BOOK REVIEW: The Perception Deception

BOOK REVIEW: The Perception Deception



Hey guys how’s it going? Zach Miller here today I’m going a little bit off more of the marketing side kind of break the hypnotic rhythm right there and get into books. I love reading I think that we as owners we as entrepreneurs really just need to always be improving ourselves reaching for that next level you know maybe if it’s not financially I always say that for every fine you know step that you take forward financially you need to take one if not two steps forward in knowledge and wisdom and that’s how you truly can keep your wealth for the years decades and centuries to come. With that one of my favorite books that I’ve recently found is quite enormous if you guys can see there.

It is called the perception deception and it’s by someone named David Ike like to call him David Icky but David Icke actually breaks down inside basically going into a bit of quantum physics a little bit of fringe science and conspiracy theories in the sense of unequivocally science and quantum physics has already to this day since probably about I think 1960 or so 1957 about has proven that we live in a field in which there is a lot of empty space basically the atom the nucleus everything inside it is you know what is the nucleus that would be basically the size of a penny and the actual size of the atom how big that is in comparison and all of all of the atom is empty space outside of the nucleus you know the electron and the proton it would be the size of a cathedral I think something like St basically just an enormous size to say the least it’s basically understanding that all that we live in is basically empty space. The things that we perceive as reality is only our perception of reality forming as we think and create consciousness and live inside of it was a very interesting thing to really undertaken you know it obviously took a lot to do and I think David Ike did it very well.

Like I said it goes a little down fringe science on certain points he keeps very well on the modern day science which I think everyone tries to build off of at some point you do have to escape the conditionings because a lot of things that are talked about in here. You know kind of your belief systems need to be left at the front door because it says you know there is no room for religion here there is no room for this it’s just what is what isn’t theirs you are not trying to conceptualize the invisible just recognize that there is invisible and let’s leave it at that and try and figure out what we can within the realm of what we know and our scientists have discovered outside of that and it starts connecting dots in a conspiracy like pattern a little bit later on, a lot of these things are very unique in the sense that touches on you know geo political stances. How certain religions have actually been secretly in control the (unclear) the you know you can have the Freemasons a lot of these people people don’t know who these religions or these organizations are and they’re quite powerful you know if you consider the Catholic Church powerful than the (unclear) would be above that you know that there are there is a pecking order in all of these religions uniquely enough.

So you have to almost get that aside and understand that that’s just a veil that’s hiding what is the perception of our nature around us you know everything that seems gloom and doom isn’t actually all gloom and doom right it’s only portrayed that way because of sometimes media news organizations usually things controlled by well basically Propaganda machines what I would consider anything that is for profit even a lot of things they talk about nonprofit you know things like the Red Cross and mind you the Red Cross’ has also come out as being basically a scammer “ish” you know a big fraud in recent years but this was written well before that so it was just kind of calling out those things that were uncouth or Not politically correct to be said at the time when Red Cross was quote unquote helping you know what was their mission statement basically to me now that I see and what we’ve learned about them they were euthanizing parts of Africa they say that they were delivering I believe just aid or relief food things like that but they’re actually giving immunizations that would actually cause infertility and that’s quite a very dangerous thing when you think about.

And also different a lot a lot of things were covered inside of this again all of these things are quite unanimously all geared towards what you would consider a matrix you know it’s a little weird to even think about but when you get the science into it and again I can’t even do it justice Look how much it takes to explain how you know to put this into concise words. And I’m just trying to do it some justice in the sense that we do live in a matrix and it very concisely proves that I’ve this isn’t the first book I’ve read on this I’ve actually read scientific studies that are only about this deep but they deal in quantum physics that basically to they said and then it’s pretty funny 99.9 repeating forever chance that you live in a matrix and a point zero repeating one chance that this is reality as it is in the noun time present and that time you know everything that we know is time and all the linearity of it. It’s OK because what we have right now this is the only thing that’s real and past future everything else is nothing which obviously when you read quantum physics you understand you know time isn’t linear time is just a conceptualization for us to be able to mold and graft ourselves into a higher nature of being or consciousness and a lot of these concepts again are very deep in various details right inside up here there’s many scientific papers that you can read is The Matrix real, let me tell you we are living in the matrix we are if you want to say we’re living in the end times that’s not correct what’s even more correct is to say that we’ve always been in the end times but the end times will never come.

So it’s a lot of things that you know I think that again you have to leave your perceptions at the front door your religions your superstitions your maybe if you’re not superstitious you’re just kind of “stitious” you know as they say but you have to leave all that the front door kind of read it as a scientific notion and like I said there are some conspiracy theory some fringe ideas in here but hey what is anything that is anything that basically goes forward lets you know hey here’s how you can go about expressing who you are in nature and finding out the very question that exists inside of all of us which is who am I.

So the perception deception a very great read a long at the very least I think it was 850 pages Yep 850 is right where yep right where it goes into the end postscript. So it was quite a massive read there’s a lot to be understood inside of it I couldn’t recommend it any more just to even add to your knowledge kind of give you a larger picture of what’s beyond life what is beyond money marketing and what you have here and I think this does a very good job. Of giving me the first breath of a glimpse of something beyond what you normally thought in your day to day life you know this is something definitely that you guys have never experienced before these are thoughts that you know honestly to have these thoughts you have to almost be without work without a job without outside of the matrix right the things that this thing talks about.

The money system is a matrix, the J.O.B. system is a matrix work is a matrix unless it’s dedicated in a proper way in the way that you designate your energy all these things. So they could they’re designed for you not to think about what you’re inside you know reading this was definitely worth the time because it made me think about more of what’s outside the box and boy with the more that you learn about what the cube represents, you’ll understand when thinking out of the box how hard it really is to do. So with that being said I’m Zach Miller This was review for the perception deception by David Ike I wish you the best of success keep reading keep improving yourself always get better I wish you the best again bye, bye.

What is a Tripwire Offer?

What Is a Tripwire Offer?


Hey, Zach here again and today I’m going to be answering a couple of the questions that I got regarding Tripwire offers.

First off, let’s start off with what is a Tripwire offer. A Tripwire is usually something [sold for] $10 or less.

Anything under $10 is considered a Tripwire offer.  The reason being is that that price point that threshold is usually falling in line with something that’s easy to say yes to without building up a lot of reasons of why they should buy it.

See, just a simple reason is you me or who I am, or I’m offering this information it helps these types of people. That’s about as simple as it gets because when people see a low price point, even if it’s something that they’re not too trustworthy about, they’re willing to shill out their credit card and lose 10 bucks. Especially if you give a guarantee and you simply say, “Hey if you don’t like it ask me for your money back.” and that’s all.

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“How To” Tripwire

That’s cool too, but what ends up happening is a lot of people say “yes” because that initial offer is so good that they can’t pass it up. And usually a Tripwire isn’t a large course; it’s actually something where most people will probably have somewhere between three and four modules. So let’s just say that you have six modules and you’re doing kind of like a micro Continuity course or something like that.

You know it’s a large [undertaking] to teach whatever you’re going to with JUST the Tripwire . So you’re going to just take one of these [modules] and bring it down [as a Front-End] and then that’s what’s going to be offered for sale [as a Tripwire].

The Tripwire is going to be a segmentation, also known as a Splinter, of one of your main or core products. So again, it’s not you recreating anything, it’s not you redoing or having to edit [materials].

It’s just you taking one course section [or module] and just going, “BOOM! This is the most important thing I’d like you guys to learn and know and if you like this then you’re going to love the rest of my course.” Which you can unlock for say $30 and that’s your $37 product or maybe $90 and that’s your $97 product. You’re just simply saying this right here [the Tripwire] is going to link into all of this over here [the full course].

So it’s a really easy thing to say “yes” to. People get the hang of it. They’re able to say “yes” to a low offer like that, that’s why it’s called [a] Tripwire. They’re looking at the offer, they’re not looking at the price. Then so they fall over. It’s very easy to say “yes” to you with this.


What Happens After a Tripwire?

From the Tripwire what’s going to happen, is they’re making that initial purchase here right. And let’s face it, less than $10 is probably not going to give you a lot of food on the table. What’s probably going to end up doing is breaking you even if you’re lucky or probably losing a little bit of money.

What you want to find out, is what the (ACV), average cart value or average customer value is. And you want to make this [ACV] higher than whatever this number is you end up spending. Because you’ll end up spending much more than what the Front-End costs.

I can spend sometimes twenty dollars for someone [to convert] as long as I have what I consider upsells or [OTOs] One Time Offers that occur after the purchase has been made.

After that fact, then there’s so much more leverage for someone to say “yes” because: A) I already  have their credit card information so now when I ask, “Hey would you like to unlock the rest of this course for $90” and then [B)] I offer another upsell and I say, “Hey would you like this membership program for $27 every month?”


The ‘Bigger Picture’ of Tripwire Products

All of these things can end up building up [the ACV]. Now, I don’t suggest continuities right off the bat, but that’s something you can do. There’s multiple scenarios.

You can even say, “Hey come get my coaching.” and that’s a high value or high-ticket offer. Or you can offer another One Time Offer for $27-$37 dollars. Most of my offers are usually between $27 and $1997, so you know there’s some room on price for your offer.

So all of these [products] can be offered in different ways, upsells, downsells, One Time Offers will increase your average cart value [ACV], which is the totality of all these products combined.

And that’s going to give you this number right here. Which again, is ACV. In case you’re wondering, this [cost to acquire a new customer] can end up being $20. Then that’s a perfect equivalent exchange of [ACV to] what it costs to get a customer.

Once I have that Tripwire done, again what are we going to do, we’re building our VALUE LADDER! So the Tripwire-it’s supposed to break us even.

So that’s our breakeven point, right? And then from here [the Tripwire], there is our Mid-Ticket and there’s our Back End. The Back End, which you know may be coaching [or a large service], and at the bottom [of The Value Ladder] like I’ve talked about you want a Continuity Program. Whether it’s unlimited [or never-ending billing] or six to twelve months long. Either way, you need a Continuity Program.

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The Value Ladder

When you have all of these things [as a Value Ladder], then that Tripwire that you’ve placed up-front, makes sure that [later] you start breaking even. Let’s say it cost $20 to get a customer to come through and make that first purchase. But on average once I get them [in the sales funnel], 15% buy [my OTO #1] here and then 18% buy [my OTO #2] here.

What we’re trying to do is get that conversion page/squeeze page to increase. That’s something where you’re normally asking [the prospect], “Hey, can you give me your name, your email, etcetera. And then click submit, right here.”

So if your first page that they land on [doesn’t convert well], then you need to be editing this THE MOST. This is the first thing to focus on because this is the first thing they [a prospect] lands on.

This, [your sales page] is the second thing you start optimizing. Why? It’s the second thing they are going to land on. Third, [your OTO #1] and so on and so forth.


The Best Part, Maybe?

And then, once you’ve gotten [your] Tripwire to start breaking even, then you have all of these other things: your Mid-Ticket, your Back End, your Coaching, your Continuity. All of those are going to be pure profits when you start selling to that same list that bought your Tripwire. And guess what? Because you can [break even] for every customer that buys [that Front-End], it’s free to build a [buyer’s] list.

So you can spend $10,000, and as long as you have those numbers properly figured out, then you’ll make $10,000 back this month.

What does that do for you? Well that means that you make nothing, sure. But guess what? Out of $10,000 spent I probably got somewhere between 200 to 250 buyers. Those are 2-250 people that know me, like me, trust me, and are willing to buy from me again.

BONUS! And with the use of ClickFunnels you can save their credit card information. So now all they have to do, is click one time – just one time! One time and whether it’s for your Mid-Ticket for $997. Whether it’s the Coaching that can go as high as $25,000, or whether it is a Continuity Program between $20 and $197 a month. All of these things are just one click away.

Bam! They want anything else, those are purchases instantly made so they just have to have that little threshold broken the first time. Then you don’t have to ask them for their credit card information again. It’s so easy to do all these things, and it all [starts] with that Tripwire.



So I hope I explained to you guys what the Tripwire is, how it acts, how it fits into your business, and where it all fits together [in a Value Ladder] so that you can really leverage and build a large customer base going forward.

Think how those 250 people that like you, know you, trust you, and all that they have to do is say “yes” one-time by clicking one button to buy your next product. And imagine what’ll be like when you send a new offer to these 250 people, like your Mid-Ticket.

[You’ll want to] do this a couple days after they’ve gotten done going through your product. Which takes about 48-72 hours. No matter how big it is, you want to offer them that next thing to do.

Afterwards you’re going to take a high percentage of those people, since they already have identified themselves as buyers. They raised their hands saying, “Take my credit card!” and they’re probably going to do it again. As long as you deliver on your promises. With that being said, enjoy! I wish you the best of success, and until then bye, bye.

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The Missing Piece – Why Businesses Fail

The Missing Piece – Why Businesses Fail


Hi I’m Zach Miller and today we’re just going to be really addressing the issues of why you need a complete value ladder which basically in a sense for those of you don’t know means if you have a product or service that you already deliver most likely most of those services are going to take place between what I would consider low ticket or mid ticket prices. Now that being said there’s a lot of ideas behind why you need to offer additional products and services but the main reason is that you need to establish a low price threshold that people can easily overcome in order to make their first purchase with you so that way you can start the relationship with them as a buyer that’s the most important thing that you can do.

So what I’m going to do is going to quickly draw out a little bit of a value ladder for you and show you what most often you’ll end up having like I said a low ticket to a mid-ticket but no matter what you end up having the point is that you’re missing multiple steps within your value ladder and that’s very critical in order to be able to address all of the issues that come up when your buyer is trying to obtain a desired result.

Every reason that someone buys from you is because they are after a desired result that desired result is the ultimate outcome that you’re hoping to deliver by the time that they get through all of your value ladder which of course is going to take into account like I said potentially that you know my computer is freezing a little bit.

Here we go that front end which may be a low ticket you know somewhere between it can honestly be between free and upwards I’ve seen all the way to three hundred dollars. Now I don’t usually recommend this I try and keep it anything under ten that’s a front end to me and that’s what I’ve seen perform best.

But there are front ends that work with you know one hundred maybe seven two hundred maybe seven membership products etcetera they can work on the front end but most often what succeeds is a low one time threshold with a lot of value that’s delivered and what you’re really trying to do throughout all of this is here’s the price and here’s the value that you’re trying to establish so as that goes forward again you’re naturally building that in a linear fashion so when someone starts off again they get a low price value a lot I’m sorry a low price a lot of value mid ticket somewhere like I say usually between one and five thousand dollars and you have what I consider your back end your high ticket and that’s going to be somewhere between twelve or a hundred thousand just like that.

And now again a lot of people are going to end up having a part of this but not all of it and having all of this is really what’s critical to making a business successful because if you only sell me a ticket products guess what? You’re only getting people they’re only willing to meet this threshold value right here and if they’re able to cross pass this point then sure they’ll trust you enough to make that first purchase but let me tell you that doesn’t happen often infact if I walk up into the middle of say McDonald’s or somewhere and I say hey my name is Zach Miller I’m really great with sales funnels guess what I can do? I can build your business out, build all your sales funnels, do all these amazing things and make you really you know successful online.

What are most people going to say? Probably no they’re going to laugh in my face the reason being I haven’t built up enough value there’s no trust factor there’s no relationship so there’s nothing to build off therefore again I’m starting off from scratch. What I need to do in order to get those people to learn about me say I’m going to maybe offer a free plus shipping so they’re going to start off here and then to deliver a lot of value for a low price and I’m going to cross that gap there. So now all of sudden when I go to make that next thing where I say hey I want you spend a thousand dollars with me I know you only spent you know maybe six bucks with me before but this thing is going to rock your world and guess what? They got value from the first thing they’re going to say well it’s a no brainer I need this so they go on they say yes to that and then eventually again that leads to you introducing your back end after you’ve sold these products.

Now what I tend to like to do is create what I consider a continuity or micro continuity program that goes along usually between a six, twelve month or eternity schedule of billing and it can be daily, weekly, monthly, whatever you choose yearly but for me I often have monthly and this is a continuity.

And again you can charge anywhere between seven, seventeen, forty seven, ninety seven, one ninety seven to pay on the value of your program most of times I like to keep it between fifty and a hundred dollars and a six or twelve month program maker continuity user something I discussed inside of my book sales funnel secrets and multiple other places there’s pros and cons to both but you need to get a little bit more into detail with other things I talk about in order to learn more about that.

Again the main idea that I’m trying to really break down for you here is that if you only have one single piece of your sales funnel than at the end of the day you’re going to be struggling for a while. Most often because I consider the front end something that’s not necessary in the sense to make profits right here is where you should be breaking even which means I’m putting a dollar in ads and then I’m finally getting one dollar out somewhere around here and the reason being is because I want to be able to give everyone as many people as possible my front end product so I deliver the most amount of value I can upfront and it’s a low threshold so I’m discovering who a lot of my buyers are that would know me like me and trust me and learn to grow with me once I have that and building that list for free if I can build the buyers list for free that next product that introduce to him is all pure profits and that’s the main idea that’s why people have hundred thousand million dollar these launches that they have these launches are already built off of a previous list just like I showed you right here they get a front end product going they start building out their middle but in the meantime they’ll get you know one thousand, two thousand, three thousand buyers all the other is a lot of buyers.

But let me tell you then when you introduce your next product out of those thousand buyers it’s very profitable let me tell you that half of the people are going to be interested in it lease click through you know start learning a lot more maybe show up for your webinar and if you pitching like I show you how to pitching then what of that number you should reasonably expect to close somewhere between twenty maybe thirty of those people for a thousand dollars each that’s twenty to thirty thousand dollars off of one webinar. So again it’s a very powerful thing but it all starts with this front end right here again this is what it’s all about that if you don’t have that front end you don’t maybe you even just had a middle if you only have that middle guess what? You’re probably going to be breaking even somewhere around here if you just had a middle so you’re going to have this little amount right here that’s all profits for you that’s all that’s left I know a lot of you guys are struggling online and if you only have that you’re middle or just a front that’s why you’re struggling if you have a front a middle and you still need to get that extra juice out you feel like maybe I’m breaking even still somewhere around here that’s fine it doesn’t matter if you break even there because when you introduce then your high ticket you’re back end like I show you inside of high to get hack then that will ultimately allow you to close deals for twelve twenty five thousand dollars closing for twenty five thousand dollars deals you have a six figure business.

Now that’s very easy to do when you have a thousand buyers on your front end naturally those thousand buyers some of them are going to just trickle on through and they’re going to come through all the way to your back end so that’s what you’re really looking to establish is an entire and complete funnel for each of your steps and then all of those linked together to create what’s known as your value ladder.

And that today folks is I think a very important lesson that you should just give some food for thought when you do let me tell you your business is absolutely going to be phenomenal you just need to implement these secrets a lot of the reasons that I felt like I was spinning my wheels and I was failing online was because I was missing these crucial elements things that are truly so simple that sometimes they just don’t teach facts I don’t think I’ve ever out of all of the business grads that I have had a students of mine they’ve never been taught a value ladder quite like this because it truly gets the perspective in frame of here’s what I’m going to do throughout the lifetime of my customer here you’re going to get them the ultimate desired result way up here and everyone starts off way down here right.

So that’s what you need to understand first again going through sales funnel secrets my book I give it to you for free all I ask is you pay the shipping so it gets to you faster do order quick because we don’t have many copies left the copies that we do have left when we get reorders once we sell out they take thirty plus days to get it so I need you guys to just you know bear with me on this the fact that it does take a little while to get this all wrapped up and together so if you don’t order and you get put on that waiting list you going to be waiting thirty days for that book’s order now and you’ll actually get your copy but if you wait even a few seconds you may lose it.

So again go ahead I’m going to give that link to you get the book I’m going to discuss many more secrets on top of the value ladder and it’s absolutely going to be fundamental to your business and your success they’re going to be seen very shortly.

With that being said and we should the best of success bye, bye.

Sales Funnel Secrets Book PROMO

Sales Funnel Secrets Book PROMO



Hi I’m Zach Miller and today I’m going to introduce you guys to my latest offer sales funnel secrets the book. Now this inside covers about the last ten years of well over really a decade of information knowledge that I’ve learned I’ve picked up I’ve gone through trial and error and I’ve started to learn the secrets to what truly makes a sales funnel successful and with that I want to give you the short cut. This is going to include so many different things you can read about on this page from my sales scripts to the actual sales funnels that I used to how I actually write my e-mails everything that you could think of is right here inside this book.

So what I need you to do is I need you to fill out the form that’s right on this page and it’s just going to simply ask you where should I ship this book, now what I want you to know is that right off the bat this book sales funnel secrets is 100% free all I ask that you do is pay the shipping see all I want you to do is get this book in your hands as soon as humanly possible and I believe the best way to do that is just to help me be able to get this book faster to you so when you do that again you’re going to fill out that form this book’s going to be shipped right off to you just let us know where to send it all you have to do is make sure you fill out that form right away. The reason being is well here’s the catch outside of the book being free there is no catch except for it takes my publisher thirty to forty days to get these books back when I order a large amount and right now we have a limited quantity left I think it’s a little under two hundred books and I just don’t want you guys to lose out on this because if you don’t get this right now my sales funnel book for free then you’re going to end up waiting anywhere between thirty and forty days to get the book in your hands and I don’t want that to happen so you need to act right now while these books are still available and you can get this in your hands right away.

Now my guarantee is if you don’t love this book you don’t for some reason something’s just wrong with it you don’t feel satisfied that’s completely fine all I want you to do is simply e-mail us we’re going to refund your shipping right back to you every penny that you paid us and as my gift to you I want you to keep this book alright because I know it’s a play book and you’re going to be using it in the future and that way we can part as friends does that sound fair. Awesome so again with that being said I’m Zach Miler I’m offering my free book sales funnel secrets I’m giving it to you completely free no catches no strings attached all I need you to do is pay the shipping so that way I can get it to you much, much faster and I need you to order right now because the urgency is, is if you don’t order these books we sell out we sell very, very fast so if you don’t order this like right now then you may end up waiting thirty to forty days to get this book in your hands and I don’t want that to happen because with every day of sales funnel secrets Oh my goodness you could be the absolute revolution that your entire business needs.

So again get this in your hands and as part of a special promotion with the book I’m going to be giving out. A few golden tickets and this is going to be found basically I was thinking about within one out of every ten books we’re going to be sending out a golden ticket if you get this then you’re going to have a little information on the back and it’s going to tell you where to attend and once you have that again this is going to be a special golden ticket invite for you guys to specifically personally work with me, so if you get this this truly is a golden ticket, this is you guys getting to go on after you go and you join this event you’re going to get to work with me again one on one personally. This is not something that I normally do almost ever if anyone usually wants to work with me one on one they usually have to pay $25,000 and join my inner circle. I want to skip all that I want to give you guys understanding I want to give you your own golden ticket I want you to work with me get your sales funnels under way ask any questions that you may have inside of your head and that way I can help you lead you through all of the issues so that way you don’t have the failures that I had that the other people normally have you can instantly start with success by getting your golden ticket and the only way to do that is by ordering sales funnel secrets right now.

Now not everyone that of course orders this is going to be a winner but again if you do get your golden ticket inside of this take advantage of it you’re going to absolutely love the event that we have on the other side its special just for you guys no one else is getting this. So again if you get your golden ticket make sure you cash it in with that being said again sales funnel secrets this book is 100% free to you no strings attached no catches nothing at all. All I ask is that you pay the shipping so that we can get it to you extremely fast rather than the media mail which may take you know one to two weeks I want this in your hands because every single day matters every single day is so important that I need to get this in your hands as soon as humanly possible so that you can start revolutionizing your business and literally doing a 180 with your success with that being said I wish you guys the best of success until then bye, bye.

The World Is Flat [Book Review]


Hey, Zach Miller here. I just wanted to really tell you guys a few awesome things. Number one, I have just recently repurchased the book by Thomas Friedman “The World Is Flat”. It’s a new and updated edition. First time I read this back in early years of my high school career and it was about six hundred pages then, it’s about six fifty now. All this knowledge basically boiled down to one thing. Globalization through the technologies that have advanced in the last twenty to twenty five years have now brought to fruition a new level playing field in which anyone can present their expertise in the information world of today: and the huge keyword that we need to focus on inside of this is “information”. This is an information-driven world, which means everything that we do is no longer really based upon services but the intelligence that we can offer to extend the power behind everything that we do.

Truly intelligence, wisdom that’s leverage beyond what a million people could deliver because we have today robots and electronics that can do just that. It was just a few intellectual thinkers that brought about the globalization of the world that we see it is today. And before… as I have on the screen, here’s my proof that the world is flat right here: and I think it’s quite amazing really just to understand that before we had to always ship things off into the distance, we had to deliver all our mail physically. Everything was always this way-time that really expanded the commerce of the world and money going around which makes the world go round: and the faster that we allowed our deliveries or our deliverables such as emails, information, really the ability to deliver information because it’s so instantaneous is truly become the most powerful thing even beyond services and physical products. While those have a commonplace in today’s world, information is what drives everything, and I do mean everything. Most of the problems that we even have now today in socio-global economics are all based on information and where it should be kept private, where it should be monetized and where it should not be. Information is everything. And the beautiful thing is that inside this world, I really had this idea that “Hey, you’re right. The world is flat”. When I got into high school, I was going into a computer engineering degree paying a good 67,000 right off first year and that was great because I was in one of the top, you know, engineering schools in the nation; but then I thought about it and while I was there, if you guys don’t know already, I love basketball -you see behind the basketball behind me and the Golden Shoes. Thing is that I love sports and one of the sports that I got involved in was of course you know collegiate basketball. I love to, you know, going out, try out for the team, you know; there was so much that went behind it and my expertise really drove me because I had learned from so many great coaches but there was really a great program that I loved. So easily accessible: it was the first one that was driven where I didn’t have to go a thousand miles, fly to work with a shooting coach or, you know, ball handling coach or someone like that. The information was delivered to me via the Internet. It was a $37 book that taught me how to jump, dribble everything, you know. It just covered the basics and then some; and I got like a few good gold nuggets out of it and it was totally worth it.

So I ended up find out that this guy who’s selling this $37 book about you know how to jump higher basically -is what it was- is selling two hundred copies of this thing a day and at $37. Just doing that math it was like, you know, Jesus! This guy’s making, you know, well over $7,000 a day and at the end of the year he’s making about 2,200,000 dollars. I go, you know, this guy just made one book, one time, shared his information, the expertise that were already in his head; and it wasn’t anything special. He didn’t play in the N.B.A, he wasn’t you know an N.B.A. development coach. He just said I know what I know and I know this right here and that’s my special expertise; and he found two hundred people all over the world because he wasn’t looking for like… most of us are probably stuck in- thankfully I’m not anymore. Oh my God, I actually never really have been but for a short period. And it’s where you rely on one paycheck from one person. That’s called a just over broke – a J.-O. B.; a job. And that ends up really coming into the fact that you’re not seeing the flat world around you that there’s, you know… Maybe it’s no one inside your immediate neighborhood, maybe no one within a twenty-mile radius of you, but guess what? Over the span of the entire world (boy, out of a billion people) yeah, I guarantee you that there’s many, many tens of thousands of people who will raise their hand and say I want what you want and be able to sell the information like he did.

I understood, you know, before making 2.2 million dollars a year, I felt you had to rob a bank to do that am I right? But then I figured out, wow it’s really just information-driven commerce; that’s all we do, you know? The world is now flat; the globalization of the information world has basically enveloped us into this type of new age that allows our professional observations to render us money -just us knowing what we know, what we’ve gone through. Take for instance, I went through asthma and this is something that I’ve never made a product about, I probably should because you know I’ve went through these things: but even a little thing like asthma that I went through and I recovered from. A lot of people think you can’t, there’s a lot of things that you can do and it’s usually health related: you have to strengthen your lungs and I use something called electro-medicine through something known as the (unclear) clerk-zapper. But all of that combined basically (unclear) me eliminating my asthma from age eight to basically age nine. That’s something I had suffered with since like five when I started like had dribbling a ball with my father and you know trying to do all types of different sports. I was just… I was not sports gifted at all: and then by nine, I was basically working on, you know, “OK I need to maybe stop eating sugars”. If you guys don’t know this, I owned a candy machine when I was seven years old. I had worked, you know, hours doing all odd jobs and I saved up about four hundred bucks at the time, bought a candy machine because I knew that was an investment; and within three months I made the $400 back because I stockpile candies, you know, charge a buck for a 25cent candy bar and I just happened to do the one commandment that you don’t do as a dealer and that’s being high on your supply. I ate so much chocolate and that really led to a lot of my issues. A lot of people don’t understand that having three diabetic issues is really something that can even cause what I consider to be more of a pathogen or viral infection inside your lungs. Yes, there are actually parasitical infections inside your lungs and this is knowledge that I finally learned as a kid growing up and now I could share this information. If you want to learn more about that – I highly recommend you check out Dr. Hulda Clark’s work. I’ve found her books: “The Cure for All Diseases” and “The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers” especially helpful.

We all have information like this, all these events we’ve gone through. You’ve gone through something specifically and you can flatten the world with that because there’s thousands of people in your exact situation: no matter how much information’s out there, your information is going to be the first to touch people I guarantee it. And your information is going to be groundbreaking, amazing, it’s going to be relevant and at the end of the day they’re going to say “Yes, they’re going to become those people who go, ‘I want what you have gone through, I want to shortcut that success, I want to see your failures'”, because that’s what people need to do; but here’s the thing, everything that’s inside your head (even my asthma issues I never really thought about it until I started actually helping someone with a health funnel and I started going into my previous health issues) all of these things are inside our heads and that’s not where they belong because inside our heads we’ve processed the information we’ve enveloped it into our lives, it’s done, it no longer has as much use to us: but this information if you recall all this and write it down now and present it to the world in a proper fashion where you give him ninety percent of your formula and then you hold back you know, and you give him the final hundred percent but they’re paying a certain amount of money, that right there is how you gather followings. Because what you have inside your head, this information that we all have, all these expertise whether you know it or not, there’s something that you are good at.

Whether it’s cooking, there’s people inside this world right now that do not know how to cook and guess what, they’re in a unique situation where they need to learn, they want to learn and they don’t know how. There’s people who want to eat healthy but guess what, maybe they want a certain book, you know, going vegan without losing flavor. A lot of people think going vegan means you have to kill out all the things that you love, you know, all the sweet enjoyments of life but that’s not true and vegans can actually prove that especially if you’re a vegan, you already know this. You’re like “oh this is good, that’s a sweet alternative”, and your mind’s already inside that mode of expertise and that mode of expertise flattens the world now when you present this. All these people inside this world may be nowhere near you, no one inside you or even your friends may want to hear about this that’s OK That’s why the world is flat that’s why it needs sales funnel secrets; to compact my ten years of information, my ten years plus -more than a decade- of things that I’ve studied from “The World Is Flat.”

All of these books from law to Neuro Linguistic Programming, to how to how to read micro expressions and facial expressions, how to sell people, how people are naturally intrinsically brought together for certain causes. Some of those causes are simple as well. Free food- how many people could you get if you said free food? Well that’s the best thing that most religions do to bring in new members- even cults do that. Free food is something that biologically speaks to our need to survive. There’s so many things that we all have that speaks to our need to survive. The way that we eat speaks to the way that we need to survive; the way that we think speaks to the way that we need to survive; the way that we speak, well, speaks to the way that we need to survive – everything that we do. As long as you start touching on those very primal matters and use your knowledge to say “Hey we can skip all of these primal instincts that most people want to go after first”. You know, I want to have all the troubles of you know going through in using inhaler and you can go through that OR you can change your diet and you can use this electro-medicine. Now you don’t have asthma. Or you have diabetes? Well guess what, you could at the sugar you use this electro medicine you know this generator and this rife machine and guess what, bam no (unclear). Do you have diabetes? Type one or Type two; all of these things are very, very unique but again it’s all in our head: and now that we’ve gone through it, that we’ve enveloped these things into our lives, they won’t no longer have as much meaning or as use. But I guarantee that when you write what you have down inside your head, it will have the world of meaning to someone else and that’s what matters.

With that being said, I wish you the best of luck. My one action I want you guys to take is go get my book Sales Funnel Secrets. I’m going to give it to you for completely free, all I ask is that you cover the shipping to get to anywhere in the world. Reason I say that is, well, sending  immediate mail, it’s going to take weeks to get there. I want you to get it in days because every day matters; every single minute that you think, the way that you align yourself matters and you need to start now. Action takers do things now, not tomorrow, not in a minute, not when they switch back to the next tab in their browser, not when they get done listening to this. Now, now is when they do it and that’s what I need you to do. Go and get this book Sales Funnel Secrets because we have a limited supply; and my publishers, God bless their heart, but they take thirty days to get back these books from the quantity that I order and unfortunately that means that you may be waiting thirty days if you don’t act right now along with the other fellow action takers that are unwittingly right by your side on your coattails, watching this video listening to this right now, right behind you so you need to act ahead of those people in order to save your cue, your place in line: because the world’s flat and every second that you wait is every second another one of these is gone.

So I need you to take action. Go forward, get this book. Once it’s on its way, start writing down your expertise, what you know inside your head. It’s no good inside your head, it’s only good when it’s written down and shared with others; otherwise it’s just plain tears in the rain lost forever. How will anyone ever know all of the amazing things that you’ve gone through, all the amazing things that you’ve learned? Skip all of the trash that you’ve of course had to go through; but you can tell people about your failures, the normal things that people will go through: that rise, that struggle, write that down . When Sales Funnel Secrets arrives, you’re just going to place this look about the attractive character learn how to write the daily Seinfeld, learn about all of these things I’m going to talk about inside. You’re going to place that story, it’s going to fill in the meat and bones of the skeleton that is Sales Funnel Secrets. With that being said, again, I am Zach Miller. I wish you the best of success and until next time, by