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Diego Davila Interview • The Road to Social Media Millions

Zach:                          Hey everybody Zach Miller here again and today I have an amazing expert with us, if you’ve been kind of hanging on by the thread you understand that have been going through all of the biggest experts that I can find online because as you know I’m the expert sales funnels and you…

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Dave Chesson Kindleprenuer Founder Interview • The Road to Riches

Zach:                          Hi guys! Zach Miller here again today and as you know I’ve been going through interviewing basically the most successful people online, people of expertise that are outside my expertise which as you guys know, am a great guy sales funnels probably you know one of the best but when it comes to…

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David Fradin Interview • Spice Catalyst & Apple’s Business Unit Manager

Zach:              Hi everybody Zach Miller here again and as you know I’m always looking out for the most incredible experts that I can get my hands on that we can learn and really zap the knowledge that’s inside their brains and make it ours. Because we know that when we have enough knowledge and power…

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AB Split Testing vs. Multi-Variation Testing

AB Split Testing vs. Multi-Variation Testing – Which Is Better?

Split testing is a great way to figure out the most valuable promotional strategies that your business is currently utilizing.  Even better, it can be used to test just about any kind of marketing including: emails, landing pages, paid advertising, ad banners, ect. Sure split testing is a bit of work, but it doesn’t have…

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Fugly Landing Page

How One Fugly Landing Page Is Getting An 76% Opt-In Rate!

My landing page is not the most visually-appealing thing to look at.  I actually even had a client of mine ask me why on earth I would have such an outdated-looking landing page?! Won’t people think it looks scammy?! and my response was: “Well, maybe that’s how you see it – but, it sure does…

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