How to Produce Content Quickly Without Sacrificing Quality

Hi, I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to be talking about how to produce content quickly without sacrificing quality. Because at the end of the day, we’re all strapped for time. There’s so much to get lost inside of in any industry nowadays. Everyone has a platform or soap box to speak from and they use it. With that being done, you need to create content that is easily made and is highly valuable.

How to Produce Content With One Awesome Hack

The most useful content creation technique I’ve found so far is by using just one small hack and syndicating all of that content to my various platforms/audiences. That includes: social media, email, websites, my blog, videos and podcasts. All from creating just one easily digestible piece of content and then you will be able to share that across all these places online.

How Can I Produce Content Quickly Too?

How do I do it? Well here’s how. I begin by getting a video recording of myself. One of my favorite video cams currently is the LogiTech C920. That’s a high quality recorder so that you wouldn’t even need to use a microphone if you don’t want to. If you do choose one, obviously get a U.S.B. microphone to record with. That will increase the sound quality and obviously the video quality should be there. Now, if you feel that your background isn’t the best of conditions, a completely black bedsheet works just as well. Get a few clips and you can hang it up; it’s that easy.

Turn 1 Piece of Content into Many Like Magic!

That’s the magic of creating videos. Once you start recording yourself… I often use free video programs like A.V.S Editor. Or sometimes I use a video recorder like Camtasia, Student edition which works great. Now, once I get these videos recorded, all I’ll do is go over to a website called What this website will allow me to do is hire someone to edit this video for as low as $5 , as long as I keep it under 10 to 15 minutes. Then for another $5, I can get someone to transcribe this entire video to text for me; which sometimes can equal up to two thousand words. Imagine trying to pay someone to write two thousand words, it can be a lot of money. The best thing to do of course is just to simply speak like I do inside these videos and then they can get transcribed into articles later down the road.

Produce Content for Your Blog Faster Than Ever Before!

After you do that, you’re going to be able to take that transcription and create a blog post out of it. This is the fastest and easiest way to start a blog nowadays!  And it’ll start to get you lots of natural, organic traffic. Now you can upload the video to YouTube. If you want to take that even a step further, you can embed the video into your blog post.

Produce Content for Your Podcast at Lightening Speeds!

Now while you’re at it, take that same video and rip the audio (like with camtasia) or you can do the same thing with free online tools. After you have the mp3 file, upload it to a place like Sound Cloud in where you can host your podcast for all to hear. There are even certain plugins, where you can take all those podcasts from your Sound Cloud account and place that inside your website & embed into blog posts. That way, all of your blog posts are highly enriched with graphics, videos and audio – providing the perfect format for everyone.  Not to mention great for your SEO.

Produce Content for Your Subscribers Out of Thin Air!

Now, what I do from here is I’ll usually take that video, write a small, 150 to 200 word blurb about it. I’ll make that my daily broadcast e-mail that I send out daily to all of my e-mail subscribers. People love having so much content, a link back to the blog post, be able to view the video and the thing that I talked about that day which usually leads back to a product. Which will then be linked inside the email, so they can purchase it right from there.

Consistently Produce Content Every Single Day with Ease!

I can accomplish all of this within a day and most of the work is done usually in about ten or fifteen minutes. Yes, let me say that again – in just 15 minutes, I have all of my content done for the entire day, for all of my platforms and it’s really easy and really inexpensive. Oftentimes, all I’m going to end up spending is somewhere between $15 to $20 per day for all of my content. That includes someone to edit the video, to transcribe it, to make all the graphics and even another person to post on my blog and edit it so it looks nicely formatted and includes pictures too -all of this can be done very inexpensively.

Producing content quickly doesn’t have to be expensive…

Again, imagine being able to have a consistent & professional social media presence, your own podcast and an S.E.O. campaign broadcast for simply $600 a month?! And all you need to start is making a video in front of a webcam. Isn’t that easy? And the beautiful thing is that you don’t need to create long drawn-out videos. In fact people don’t want long videos. You don’t even need to have everything pre-planned out 100%.

Producing content quickly doesn’t have to be hard…

Just have a rough guideline, points that you want to touch on and just follow along. Once you get to the end, have your call to action (your C.T.A) and let people know where they can buy the product that you just talked about or how that product will relate back into helping them with what you just talked about. Drop that link and you’ll be right as rain.

With that being said, I wish you the best of success in quickly creating content online. I know you’re going to rock it!

What content creation hacks do you use? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Never Get Stuck Again: How to Entrepreneur Like a Pro

Hi I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to show you how to never get stuck again. I’m going to show you how to entrepreneur like a pro. Because I know as an entrepreneur we wear so many different hats. So many different things that you’re going to be doing. A lot of these tasks you may not have all the skills to solve.

Entrepreneurs Wear A Lot Hats

You’ll be doing tasks like playing with your website, to setting up hosting, to making sure the sales are coming through, to making sure your payment gateway works, to making sure that your emails are being sent out. Every single one of these things can get very technical very quickly and they can easily go over your head. If you’ve never had these types of expertise or gone through these things before you’ll end up wasting hours of your life just on one thing that would take probably someone else five minutes to do.

The Secret to Successful Entrepreneurs!

The most successful entrepreneurs know the magic of delegating. So that’s why I delegate too. I used to love hiring Micro workers from Odesk which has now become UPwork. All of these types of sites were where I could hire other freelancers for their expertise specifically to help me out.

The Website That Made Delegating Affordable

Then all of a sudden I found the website fiverr On this site, for five dollars you can hire someone for an hour of their time. See somewhere say Bangladesh or say South Korea even places like Taiwan there’s so many different places around the world where five dollars an hour is a great pay. Surprisingly in Vietnam where there a lot of coders especially for WordPress and other websites come from. So a lot of these troubles that we have in our day to day issues can usually be solved on the website Someone has these types of expertise and for the simple price of five dollars you can get all of these things pushed out of your way off of your to do list and done.

Smart Entrepreneurs Syndicate Content to Save Time

Now most of the time I’ve talked about how a lot of my content is syndicated across multiple social media platforms. In different forms of media, from audio like a podcast, video like YouTube, a blog post. It’s easy to make 3 or 4 pieces of content from one nowadays. So I get these things done every single day for me. So I don’t have to spend hours and hours and hours doing them.

Entrepreneur Trick: Create Multiple Pieces of Content from One

How? Because when I make a fifteen minute video, if I were to transcribe all of that myself. It would probably take me somewhere between one to one and a half hours to get done that’s not something I want to do with my day whereas I can pay someone five dollars to do that for me. And they’re probably going to do it way better because it’s something they do day in day out all the time. They’re used to my pronunciations they understand what I’m saying. Sometimes I do slur my words that’s why I have someone that I can constantly go to for five dollars. I get all of my videos transcribed all of my podcast transcribed so that it’s very easy to place these in other places other social media platforms and get seen even more.

Sweet! But How Much Will All This Cost Me?

All of this cost me about total $20. I pay five for my video editor per video. I pay five per graphic. I pay five for each fifteen minute transcription. That’s about it. I mean if I want to go even further, I can pay five more for syndication across multiple platforms. But I’ve learned how to do that myself within usually thirty to forty seconds. So again it’s always finding new things that you can outsource that takes up hours of your time and delegate it.

You can place it on someone else’s to do list for five maybe even ten dollars. When someone takes a fifteen minute video of mine and they’ll edit it for five dollars. Which means they’re going to add some graphics, cut off any bad points. I often just have simple little things that they do inside of YouTube that increases the S.E.O. That’s how it gets found and searched all of that is really what adds up for me. Maybe you end up having things that you want to go over rewrite or correct yourself. And that’s completely fine.  When you finally get completely comfortable with the way that you speak and present, get an editor. It’s only five dollars.

Entrepreneurs Make Delegating A Habit

All of these things in our daily lives that takes so much trouble and rack our brains can be delegated to save time and energy.  All the time, I find myself looking into my websites, into my sales funnels and guess what for five dollars I can pay someone to do most of that for me. And when it comes to the intrinsic parts of my sales funnel guess what, that’s where you can hire more of a full or part time person. They can be virtual, they can be physical, there’s all types of different ways that you can utilize the website

As a busy entrepreneur, I absolutely love delegating because it helps me get so much done in my daily tasks. Not to mention saves me lots of time. It makes what used to be a long drawn out process into a simplified click of the button. I tell someone what to do and I’m done. Isn’t that easy well it is for me and I know it will be for you too! So with that being said I wish you the best of success I’m Zach Miller bye, bye.

Underdog Ideas: You’re an Expert – You Just Don’t Know It

Hi! I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to be talking about underdog ideas. You’re an expert – you just don’t even know it yet. I think that’s truly a powerful statement! We all need to absorb that inside our very being. Because through osmosis our expertise naturally shine out of us and people want to be around us. But only when we recognize our own expertise; do these expertise truly take form and shine through into other people’s lives.

You’re an Expert!

Now what do I mean by having your own expertise and not knowing it? Well, we all have things that we do in our day to day life that we take for granted. Unfortunately, that’s just one of the side effects of being inside the monotony of your own life. See you may not realize it but there are things you do in your day to day life. There are lots of things that people pay money to learn. Like knowing how to eat properly, how to be a vegan, knowing how to drive a sixteen wheeler. Or how to lose weight, gain muscle, or other things that you’ve taken a lot of time to learn.

You’ve forgotten how to utilize your expertise

But unwittingly you’ve forgotten to learn to take advantage of your knowledge. And now other people don’t have advantage of that. You can do yourself and others a service or dis-service by what you do inside your head day to day.  What you do may seem mundane. But to others it’s absolutely brilliant. That is the expertise that we’re looking to yield from your mind and put onto a certain form of media.

There is something that you can offer to the world. Whether it be in print, video, audio or anything else. Your expertise are waiting to be shared! It’s all a matter of how you go about presenting it. Inside my book, “Sales Funnel Secrets” I show you how to take your expertise and how to show it off in the online world. Giving yourself a platform to be able to speak from. Reaching audiences of tens even millions of followers who are eager and ready to hear your message.

There’s a Community Waiting – You’re an expert they’ve been waiting for!

With the planet of eight billion people and growing, there’s definitely going to be a few million people that are ready to hear your message. People who are ready to reach out and want to learn how you did what you did. Even if it’s something as simple as learning how to cook.

Even simple skills are valuable!

I guarantee you that within the U.S. alone there’s over one hundred thousand college students that do not know how to cook anything outside of a package of ramen noodles. So that can be an absolute breathtaking experience to be able to learn how to cook inexpensive and healthy meals. Recipes that give you lots of energy and make you ready for each day inside of the busy world of a college and especially collegiate athlete.

You’re an Expert Because The Riches is in the Niches

Everything that can be niche, can be sold. Everything that can be written, can be sold. It doesn’t have to seem like it’s an expertise. If you’ve taken time and you take it for granted and other people would like to hear it. It can be sold.

All of these things are waiting inside my book “Sales Funnel Secrets.” This book is completely free. All I ask is that you pay the shipping so we can ship it off to you anywhere in the world. And get it to you as quickly as possible. You can get that book by visiting   So you can take advantage of the decade of knowledge and wisdom that I’ve put inside of this three hundred plus page book.

You’re an Expert – Don’t Let Old Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Hold You Back!

Now again like I said, these seem to be underdog ideas, people don’t think that they can sell their own expertise. That’s just what they’ve come to believe inside of their own mind. But I and so many others are living proof that we each have valuable expertise. What you know is actually valuable to people that you speak to on the World Wide Web.

Will you take your expertise for granted or will you leverage for cash?

You may take all of these things for granted right now. But it’s magic when you present these ideas to a hungry audience or congregation, that’s looking for these types of ideas. You shine. And that’s what people want. They want your expertise, no matter how simplistic it may seem (to you.) There’s a message. There’s a path that you can give that was never thought about by a group of people. People who are looking for the exact secrets that you hold inside your mind.

Find out What You’re an Expert In!

So with that being said. I wish you the best of success in finding what your expertise are. So that you can put them inside of a book or a video. Or even speak about them through audio. Whatever it is, go and write it down, make it a reality. I guarantee it’s going to eventually become the life you love to live. Sharing your expertise as an entrepreneur. With that being said, I wish you the best of success I’m Zach Miller Bye, bye.

Interview with Alex Genadinik • The Udemy Professional


Meet Udemy Millionaire Alex Genadinik

Zach Miller: Hi, everyone! Zach Miller here again. Today I have a very special interview. I’ve been able to get a hold of Alex Genadinik and he is from

If you guys don’t know who Alex is. He is a top-selling Udemy coach, with over a hundred thousand students! He’s a best-selling author on Amazon. He has over a dozen publications on there.

He is a business and marketing coach with thousands of students and more than four thousand five star reviews detailing his expertise. He’s flat-out one of the top guys online right now. So whether you know nothing about marketing or you know everything, this is the brain that you want to pick. So guys I’m happy to introduce Alex Genadinik. How you doing Alex?

Alex Genadinik:  I’m doing great, Zach, thank you for inviting me it’s a pleasure.

Alex Genadinik’s Area of Expertise

Zach Miller: Awesome. So diving right in. I know a lot of people in my audience are just starting off, some are at that intermediate stage.  For that portion of the audience that doesn’t know what you do. Why don’t you just explain a little bit to them about what you teach and your expertise…

Alex Genadinik: Right. So, I spend a lot of time online. Because of that, I have few areas of expertise. I’ve dabbled in mobile apps, and I have some mobile apps with a few million downloads. After that, I started teaching others how to do it and coaching others. I have a book about mobile app marketing, and mobile app business. My apps are more about business planning and I’ve helped over a thousand people what that so far.

Business Development Coaching

Since then, I’ve started my coaching practice. I offer coaching in business planning and I’ve even created an innovative way to plan a business. Traditionally, creating a business plan was really hard to innovate and expediate. 

Business Planning

The business model canvas is a little complicated, so I made a very simple way around that. You just start with a 3 sets of business plans and turn that into a one page.  Then turn that into one full business plan. That helps people stay with it and not quit.

Most people, if they just followed a template, they ‘re still going to be confused afterwards. The most problematic thing, is that they’re entering the wrong content in each section which dilutes the quality of the entire business plan.

Top Seller on Udemy

My way of helping people, is guiding them & showing them how to do it correctly. I also sell books on Amazon. And now I have a large Udemy following and expertise for becoming a Udemy top seller. I have a few other areas of expertise, but I guess that’ll be enough for us here.

Alex Genadinik Talks Business Development

Zach Miller: Awesome. So for those of you who don’t understand. Basically five minutes of planning can save five hours or probably even five months of work. That’s what personal business development is really all about. Getting that plan so you know how to take action and move forward, right Alex?

Alex Genadinik: Yeah. Early in my career, I was making mistakes that were so easily averted. If I had just talked to a coach or somebody who knew the industry a little better, they would have saved me like six months of bad business. Not to mention money and effort by just steering me in the right direction. So that’s really why I got into business planning.  Because I saw that I personally was making so many mistakes that were easily avoidable.

Zach Miller: Oh, I’ve been there. I can tell you it’s a hardship that every entrepreneur goes through, isn’t it?

Alex GenadinikYeah.

How Did Alex Genadinik Get His Start?

Zach Miller:  So first off, how did you get started in your industry, Alex?

Alex Genadinik: Well, I have been in so many industries. I  was in San Francisco during boom in the late 90s and you know I just caught the bug. I wanted to do startups. It was very electrifying! It had so many promises. When I finished high school, it was like wide open for me and I jumped in and I rode that way up. And I it rode the way down and it just never stopped and I was always like “really?!” But the main thing that really persisted personally, was pursuing my own ideas in the beginning they flopped completely because I liked my ideas but I didn’t know business.

So making those mistakes on top of my ideas at first, led me to spectacular failures. Then they were just okay failures. Then they were kind of successes. Then I just started slowly becoming a little bit… Well, I’m not going to say successful, but you know, the things I had been doing started getting better and better overtime.

So it’s just kind of an evolution. Mostly the theme that I’ve had is: I like pursuing my own ideas. And I think that’s true for everybody. I like it so much that it really pushes me, like a lot of people like it but not every one takes action on it.

Zach Miller: Awesome.

Alex Genadinik: yeah

You’re Going to Fail Your Way to Success

Zach Miller: What I want to get through to the audience is, that failure is inevitable.  You failed Alex. I failed. I’m trying to get that through to my audience.

But I think that a lot of the modern-day gurus (obviously we don’t try to be them). We just try to be the experts that we are. Gurus fail often to tell people that they themselves fail. I think that kind of creates a mentality where people being to expect instant success. But it’s actually failing your way to success.  That’s how you got to where you are, right?

Alex Genadinik on Failing in Business

Alex Genadinik: That’s totally true. I remember my first success. It was right after a real, real struggling business that ended up failing. But through that failure, I had to figure out so many solutions and things out on my own that it actually made me a stronger entrepreneur.

It taught me what real hustle is and then on top of I gained experience I feel like I’d rather have avoided. But it made me a stronger entrepreneur. A lot of people do say that it’s not necessary to fail like Peter Thiel. You know he has a big theme that he doesn’t think people should fail.

I think it’s debatable. I feel like that failure gave me a lot of really hard experience. I also know it’s really hard to talk about your failures. Because you know you don’t like to admit your failings (it becomes an ego thing) because I fail more than I’d like to admit.

Zach Miller: I think we all have. That’s the thing to keep on everyone’s mind. Whenever you see all the success that someone is having or that we have that we’ve created for ourselves, remember there was definitely a long journey behind it, it didn’t come overnight as a lot of people think.

Alex Genadinik: Definitely not overnight and longer than I would have liked.

Alex Genadinik Speaks on Why People Fail

Zach Miller: So from your experience what is the number one reason that most people fail?

Alex Genadinik: They flake on themselves (myself included). I used to try to search deep like “why did I fail” and it’s not the business. The business part is easy, like business strategy is easy you know. You can put together a good business strategy and if you’re sitting with an expert.

For example, I can put together a business strategy for people within 30 minutes an hour no problem. That’s the easy part. The human issues are the really hard part. The business things you can solve them quickly, but there’s a reason that psychologists retain clients for years.

What Tendencies are Holding You Back?

So it’s really our human tendencies. Like some people may procrastinate. Some might have low confidence. Some people might have a hard time being accountable to themselves.

I see this a lot, they get really excited. They’re like “oh I’m going to totally do this” and then they don’t do it. They don’t have the self discipline. So it’s really super basic human things that are hard to fix. Because if they were easy to fix, whoever has them  would already fixed them. For example focus is a huge one. Let’s say I’ve solved goal setting. For me that seemed to be easy, but staying focused is like a never ending thing that’s hard to maintain.

Importance of Developing Soft Skills

I already fixed all the things that were easy. It’s the things that are hard that linger and pull people back; causing failures in their business. I think as soon as people focus on developing soft skills they’ll begin to improve their business. Soft skills are things like anger management, emotional management, emotional intelligence, goal setting, ect.

There’s about 30 different fields under which you can call soft business skills or productivity skills. Everyone has a few that really hold them back. As soon as they fix it, their business shoots through the roof. Because they’ve already solved a whole bunch of other ones. They just need to solve the ones that are currently holding them back.

Which is really the hard part. Then you usually hit a plateau. Plateau and then I fix something in myself that used to hold me back and I’ll leg up you know and then again plateau, plateau, plateau and then leg up so on.

Self Development is Crucial for Long-Term Business Success

Zach Miller: Amen. I couldn’t agree more with that. That’s exactly on point. So with that in mind, really it’s self-development holds us back from the success that we can achieve. It’s not any external forces.

Is It Too Late If You’re Just Getting Started Online in 2017?

So with that in mind, if you really get started online today 2017. I know there’s a lot of people that feel like they’re “late to the party.” I’m putting big air quotes on that one, because there’s always plenty of pie to be made. And if you started today online Alex, what would be that first step that you would take to getting started?

Alex Genadinik: Yeah. Actually, today is a really good time to start; there’s so many new things. Like crypto currency, AI tech, virtual reality. I guess it’s not early days, but it’s not late days. So they’re right on time. Facebook live, YouTube live. There are so many things that are happening today and it’s still early for them.  It would be silly to think that it’s late to the game. So that’s one thing I think when people get started online they want to be successful right away.

Zach Miller: Right.

Alex Genadinik on How Stress Alters Our Brain

Alex Genadinik: Going back to the soft business skills. There is a really interesting thing that like no one ever talks about. There’s something that happens to your brain. Why do most people go into business online?  It’s rarely out of hobby. Because if that was the case they would have already been in online business. If that’s the case, they’d already be the kind of nerds that are in on it.

It’s usually people who maybe have a financial hardship that need extra income. And financial income causes some of the worst kind of stress you can have. So for people starting out when they’re in stress… And usually when they’re first starting out, they’re totally stressed.

Stress is Killing Your Business

That stress causes the part of the brain that has the long vision the good decision-making (the pre-frontal cortex) to just shut off. And the only part of the brain that’s  working fully is what’s known as the animal brain, the amygdala. Which is responsible only for like things like anger and stress. It’s only concern is how do you relieve the immediate stress and than make a buck today. That leads to all the problems people face. They try to make a buck today which does not coincide with long-term solid strategies.

Zach Miller: I agree with that. Yeah. We over here in the states we call it the reptilian part of our brain. We’ve all been taught that’s the one part of your brain you don’t want to operate from unless you want to make bad decisions, am I right?

Alex Genadinik: Hundred percent. That part of the brain can only handle the immediate so when I say fix your goal-setting. Or fix your emotional intelligence, whatever has that stress, they’re thinking “that sounds great, but I cannot focus on that right now.” The person has to conscientiously be say “okay I’m in stress, I need to get a hold of myself or else I’m going to cause more damage to myself if I keep going in this direction”.

Reduce Stress And Run A Better More Profitable Business

There are many things people can do to relieve the stress. Eat better, sleep better, exercise more. Those are all things that will put you in a better state of mind. Do more meditative tasks, not necessarily meditate but like take a walk without your phone. Something that gets your better part of your brain working.

So those are a few immediate steps to get motivated right now. Improve your thinking so that your reptilian brain doesn’t completely take over. Because if you’re 24/7 in front of the computer stressing, naturally you’re just not going to  listen to sound advice. Following bad decisions over and over will continue leading to bad decisions which will lead to lack of success. Lack of success will lead to low confidence, low confidence will lead to quitting and so that’s why people fail.

Is Your Reptilian Brain Controlling You?

Zach Miller: I couldn’t agree more. I mean a decade plus ago, when I first started online, I could totally say that my reptilian part of my brain was making all the decisions. And that’s why I spun my wheels for so long.

Alex Genadinik: That’s why I talk about it. I think back to myself. It was really hard to get out of the reptilian brain thinking. Really hard. But whoever can do it will be so much better off. Like three years from today they’ll be so much further along than if they didn’t change their ways.

Tools to Ensure Success

Zach Miller:  With that in mind, that leads me perfectly to my next question. A lot of people are fighting with these sorts of issues. A lot of people like you said, they’re starting out coming from a place of fear. Instead of a place of peace or happiness where they focus on helping people. Versus trying to make that quick buck.

So what are some resources that are available to help ensure success?  What are some things that you offer that would help people get past these issues?

Alex Genadinik: Right. So after a while of looking into soft skills and working through them with myself and my clients. I wrote a book called ’20 principles of productivity’. In the ‘20 principles of productivity‘ is where I talk about everything. From getting focused, to self discipline, to making productive decisions and life goal setting. Because if you choose a wrong life goal then no matter how productive you are, its almost entirely wasted.

The other part, is increasing your emotional intelligence. It’s like a course in how to be smarter – emotionally. I also teach how to think outside the box. How to be more creative and teaching the logical fallacies we fall into. You know for example like, inductive reasoning versus deductive. Where you make a conclusion and then find the facts that support it. Which can totally leave you in the wrong direction. But when you actually look at the facts objectively, and let the facts lead you; the outcome can be a lot different.

Personal Development = Business Development

There’s about ten logical fallacies that often come into play. Even after I put them together, I started noticing myself still falling into them. I’m not one to toot my own horn. However, I think it’s fair to say I’m not a beginner anymore. Those are the things that I focus on that have helped me the most. I think for beginners, they want actionable things they can follow click by click. Like how to make money or how to relieve the immediate stress.

But to become more experienced you’ve got to develop soft skills because your mindset dictates every second of your life. Your brain controls everything you do. Make the best decisions you can every second, because your mind directs everything you live in it, it’s your whole world.

Are You The Master of Your Fate and Captain of Your Soul?

Zach Miller: Exactly! And for those of you listening, you’ve probably heard me talk about Richard Bandler, the founder of neuro-linguistic programming. These are the exact same techniques Richard talks about. Bandler says that all you guys need to do is operate from the perspective of cutting down the time you work on your tasks by at least half while making at least four times as much money, when you have that state of mind it’s a lot easier to be successful, isn’t it?

Alex Genadinik: Yeah

Zach Miller:  So one more time, I just want the audience to know you can get that book on Amazon. That’s the 20 principles of productivity correct?

Alex Genadinik: Yeah

Zach Miller: Awesome! So you can get that… I believe the Kindle book version is free if you want the paperback version which I always suggest guys…

Alex GenadinikThe Kindle version is $4.99

Zach Miller: Ah, $4.99

Alex Genadinik: Paperback is $12.99 but I recently started accepting Bitcoin too. So whoever wants to pay in bitcoin it can be cheaper.

Zach Miller: Awesome. So that’s another great book for you guys and then we’re just going to be wrapping up here. Cause I think that that perfectly places everything in people’s heads of which direction to go. But, I just want to finish by talking about a few misconceptions inside of your industry. Anything that you’d like to clear up for the audience, before getting involved with you and diving into your products?

Alex Genadinik on Consistent Action & Healthy Habits

Alex Genadinik: What I see a lot, is people get very excited and enthusiastic about their ideas. You know, things they want to do. But there’s very little follow-through. That’s crucial because the excitement isn’t the business. The excitement is just a good emotion to get started.

When you get started it’s kind of like nerdy work. It’s not always fun. Sometimes, it’s boring. Often, you’re sitting at home a lot by yourself. So that excitement quickly drains if you if you don’t develop the discipline. Which over time develops healthy habits like time management and all that stuff. They’re easy if you consistently implement them.

Give It 100% Every Time!

They don’t work if you only implement the strategies to 60% or 80%. After all, you’re competing with Giants, you’re competing with billion-dollar companies in almost every industry. And even if you’re not competing with billion dollar companies – you’re competing with a swarm of online entrepreneurs. Some of them are not very good, but some of them know the rules and they’ll take your lunch. So you got to bring your A-game.

You always want to work on yourself and implement everything 150%. It doesn’t have to be overnight – it won’t be overnight. Because this kind of advice can immediately trigger the perfectionist in people. They begin thinking things like “oh my gosh, if it’s not amazing then I can’t start.”  Done is better than perfect. Start now. Just don’t stop until your product is the best in the market and your marketing is the best in the market and then you’ll win big.

Zach Miller: I agree. As I always tell my student’s: one step forward in your marketing – one step forward in your knowledge and you’ll be balanced.

Alex Genadinik: Perfect. Yeah.

Zach Miller: So the final thing that I want to wrap up with and I love doing this because I want you to stick out from the crowd. What is something that’s true in your industry, that almost nobody agrees with you on? What’s something that you kind of feel is your little seek your little dirty secret?

Alex Genadinik Shares His Success Hack

Alex Genadinik: Well, I don’t have a conversation about how to promote a business without mentioning Facebook marketing. Especially, Facebook ads. For me it’s going great things for my businesses. But what I really like, is to look where everybody is going, then I’m going that way.  That’s what I like and you know I kind of take a little bit of pride in that. I’m a little creative so what I like to do is I like to look for all the green pastures.

It could be Facebook marketing, it could be SEO. A lot of people think SEO is just Google but it’s not really just Google.  It’s like Amazon, it’s a search engine. YouTube is also a search engine. iTunes is a search engine. The google play store is a search engine. The apple store is a search engine – they’re all search engines. Even Udemy is a search engine.

Who Do You Show Up Next To? – It’s Not Just About Rankings

Then people make the mistake of thinking “okay, I’ve got to rank my product in search and then I’ll be good” right?  Well, yes and no. Yes, you’ll rank and you’ll get more sales of course. But you’ll never get more sales than their are people searching for them.  Which is sometimes a low ceiling; if it’s a high ceiling you always want to try and break through that.

The best way to win is to choose a platform. For example, if you sell a book on Amazon. Or a course on Udemy or a video on YouTube. You’ve got to be next to the books or videos or portions that have a million views.

You’ve got to get yourself to be recommended next to them. Because that is the quickest way to get the platform to promote you. It’s the biggest way to drive not only traffic but real sales right real revenue. That’s the number one way to build authority fast.

You Need to Be Seen As an Authority

I think most people, they think in terms of strategy and that’s alright. But outside of the funnels and email marketing getting ranked next to the best-selling experts that’s where it’s at and no one talks about it. Everyone’s like Facebook, Instagram, ect. 

Zach Miller: Awesome. Well, that definitely does set you apart from the crowd pretty starkly. With that being said, I want you guys to understand that Alex is creme de la crème of his industry. If have any questions on personal development and productivity. You can contact Alex for coaching here.

Again, the first thing that Alex suggests that you get his “20 principles of productivity.” You can get that on Amazon, it’s just $4.99 very inexpensive. And it’s going to revolutionize your business so why the heck not. Alex, I want to thank you once again for joining me and my audience today. We can’t wait to have you back on again.

Alex Genadinik:  Awesome. Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it.

Zach Miller: Awesome thank you Alex bye-bye.

One Step Towards Knowledge = One Step Towards Power

One Step Towards Knowledge = One Step Towards Power



Hey guys Zach Miller here again today and I’m just browsing the world of YouTube and I’ve really gotten into Def-Con you know a lot of these hacker conferences where they get together. It’s so awesome to see how technology is growing and helping to advance basically our ease of use in living. After all knowledge is power, right? Yeah things are going to get a little scary, things are going to get a little dicey at times of course but that’s how life naturally is so it’s really amazing to see these blasts in technology I’m sure at the end of the day history repeats itself you know somehow we’ll always send ourselves back into a stone age but while we have it – let’s enjoy it, right?

Well with that being said the one thing that I know that has been here and will still stay here is Click Funnels and I have been loving the way that they have been making these advancements inside of their machines inside of their software it is really helping to be able to build funnels quicker than ever. If you guys don’t know already click funnels is actually what I use to build all of my sales funnels I talk a lot about this inside of my book sales funnel secrets there’s a lot inside that really goes over the aspects of what do you offer for a front end, what about your middle, have you ever even thought about there being a middle to your business, what about a backend, what do you mean a back end, well what are you selling to people after they purchase that first initial product that you’re trying to get everyone in the world to buy oh this is what I’m trying to get everyone in the world to buy but what do you offer afterwards.

I have an entire product line built up for you guys so that you can take it step by step this is basically what I call the 80-20 rule. Eighty percent of all my knowledge I give out and twenty percent I keep and give out in my other products. There’s lots of money to be made online whether you are an expert you want to be an expert you’re just an affiliate you’re looking to get your start online whatever it is there’s technology that helps you get ahead Click Funnels is what I use but when you’re ready to actually get ahead in the sense of knowledge because you need to take one step forward in power what I call technology and then one step forward in knowledge what I offer here. See this will be able to get you revolutionized and ready for the new wave of marketing that is about to hit the world if you’re not with it then you’re going to be behind it that’s as simple as it goes.

So in order to get on the new marketing wave and understand how a sales funnel will revolutionize your business even if you have no business yet this is how you get one started in less than thirty days and I’m talking a full complete business because like the old adage says it’s better to study or to plan or to even think for five minutes to save five hours of work that’s exactly what sales funnel secrets‘ does and you can get it by going to and if you want to get same sales funnels that I use the real Click Funnels  then just go to you’ll get a lot of the same templates that I use I’ll even be giving you a lot of the exact same sales funnels piece for piece inside Sales Funnel Secrets showing you how you should be building your entire business so that way it’s not that you have to really think about it it’s that you have to do it. So with that being said you know what to do I’ll see you guys later bye, bye.