & embed into blog posts. That way, all of your blog posts are highly enriched with graphics, videos and audio – providing the perfect format for everyone.  Not to mention great for your SEO.

Produce Content for Your Subscribers Out of Thin Air!

Now, what I do from here is I’ll usually take that video, write a small, 150 to 200 word blurb about it. I’ll make that my daily broadcast e-mail that I send out daily to all of my e-mail subscribers. People love having so much content, a link back to the blog post, be able to view the video and the thing that I talked about that day which usually leads back to a product. Which will then be linked inside the email, so they can purchase it right from there.

Consistently Produce Content Every Single Day with Ease!

I can accomplish all of this within a day and most of the work is done usually in about ten or fifteen minutes. Yes, let me say that again – in just 15 minutes, I have all of my content done for the entire day, for all of my platforms and it’s really easy and really inexpensive. Oftentimes, all I’m going to end up spending is somewhere between $15 to $20 per day for all of my content. That includes someone to edit the video, to transcribe it, to make all the graphics and even another person to post on my blog and edit it so it looks nicely formatted and includes pictures too -all of this can be done very inexpensively.

Producing content quickly doesn’t have to be expensive…

Again, imagine being able to have a consistent & professional social media presence, your own podcast and an S.E.O. campaign broadcast for simply $600 a month?! And all you need to start is making a video in front of a webcam. Isn’t that easy? And the beautiful thing is that you don’t need to create long drawn-out videos. In fact people don’t want long videos. You don’t even need to have everything pre-planned out 100%.

Producing content quickly doesn’t have to be hard…

Just have a rough guideline, points that you want to touch on and just follow along. Once you get to the end, have your call to action (your C.T.A) and let people know where they can buy the product that you just talked about or how that product will relate back into helping them with what you just talked about. Drop that link and you’ll be right as rain.

With that being said, I wish you the best of success in quickly creating content online. I know you’re going to rock it!

What content creation hacks do you use? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

The Iceburg of Wealth Concept

Hi I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to be talking about the iceberg of wealth. You have a million dollars inside your business and you don’t even know it. Now I have a picture right here that perfectly crystallizes the exact idea of the iceberg of wealth. When you first have a business there’s going to be a lot of normal customers that come through.

The Iceburg of Wealth Displays How Riches Are Hidden

Let’s say you’re making maybe $10,000 a month and that’s great. But a lot of people don’t understand that there’s a lot more money hiding in their business.  They just need to uncover it with a completed value ladder. Because inside, all of those buyers have a lot more money that they’re willing to give. You just haven’t asked for it yet or in the right way.

How Can You Uncover the Iceburg of Wealth In Your Business

Now what that basically boils down to is you finding new ways to help your customer reach their desired result. That can come into various forms from a continuity funnel all the way to a personal coaching service. Anything that you do should always be helping them towards achieving one main desired result. Whether it’s to being healthy and energetic, to make money online or to just be free from their boss. Whatever it is, all the normal customers that you have coming in through your initial front end offer is only a portion of your business. See how many people are listening right now that have a backend high ticket service that they charge either ten to even up to $100,000 per person? Not many!  It’s all about the idea of how you reach into your iceberg of wealth. But the surface is all you see right now.

The Iceburg of Wealth = Millions

Below the surface of the iceburg there’s so much more money to be made!  There’s a lot of people who you’ve helped who would love to pay you even more money to help them even further. It’s just that you haven’t initiated that new way to help them. And you haven’t presented it to them in the proper way for them to say yes. Now once you do develop a high ticket service that you do say charge $10,000, $25,000 for, it becomes that much easier to have a six figure or even seven figure business. Right?

Millions Are Hiding In Your Business

See all I have to do is close one person a week and I’m going to have a million dollar a year business! But on the other end of that figure if I have ten thousand customers that I get every week and they’re each paying me just say three or four dollars in profits, think how much it would take to become a millionaire. It would take countless streams of new buyers!

The Iceburg of Wealth Displays Value Ladder Concept

See all of those low ticket offers are for you to build your list of buyers who have taken out their credit card and say hey I trust you with my information. Now once you have a large list of people like that introducing the next product or even say a mid-ticket item (like $1000 or a continuity program for say 50 to $100 a month) that gets people in that next step before they’ll go to your high ticket. You can make unlimited amounts of money from just that because your front-end should just drive buyers. Hopefully just breaking you even from all the paid advertising you’re doing. Then your middle, your continuity and your backend (which is a high ticket offer) will end up making all of your profits and that’s the iceberg of wealth that we often overlook.

Dig Deeper into Your Iceburg of Wealth to Uncover Your Treasure!

There’s a lot of hidden assets that lay under the surface of the iceburg. All of these clients who have come through our front-end sales funnel are willing to say yes to another higher priced product. Believe it or not, there is a percentage of people inside your business that are willing to say yes to that next step to achieve that desired result.  All you have to do is ask and the best way to learn how to ask for high ticket sales is to get my book “sales funnel secrets.”

How can I learn more about the Iceburg of Wealth, Value Ladders & Sales Funnels?

I’m going to give you sales funnel secrets completely free. All I ask is that you pay the shipping so that I can send it to you anywhere in the world fairly quickly. With this playbook in your hands you’re going to be able to understand how this iceberg of wealth is extracted through multiple techniques. You’ll also get to see the exact methods I use to build six and seven figure sales funnels. This book is over three hundred pages packed full of over a decade of my knowledge and wisdom and I want to share with you. So that you can start seeing the expertise that I deliver within my value ladder. That’s how the iceberg of wealth works. I hope that you have success with this technique. With that being said I’m Zach Miller bye, bye.

What Is a Tripwire Offer?

Hey guys! Zach here again. Today I’m going to be answering a couple of the questions that I got regarding tripwire offers. First off, let’s start by going into what is a tripwire. Well a tripwire or lead magnet (as some call it) is usually something $10 or less.

What is a Tripwire Offer?

So anything under $10 is considered a tripwire or lead magnet offer. The reason being is, that price point is usually easy to say yes to. And you don’t need to build up a lot of reasons of why they should buy it. See just a simple reason usually one is enough. Because people will easily buy things if they see a low price point. Even if it’s something that they’re not too sure about, it’s a small risk so they’re willing to pull out their wallets. Maybe they lose 10 bucks but hopefully they’ll get some awesome value. Especially if you give a guarantee and you simply say hey if you don’t like it we’ll give you your money back.

How Does a Tripwire Offer Work?

What ends up happening is, a lot of people say yes to tripwire offers. Because that initial offer is so good that they can’t pass it up. Usually a lead magnet or tripwire isn’t a large offer. It could be a mini-course or you know 1 or maybe up to 3 modules of a larger course you offer.  So the tripwire is actually going to be a segmentation or a piece of one of your main core products. It doesn’t have to be, but I find it’s an easy way to give amazing value and cut down on work.

So you don’t have to recreate anything. It’s just you taking one course that has the foundations, and if they like this then they’re going to love the rest of the course. Which they can unlock for say 30 more dollars and that’s your $37 product or maybe 90 more dollars That’s your $97 product. You’re just simply saying this right here is going to link into all of this you’ll learn in the full course.

It’s really easy for people to say yes to something when they’re able to try you out at a low price point. That’s why it’s called tripwire offer. They first see the offer, then when they see the price they fall over it and it’s very easy for them to say yes. The tripwire offer is where they are they’re make that initial purchase.

How Much Should I Be Spending to Get a Customer?

You can end up spending much more than what you say the actual product front end costs. Deciding if this is profitable or not depends on your average cart value. So what you’ll probably end up doing is breaking even. You’re first time round or you’re probably going to lose a little bit of money on the front-end.  That’s okay – it’s completely normal. Remember amateurs focus on the front-end. Professionals focus on the back-end. You want to find out what your average cart value or average customer value is ASAP. You want to make the average cart value or average customer value higher than whatever you’re paying to get them to sign up.

He Who Can Spend More to Get a Customer – Wins!

Personally, I can spend twenty dollars for someone to buy my book as long as I have higher priced up sells or one time offers that occur after the initial purchase has been made. After that, there’s so much more leverage for someone to say yes again. Because #1 – they already said ‘yes’ once and #2 – I already  have their credit card information. So now when I ask hey would you like to unlock the rest of this course for $90 and then I offer another closely related up sell. I say “Hey would you like this traffic mastery course or membership program for $27 every month”, ect.

Great, so how does this make me more money?

Now let’s face it less that $10 tripwire probably isn’t going to put a lot of food on the table, right? So that means we need to increase our profit margins with up sells.  All of these up sells can end up increasing your average cart value per customer. So you can go on to spend more to acquire more new customers.  I don’t suggest using continuity programs as up sells right off the bat. But it’s something you can do. There’s multiple scenarios you can use. You can say “Hey come apply for my coaching program (which is a high value a high ticket offer) or you can offer another one time offer. Do not offer more than 2 up sells! My offers are usually priced between $27 and $1,997 so you know there’s some.

How to Achieve a Break-Even Point

Again, all of these up sells can be offered in different ways that will increase your average cart value. That’s the whole point.  In case you’re wondering, even if it costs us $20 to acquire our first customer – that’s perfectly fine. Because that’s an equivalent exchange. Now that I have that tripwire offer, we’re going to build our value ladder out. So the tripwire will do what it is supposed to – break us even with $1 in – $1 out.

So that’s how to achieve your break-even point. Then from here is our mid ticket and our back end. It may be coaching and at the bottom here like I’ve talked about ealier. You want a continuity program somewhere in your value ladder.  Whether it’s unlimited or six to twelve months long either way you need a continuity. When you have all of these things setup, then that tripwire that you’ve placed up front will start breaking you even.

Real Life Example of My Own Tripwire Offer

Keep in mind, it costs me $20 to get a customer to buy my book “Sales Funnel Secrets.” On average once they reach the checkout, 15% percent buy and then 18% go on to buy the up sells. So if you can spend $10,000 and as long as you have those numbers properly figured out, you’ll make at least $10,000 back this month. What does that do for you? Well that means that you make nothing. But guess what? You break even. And out of $10,000 spent I probably got somewhere between 200 to 250 buyers. So that’s 250 people that know me, like me, trust me and are willing to buy from me again.

Cut Your Work time in Half with My Sales Funnel Templates

With the use of click funnels I’m going to save you a lot of time. Go to Zach-Miller.com/clickfunnels you can get a lot of my funnels. This is going to help you so you can end up saving that credit card information. Now all they have to do is click one time one time one time and then whether it’s for like my mid ticket like I teach you guys $997 whether it’s the Coaching It’s $25,000 or whether it is the continuity between you know 20 and $200 and that’s a month.

So all of these up sell are just one click and then bam those are purchases instantly made. So you’re getting the upper hand. You don’t have to ask them for their credit card information again it’s so easier to get them to buy more products and it all begins with that tripwire.

Summary of a Tripwire Offer

So I hope I explained to you guys what the tripwire is how it acts, how it builds into your business and where it all fits together. So that you can leverage and build a large customer base. Now two hundred fifty people that like you, know you, trust you and all that they have to do is say yes one time by clicking a button to buy your next product.

And guess what? you send your offer to 250 people to your mid ticket usually a couple days right after they’ve gotten done going through your product. Which again takes about forty eight seventy two hours no matter how big it is and you offer them that next product – that next thing to do. You’re going to take a high percentage of those buyers now and since they already have identified themselves as the people to raise their hand and say take my credit card they’re probably going to do it again as long as you deliver on your promises. With that being said, enjoy! I wish you the best of success and until then bye, bye.

The Art of Online Sales: Whatever, Whenever, Forever

Hi! I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to be talking about the art of online sales: whenever, whatever, forever. Now the things that I teach are evergreen. I follow the same things that I teach and are meant to be applied to any business. Because the marketing techniques I teach are foundational.

Online Sales Broken-down

Whatever you do online, everything should be quantifiable. What that basically means is that, you need to know your numbers.  You need to have the statistics showing how many visitors came to a certain page, how many took the one action that you asked them to take, how many left, and how many of those that took the action then went on to take another action. Then from there, you’re quantifying every single step understanding the exact process a visitor goes through. A person comes in not knowing anything about you and goes all the way through your sales funnel gaining trust throughout. Even taking out the credit card to give you that vital information.

What is it that makes this process so easy? Well, it’s one of the core methods that I teach. It’s called a sales funnel. Sales funnels are absolutely vital to the longterm success of an online business. Sales funnels come in a multitude of variations. But the one core feature that makes a sales funnel a sales funnel, is that every step along the way has multiple steps. Each step asks for the visitor to take one action at each step. If there are two or more options than this can confuse a buyer and immediately diverts from being a funnel.

Online Sales & The Power of Segmenting

The only way I really quantify the funnel in allowing a multitude of steps, is when you don’t know anything about your prospect. It’s ice cold traffic so you can pop them through a quiz that will ‘warm them up’ and allow them to tell you what exactly they’re interested in. What exactly they’re looking to do inside of their life, what their desired result they want to achieve. When you can identify that, you can more properly segment these people into the various sales funnels that they would best fit in.

For example, not everyone within the health niche is looking to lose weight. While everyone that’s looking to lose weight isn’t always looking to do it through workouts. They may want to do it through dieting or cleanses. So to narrow these people down and get them much more segmented, give them a more targeted offer.

Increase Online Sales with Sales Funnel Stacking

This all starts with a sales funnel. The sales funnel has one action even when you segment these audiences up. The one option is take this quiz or leave. Take this quiz, usually with a free report to see what type of person you are. For example what type of body builder you? or what type of entrepreneur or billionaire are you? There’s a multitude of ways that a quiz can be used. Alternately you can have funnels work together. There may be one sales funnel that offers a weight loss plan another that offers a gain muscle plan another all-together that talks just about wellness or increasing energy.

Make More Online Sales Using Click Funnels

So all of these things can be segmented to offer a product that’s more relevant to the person. A sales funnel allows you to go through this traffic in a very concrete fashion and form that equates into trackable numbers. Especially when using a system like click funnels. You can get a free trial of click funnels by going to Zack-Miller.com/clickfunnels. Now setting up your sales funnels in click funnels helps you quantify all of these variables. Using all of these steps will ultimately bring forth the success that you need because you can split test. With split testing you can understand if an improvement made a positive or negative impact on your campaign.

Summary of Our Online Sales Tips

Utilizing sales funnels is the beauty in the art of online sales. It is the ability to know what you’re doing is working or not working. That right there is knowledge and that’s the power of marketing. All marketing consists of, is how well we know our audience members, how well we can direct them to the next step, how well we’re able to communicate with them. When we do that properly, sales become easy sales. With that being said I’m Zach Miller and I wish you the best of success online and in creating your next sales funnel bye, bye.