Did You Get It Done?

You are trying to get more done in a day, but you JUST CAN’T! I get it, we each got 24 hours – not a second more… But how much can really be done in a single week? Here’s what I accomplished this last week: $6,731.00 in sales 2 Udemy courses (20+ hours of content)…

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How 1 Value Ladder = $27,119.95 to YOU

Here’s a tricky thing I explain to students… The Value Ladder. It’s MULTIPLE Sales Funnels connected to each other. To start, your Squeeze Page (where you collect email addresses from prospects) is the Bait/Freebie, which redirects to your sales page (Front-End) after someone opts-in . As the optins become buyers, they’re offered 1-2 OTOs (One…

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How to Produce Content Quickly Without Sacrificing Quality

Hi, I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to be talking about how to produce content quickly without sacrificing quality. Because at the end of the day, we’re all strapped for time. There’s so much to get lost inside of in any industry nowadays. Everyone has a platform or soap box to speak from and they…

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the iceberg of wealth concept

The Iceburg of Wealth Concept

Hi I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to be talking about the iceberg of wealth. You have a million dollars inside your business and you don’t even know it. Now I have a picture right here that perfectly crystallizes the exact idea of the iceberg of wealth. When you first have a business there’s going…

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How to Entrepreneur like a pro

Never Get Stuck Again: How to Entrepreneur Like a Pro

Hi I’m Zach Miller. Today I’m going to show you how to never get stuck again. I’m going to show you how to entrepreneur like a pro. Because I know as an entrepreneur we wear so many different hats. So many different things that you’re going to be doing. A lot of these tasks you…

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