Underdog Ideas: You’re an Expert – You Just Don’t Know It

Hi! I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to be talking about underdog ideas. You’re an expert – you just don’t even know it yet. I think that’s truly a powerful statement! We all need to absorb that inside our very being. Because through osmosis our expertise naturally shine out of us and people want to be around us. But only when we recognize our own expertise; do these expertise truly take form and shine through into other people’s lives.

You’re an Expert!

Now what do I mean by having your own expertise and not knowing it? Well, we all have things that we do in our day to day life that we take for granted. Unfortunately, that’s just one of the side effects of being inside the monotony of your own life. See you may not realize it but there are things you do in your day to day life. There are lots of things that people pay money to learn. Like knowing how to eat properly, how to be a vegan, knowing how to drive a sixteen wheeler. Or how to lose weight, gain muscle, or other things that you’ve taken a lot of time to learn.

You’ve forgotten how to utilize your expertise

But unwittingly you’ve forgotten to learn to take advantage of your knowledge. And now other people don’t have advantage of that. You can do yourself and others a service or dis-service by what you do inside your head day to day.  What you do may seem mundane. But to others it’s absolutely brilliant. That is the expertise that we’re looking to yield from your mind and put onto a certain form of media.

There is something that you can offer to the world. Whether it be in print, video, audio or anything else. Your expertise are waiting to be shared! It’s all a matter of how you go about presenting it. Inside my book, “Sales Funnel Secrets” I show you how to take your expertise and how to show it off in the online world. Giving yourself a platform to be able to speak from. Reaching audiences of tens even millions of followers who are eager and ready to hear your message.

There’s a Community Waiting – You’re an expert they’ve been waiting for!

With the planet of eight billion people and growing, there’s definitely going to be a few million people that are ready to hear your message. People who are ready to reach out and want to learn how you did what you did. Even if it’s something as simple as learning how to cook.

Even simple skills are valuable!

I guarantee you that within the U.S. alone there’s over one hundred thousand college students that do not know how to cook anything outside of a package of ramen noodles. So that can be an absolute breathtaking experience to be able to learn how to cook inexpensive and healthy meals. Recipes that give you lots of energy and make you ready for each day inside of the busy world of a college and especially collegiate athlete.

You’re an Expert Because The Riches is in the Niches

Everything that can be niche, can be sold. Everything that can be written, can be sold. It doesn’t have to seem like it’s an expertise. If you’ve taken time and you take it for granted and other people would like to hear it. It can be sold.

All of these things are waiting inside my book “Sales Funnel Secrets.” This book is completely free. All I ask is that you pay the shipping so we can ship it off to you anywhere in the world. And get it to you as quickly as possible. You can get that book by visiting www.Zach-Miller.com/book   So you can take advantage of the decade of knowledge and wisdom that I’ve put inside of this three hundred plus page book.

You’re an Expert – Don’t Let Old Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Hold You Back!

Now again like I said, these seem to be underdog ideas, people don’t think that they can sell their own expertise. That’s just what they’ve come to believe inside of their own mind. But I and so many others are living proof that we each have valuable expertise. What you know is actually valuable to people that you speak to on the World Wide Web.

Will you take your expertise for granted or will you leverage for cash?

You may take all of these things for granted right now. But it’s magic when you present these ideas to a hungry audience or congregation, that’s looking for these types of ideas. You shine. And that’s what people want. They want your expertise, no matter how simplistic it may seem (to you.) There’s a message. There’s a path that you can give that was never thought about by a group of people. People who are looking for the exact secrets that you hold inside your mind.

Find out What You’re an Expert In!

So with that being said. I wish you the best of success in finding what your expertise are. So that you can put them inside of a book or a video. Or even speak about them through audio. Whatever it is, go and write it down, make it a reality. I guarantee it’s going to eventually become the life you love to live. Sharing your expertise as an entrepreneur. With that being said, I wish you the best of success I’m Zach Miller Bye, bye.

5 Tricks to Improve Your Conversions Anywhere

Hi! It’s Zach Miller. Today we’re going to be talking about five tricks to improve your conversions. I’m talking anywhere; whether you have a website, a sales funnel or you’re just trying to naturally make sales online as an affiliate. Go ahead and use these five hacks. It’s going to revolutionize the way that you do business online.

#1 – Improve your conversions by having only ONE call-to-action

Have only one action visitors can take per page. This simplifies everything for you and the visitor.  It may seem like common sense but, there’s so many people struggling because they’re NOT doing this simple step. I see so many entrepreneurs and new people in online sales making this mistake.

This is such a costly error because it’s counter intuitive to most people. Sales people are not taught naturally that the more options you offer to a customer, the less likely they are to say yes to any of them. In other words having two or more options for them to decide on is going to be less successful than just having one option. You want them to either take action or leave. Now this again will seem counter intuitive to a lot of people at first. However with closer inspection you’ll be able to understand the psychology behind it. My mentor, David Sprague always used to tell me that the numbers tell you what to do and that’s absolutely true.

#2 – Improve Your Conversions By Split Testing. Split Testing. Split Testing.

Whenever you decide to improve a web page – split test. And again make sure that there is one thing for them to do on that page.  As long as you have that one thing that they can do. You can now begin split testing on how well your changes result in a visitor actually taking that action. So it’s very important you have just one thing for someone to do. So they’re not going to get confused. Because as Zig Ziglar used to say a confused mind never buys and that’s exactly the truth. Sid Michaels has repeated said that. So has Dan Kennedy, as well as Russell Brunson. And many other famous, successful entrepreneurs and online marketers have echoed this same message throughout their careers. Have only one call-to-action per page. That way it’s a lot easier to keep a clear message and A.B. split test every single page.  So ensure that that you have one action per page and every change that you make improves that action and that conversion rate.

#3 – Improve Your Conversions By Focusing on Your Landing Page

Now if you have a website or if you are an affiliate this of course can be an issue. But you can always push people in one way or another on your home page especially within the fold. Which is the portion of your website that can be very easily viewed without scrolling down inside a person’s browser (usually on desktop).

Mobile is a different concern of course. Mobile optimization should occur no matter what. So when you focus on your landing page, make sure everything shows up well in mobile too. Your landing page moves someone once they have submitted their information. Whether it be a phone number, their name, their email, etc. etc. They will be then pushed towards the next page. But the landing page is where everyone starts where every new visitor lands. See if you have other pages available, there’s numerous places they could go.  But with one call to action (like getting someone’s email) people are willing to trade for free information in return.

So when you focus on a landing page it simplifies your process.  There’s one thing that they can do and it’s always the page that they’re driven to. It’s the first page they reach all things in your website. Then all your marketing efforts transform into a funnel. where everyone starts going through at the very top. No one starts at the bottom or the middle or anywhere else. Everyone starts at the top. That becomes of course the most important part of the funnel the larger the top of your funnel is, the more they can be pushed down to the lower levels within your sales funnel.

#4 – Improve Your Conversion Rates by Split Testing a Sales Video on Your Page

On your landing page or within the fold of your website home page, you’re going to have a split test where you’re going to either give an image or a video right next to your opt in box. Which should take up a large portion of your page (if not all of it.) After someone signs up then they may be able to access your website or see what your products are etc. etc.

A video can be very beneficial. It builds rapport quickly and it explains a lot of what you’re going to be offering when they sign up with their email, phone number, ect.. However, you will want to split test between an image because counter intuitive as it may seem small changes like this can actually increase the conversion rate sometimes as marketers we do oversell ourselves sometimes the sale is in the simplicity.

#5 – Improve Your Conversions by Focusing On Your Copy

The Copy on Your Landing Page Should Be the Reason People Sign Up!

The copy you have on your landing page (or squeeze page) whatever you want to call it; should be the reason why people sign up. It should be a big promise headline. It’s going to be a statement as simple as, ‘how to blank without blank.’ For example: How to make high ticket sales without talking on the phone…ever!

So how they will get some sort of benefit from what you’re going to be teaching them. Now maybe you don’t give everything away inside your freebie. But it’s explaining how this process works, how they can start on the pathway to getting that desired result. then let them know without some detriment that it normally takes to obtain the previous benefit that you just mentioned. So maybe hey how to make a thousand dollars without working one hundred hours or something very similar. Like how to lose twelve pounds in two weeks without dieting or eating any carbs. There’s multiple ways can be said and I think it’s extremely powerful.

So those are my five tricks or hacks to improve your conversions anywhere. No matter who you are, you utilize these five unique points and I guarantee higher conversions are very easy to obtain. With that being said I’m Zach Miller bye, bye.

3 Sales Funnel Tweaks for Effortless Sales


Hi I’m Zach Miller! Today I’m going to be talking about three sales funnel tweaks that produce effortless SALES.

What is an order form bump?

#1 – have an order form bump page

For those of you who don’t know what an order form bump does is; it asks if they would like to purchase an up sell immediately after inputting their credit card information. But right before they click on the button to actually make the purchase.

So this little thing doesn’t seem like it would do much. But in fact from our own research, we have found that somewhere around 20-25% of people will go and say yes to that up sell. The reason being is, a lot of it goes hand in hand with what you’re selling. We like to do a free plus shipping so we then offer a book. Then our up sell is the audiobook version because a lot of people just don’t like reading. We find about 20-25% percent will buy something else right after they’ve bought your main product.

Up Sells Increase Your Overall Value

So that’s something that’s very easy to create & increase the value. Not to mention increase the amount of sales that you can get. Because the more value that you establish upfront on your sales page the better off you’ll be. Again it’s that front end product that needs to deliver the most amount of value so that people can take the secondary and tertiary steps to giving you even more money later down the road.

#2 – Use onetime offers with the proper sale script

Even after people have said yes on that order form bump page, what you’re going to do is add another one or even two onetime offers products. Something that’ll help increase the success that they’ll have with that first front end product. Or maybe it’s something that’ll increase the speed in which they achieve their results. Either way it should be something that naturally compliments your product that you just sold them.

Up Sells Should Support Your Main Offer

Keep in mind, the main product should be able to work without these onetime offers or up sells. But these up sells should enhance the initial offer. They shouldn’t be offered something completely different. They also shouldn’t also be addressing the exact same issue. If someone bought a weight loss product then your next up sell can’t be another weight loss product.

In fact what it may be is more of a diet guide or an exercise guide or a million other different things that complement losing weight. Like how to increase your muscle mass, how to get a bigger booty. There’s so many different variations that you can include for up sells that they should never be something that’s completely off topic or the exact same thing that you already just sold on your front end.

One Time Offer Up Sells Increase Your Average Cart Value

Those OTOs will help increase the amount of your average cart value which will produce more sales down the line. Because people who buy these up sells are going to be wowed by so much information that you present upfront; they’re going to then buy the second item you present latter down the line that cost maybe a thousand or five thousand dollars.  Maybe they’ll go on to get that coaching service or that backend service that costs ten, or twenty thousand dollars. Or may be it’s joining your continuity program that costs anywhere from thirty to one hundred dollars a month.

Again all of these things will naturally produce more sales and profit. Because you’re giving more information up front. It seems counter intuitive to sell people immediately after being sold. But let me tell you people who are buyers in heat are people who need a solution right away. They are looking for exactly what you’re selling and then some. You’re really doing a disservice to them and yourself if you don’t sell those people on the next thing to help them achieve their desired results.

Thank You Pages Complete the Up Sell Process

#3 – Use thank you pages.

Now thank you pages are very important because obviously they let people know that they have finished going through your entire sales funnel. It let’s them know they’ve gone through all your up sells and now here’s where they can see all that they just purchased. So what I like to have is my thank you pages with links to other sales funnels within the value ladder.

Not only will I give them instant access to their products but the second step we’ll have them take is asking them if they would like to receive more information. Like if this product over here would be relevant to them in reaching their desired result. If it is, I’m going to let them access those sales funnels right away.

Because believe it or not, people will go through and purchase up to a thousand or more dollars off your front end. Even though your front end was initially just seven or even ninety seven dollars. Those up sells can be anywhere from two hundred to even a thousand dollars each. And let me tell you, even I myself bank off of two hundred to a thousand dollar up sells. People buy it because they know that it’s valuable and will help them achieve their goals.

Make Sure to Include Links with Your Thank You Page

The other thank you pages that you include at the end of each sales funnel should include a link. That way people understand that they’ve gotten every product within your value ladder. Me personally I include the ability to buy my micro continuity, to buy my mid ticket product and additionally to apply for my coaching. All of those things allow people to take the next step that feels natural to them. So that way they can come in apply and buy those things. It’s not unusual for hyper buyers to go through and purchase everything (even the coaching) right away even after purchasing just a seven dollars product or a free plus shipping book yes. Because they’re in the moment of need.

After their credit card is out – people are more likely to buy again

So that’s it.  Those are the three sales funnel tweaks that have that produced me more sales than anything else. They are effortless. Because after you’ve already had someone that’s raised their hand and said “Yes, I’m a buyer I trust you enough to take my credit card.” They’re probably going to say ‘yes’ again because that’s the idea of marketing using a sales funnel. A good salesman knows that the more times that you get someone to say yes; the easier it is to get them to say yes again.

So now that they’ve already taken that hard process or that hard step of saying yes taking their credit card out of their wallet. You can now go forward and say would you like to use that same credit card to purchase this. And some will go on to buy your first up sell.  Maybe just the first and second up sell or maybe everything all at once.

If you’re not offering up sells – you’re wasting time & money

The fact is, if you’re not offering one-time upsells, you’re doing huge disservice to everyone that buys your products. Because there’s so much more that you can offer and not offering that service immediately after they make that purchase that is a huge disservice to your fan base and your bottom line. So with that being said I hope that you have the best of success again I’m Zach Miller bye, bye.

Value Ladder Series – Part 2



Well once I do a course take that step then there’s going to be a lot of people that go into my high ticket my coaching and they’re going to want to come in and they’re going to want to do that but what do I do and what do I serve to them after they’ve purchased. Well that’s my inner circle my inner circle is a $25,000 renewable annual you know membership program but there’s even steps outside and beyond that why because I want to provide that type of quality that type of value to all of my clients those that can reach that level of course take that level and take me up on that offer that I give to them. But it’s not for everybody so that’s what we have the value ladder that goes up.

Now how many steps getting back to that mean question I know that you asked Josh it’s not really a matter of how many steps it’s a matter of frames value that you deliver but most often I like to keep it very simple a freebie, a front end, a middle and a high ticket or your back end. Those are the steps the four steps and like I said the first two the freebie and the front end can be combined if you do a free plus shipping so that in an essence you’re going to have the other three or four steps and then you can have your continuity which again by the end of that continuity if you do a micro six or twelve months that’s the perfect time to then reach out to those people who have gone that far made it to the end let them know hey I would love to reach out and you know see if you would be a great fit for this you know for this application for the inner circle for the quantum whatever you decide to call your backend.

But once you get to that point again you may end up creating like some entrepreneurs do you know Mike Russell Dan candy they create another value ladder so you’re going to have another one after that and it’s going to be its own separate thing with its own separate front end and you know it has a different slight focus right because your main one desired result may not always cover everything that you really want to do maybe you want Mind Body wealth and well being you know money is one thing but mental health is a completely different thing money can’t even get you close to that some people are just miserable no matter how much money they have but it’s just a matter of what images you look at or how you feel about your day and what you’ve accomplished and things like that. Whatever it is there’s another value ladder inside that because you’re achieving a new desired result. Or as I go forward you know I understand that I want to get people even more money so money that people go into that rhythm I’m sorry we got to reverse because the camera but go into this rhythm you know they want to go up much higher and what that’s going to do is offer higher levels with that same desired result but at different values.

So those are the two ways to go about it and again like I said I prefer the straight linear way that I’m going for ultrahigh end clients you know a small percentage of people what most entrepreneurs do of course though is they’ll build a second value ladder that offer something slightly different of a desired result like I talked about. So that’s what you can do three or four steps, once you build that out you have you know a million dollar a year business it should at least be half a million like I show you inside of my high ticket hack that’s the very minimum that you should be- your sales people should be closing for you every year every year. But once you have that put into place then again another value ladder’s what most people move on to again it’s the idea of wow I want to have all my eggs in one basket I get that. But I would say Rich is in the niches and there’s always pay to be created so whatever you choose whether it’s you know creating an ultrahigh value ladder that eventually goes on to offer a million dollar programs or you just build another value ladder that goes up and offers you know like I said $100,000 coaching programs as backend and that’s usually what I get into my steps or up to the million dollar range.

But all these things you wouldn’t think there would be people that would say yes to that but there are you’d be amazed once you finally actually have someone that says yes to you know that first 100,000 even your first coaching. It’s going to be like Ah Yes it’s that Eureka so that’s what you just need to keep in mind throughout the entire equation. Now the value ladder has a lot of unique different  stereotypes behind it a lot of people think well value ladders only fit in with the certain things that I’ve seen or heard you talk about Zack or someone else that’s not true there’s a value ladder inside of every single business I prove that even inside of my books sales funnel secrets I even go into a mechanics value ladder I think we’ll even get into that here, I got into a chiropractor’s value ladder which for a lot of people I’d even when you just think about that what do you go to a chiropractor for.

I already know what you said so you don’t even have to say it. And can you think of anything else that you go to a chiropractor for now. Right it’s probably just adjustments just chiropractors the chiropractor or what else am I going there for  I’m going to give adjusted and that’s it that there is a value added inside of a chiropractic clinic and chiropractic clinics are really that mid-range hard to sell thing because it’s not immediate you know necessary help like critical condition I got a bullet inside me I obviously need to get this out E.R. but it’s also not you know full out preventative and you know immediate amazing feeling while most chiropractors there are certain chiropractors I’ve dealt with that can give you instantaneous results they’re really great. But in the either case you do wouldn’t think oh there’s a value ladder there but every business has a value ladder.

Value Ladder Series [Part 1]

Value Ladder Series [Part 1]

Hi, I’m Zach Miller and today I’m going to be talking about The Value Ladder. Now when it comes to The Value Ladder, a lot of you guys are asking me questions about: “do I have a full Value Ladder”, “is it complete”, “what am I doing wrong”, “should I switch this step”, “how many products should I add”, “what about these up sells”.

I’m going to go through all of that in a series of videos/posts/podcasts.

So today, is Day 1. I don’t know how long this is going to go on, but it’s definitely multiple videos. I want you guys to be able to learn this in consumable parts.

What I need you to understand, is that for 5-10 minutes, you need to stop what you’re doing, look at the screen, look at what we’re going over. This The Value Ladder series is something that is absolutely crucial to have visibly [in front of you] so that you can understand and really absorb what we’re going over. Now, I want you to obviously see me, connect with me. But I want you to also see what I’m writing down because we have a lot of drawings that visually enhance this series.


How Many Steps In A Value Ladder?

I know a lot of you sometimes get confused because I’ll draw a Value Ladder with multiple steps. And you’ll say to yourself, “well I thought it’s always been three steps Zach”. But most will have four steps to start [and a continuity below]. Think about it. You’ve got your Freebie [1], your Front-End [2], your Middle [3], your Continuity Program [4], and then your Back-End [5].

Getting back to Josh’s question, it’s not a matter of steps, it’s a matter of value levels that you deliver. However, most often I like to keep it simple: Freebie, a Front-End, a Middle and a Back-End. So you know, the first two steps of The Value Ladder, the Freebie and the Front-End, can be combined if you do a Free + Shipping (kind of like I do here).

With that in mind, you’re going to have three steps. But always remember your Continuity/Micro-Continuity as well [, although not counted as a “step” on The Value Ladder].

Once you build out that Value Ladder, you start having six, and with the Back-End, seven figure businesses.


What’s Next?

Just like I talk about inside of my Email Mastery course, you need to get that number (you need to earn each month to be happy) in your head right NOW. That’s what that 100 Clicks A Day Formula is for.

What is it? The formula shows you how to turn 100 clicks a day into $20,000+ each and every month. It’s seems impossible, but when we do the math [and remember the Value Ladder’s importance], we’ll see it really does only take 100 clicks a day.


Your Front-End vs Your Back-End

Understand, your Front-End is only there to break you even. Your Back-End, your Middle, your Continuity – that’s what really makes your profits.

Why? Because you’re remarketing to an audience [via email] that you’ve already built a relationship with.

We’re only looking to get as many people as we can through the top of our sales funnel. I call this a Front-End. Then [those buyers are] going to go through the rest of The Value Ladder.

Just remember, the life-blood of any company is a continuity, [which charges clients on a recurring basis] for 6-12-infinite months.

I personally like to do Micro-Continuities. [They] have an end date, and that end-point is the perfect time to contact these people about my Back-End. They’re more likely to participate after time has passed, than right away up-front. The entire point of the Middle, Continuity and continued communication is to get buyers to buy the Back-End.

For me, that’s my Inner Circle, which is a $25,000 / yr coaching program. Sounds crazy, right? But, there are steps to get there, and that’s why people buy. They step up to that decision over time through The Value Ladder. So, I want to provide quality to all of my clients, so those that can pay, do. Don’t worry about criticism or people who cannot afford that level. That’s why we have The Value Ladder. There’s a step/level for each person’s time & financials.


Is There Life Beyond The Value Ladder?

YES! Once you get to a certain point, you’ll end up creating another Value Ladder like some famous entrepreneurs: Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker, Mike Dillard, Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy. They all created another Value Ladder after making a successful business [with their first Value Ladder]. So you’re going to have another [Value Ladder] after that, and it’s going to be its own separate idea. It’ll have it’s own unique Front-End with a slightly different focus.

Keep your one Desired Result close in each Value Ladder you build.  You may not always cover everything that you really want to, so that’s what other Value Ladders are for.

Quick Example

For example, you want Mind-Body-Health-Wealth, but you know money is one thing, and mental health is a completely different one. This is where you develop different Value Ladders. [But remember, your first Value Ladder should make you six-figures before moving on.]


Even if you don’t feel like there is “another Value Ladder” – there is! When you’re looking to achieve a new desired result, [then that’s a new Value Ladder].

If I’m going for ultra high-end clients, which is a small percentage of people; most entrepreneurs will build a second Value Ladder that offers something slightly different. And you can build a whole new business and make those new 3 or 4 steps. Once you build that out, you have a million dollar business.


The Back-End’s Importance

It [the Back-End] should earning at least be $500,000. Don’t believe me? I show you inside of my FREE Webinar, High Ticket Hack. Again, that’s the minimum you should earn. Is that all profits – no. But your sales people alone, should be closing $500,000 [in Back-End sales] for you every year.

[And when most] have that put into place, [they build] another Value Ladder. It’s the idea of, “I don’t want to have all my eggs in one basket” and I get that. But I would say “the riches in the niches”. Whatever you choose to go into, creating an ultra-high Value Ladder that eventually goes on to offer a 1 million dollar program or you just build another Value Ladder that goes up and offers a $100,000 coaching program. Back-Ends can keep [being added] or branch into a new Value Ladder. Just keep adding steps to go up to the million dollar range.

You wouldn’t think there would be people that would say “YES” to that high of a price tag, but there are! You’ll be amazed once someone says “YES”. And they will, eventually. It’s going to be like that “Eureka moment”. That’s what you need to keep in mind throughout the entire equation.


Everyone Has A Value Ladder (Even a Chiropractor)

Now, a lot of people think, “Well, Value Ladders only fit in with the certain businesses. Like the ones that I’ve seen or heard you talk about Zach”. But that’s NOT true! There’s a Value Ladder inside of every single business. I prove that even inside of my books Sales Funnel Secrets. I even go into a mechanic’s Value Ladder & a chiropractor’s Value Ladder… which for a lot of people, I’d like to have you just try, just try to even have you think about ANYTHING you go to the chiropractor for, that isn’t an adjustment.

That’s hard, isn’t it?

You wouldn’t think there’s a Value Ladder in there, but there is. Every business has a Value Ladder!

One misconception is that you already have a completed Value Ladder, and most don’t! See, everyone has to start somewhere. Most have a Front-End, some have a Middle, some are affiliates and that’s OK.


What Are The Price Points?

When you have a Value Ladder, you have to have multiple steps [, thusly] multiple values. [Your Middle] course may have to be six or seven hours, [then you can] charge $1000. Now that’s one-time and you can profit forever from that course you made.

But when you’re making a million that, doing sales – it’s a little complex for me to explain it. But let’s just say – it isn’t your high ticket. Your Back-End should be a million dollar a year program, and you only deliver 40-60 hours of work for that pay each month. When most smart business owners hear this, they go “Oh wow! You know it becomes easy to leverage an idea like that.”

But again, you have to least value yourself at $2500 / hour if you’re an expert, right? Take this a step further; if you’re an affiliate and you’ve even made a few dollars online. As an affiliate, you have affiliate marketing knowledge that I would say 80% of the affiliate newbies would like to know. There’s so few that stay past that 6 month mark or even the 3 month mark. Help them get past that month or 3 months. You have some expertise that all of these newbies would love to ascertain. Now let me tell you, they will pay 7, 12, 15, [17] bucks just to be able to get that knowledge and create the shortcut [for themselves].



Front-End: Free – $497

Continuity: $7-$197

Middle: $997-$4997

Back-End: $11,997-$1,000,000


Success Hacking – What Is It?

There’s so much that you can Success Hack, like Tony Robbins says, “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”

That’s it! That’s Success Hacking.

For us, it is understanding The Value Ladder. There isn’t just the Front-End, there’s a Back-End, there’s a Middle and there’s a continuity. There’s even upsells. Everything that you do, is to push a buyer to your Back-End. Why? Well, your Back-End is probably going to make you about 60% of your profits.

It’s simple math. It’s really easy to do high ticket sales and make a large profit [with low overhead]. I think there’s about 45% that end up [going into] the delivery process, from: the Open Office Hours, to the videos, 1 on 1, paying for plane tickets, paying my sales people, commissions, all that sort of stuff. Then I get to keep 55% of those as profits.

That being said, all my promotions lose me money on my Front-End. You’re going to be losing money on your Front-End. Deal with it. That’s what an amateur focuses on! You need to focus on the Middle, the Continuity the Back-End!

Let’s go back to the chiropractor’s Value Ladder. What do you think it’s [consisting of]?

Just adjustments and… you’re coming back for more adjustments? I used to have scoliosis; very terrible thing. It’s basically a curvature of the spine usually around what’s known as L3-2 & 1. And it’s because of how I sit, I’m a desk jockey.


My Chiropractic Parable

So it was a terrible thing to go through. I went through about 22 chiropractors [trying to solve this], and it was my wife’s suggestion to try this one using a special therapy. [It’s] called The Activator Method. After, I think 3 months of adjustments, I was good as new. No more scoliosis, nice straight spine, everything’s been good since! [It was like a miracle.]

“But outside of adjustments, [what else do you offer]” I asked my chiropractor. “I love what you do. You know, you made me a fanatic for life. You got me every 2 weeks, that’s fine. But isn’t there more? I want to give you money. I want you to make me better because I imagine that if you made this better what else do you have inside your head that could just improve my life?!?!”

[Lone behold, he didn’t have a Value Ladder!] So what we ended up writing down was a plan. We understand that adjustments aren’t sexy. Besides, he was great at his career and had a full schedule already. No more hours in a day.

So we created a Front-End, called M.A.T (Muscle Activation Therapy) and it was the same thing he used to fix my scoliosis, The Activator tool.


Heck, I even have the tool [The Activator]. I know The Activator Method [and studied it]. I love it so much! I’m not a licensed chiropractor, but I got a certified, going through the schooling and courses.


So this technique that was added, didn’t take any extra time. It was an adjustment almost beside the ones he already did. So it was an upgrade basically. With that, he was able to double the money made, without doubling the time he spent making it!

You can do the same for a typical chiropractor, just add a masseuse who can tell when ribs orthe spine is out of place. They ask if they’d like to have an adjustment to keep the relaxed muscles longer, and a portion of them will say, “YES”!


The Big Bang for a Chiropractor

“Hey, if you want to make this adjustment even better, you can attend my Wellness Clinic. It’s a one week event. We’re going to come out here and learn XYZ. It’s five thousand dollars.” I said “yes” instantly. So did over a dozen other people from his clients. He instantly made $80,000+ in a single week. More than he ever thought was possible in that short of a time!


The Wrap Up

So again, there’s a Value Ladder for almost everything. There’s a Value Ladder for authors, do a quiz asking them what types of books they enjoy, then send them to a Free + Shipping book offer with an upsell for the Audiobook version for $37. Then a One Time Offer of the entire series for a discounted price.

There’s a million different things that you can sell. You can even do coaching programs that teach someone how to do what you do.

One cool thing about my sales funnels. When you do a Free + Shipping, people will give you their email first to get the book. Then a 2nd step will show up, asking for their credit card information in order to ship the book off. From there, people often leave. But guess what? Since they filled in that email address first, and clicked the “NEXT” button, their email can be used to market to them about finishing their order.

I show you how to do this and more, including the segmentations that understand if they haven’t fully checked out. The system I use is called ClickFunnels. Sign up through that link to get my sales funnels I use currently. You can go to get a 14 Day FREE Trial and use a lot of the same templates I use. Bye, bye.