AMA (Ask Me Anything) – I’ll Make a Course on The Best Questions

Alright, so I do this but every blue-moon… Reason being – I already get people that ask me things all the time anyway (it’s just the nature of teaching). But this time is DIFFERENT. I’m going to not only answer your questions, but I’m going to make an ENTIRE VIDEO COURSE on the best questions.…

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I Got The Creation Bug – If You Can’t Tell

So lately, I’ve had the “creation bug” and it’s all because of these Udemy interviews I’ve been doing. Seeing someone make 10-20 courses and then bank $10,000+ a month all on AUTO-PILOT. So I decided to share my knowledge on video. Having a good, clear, well-lit video is important for sales. Bad video = Bad…

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How to Become a Top Seller on Udemy [Interviews]

So if you have been keeping up, I’ve been interviewing A LOT of millionaires recently from Udemy. I mean, these guys make $30,000+ a month selling their courses online. But how do you keep these people interested and coming back, day after day, year after year? Well it’s called the SOAP + Seinfeld Email Sequence…

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Make $100K in The Next 6 Months (Realistically)

The absolute fastest way I’ve any of my students $100,000 is by… #1: Finding a product/affiliate you want to share with the world. #2: Build your Value Ladder (my free book shows you how) #3: Create a HIGH TICKET program, selling $12,000 & $25,000 back-end services. I know you can do STEP 1 & 2……

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Udemy Millionaires?

I’ve been doing some really HUGE things with & their instructors these past few weeks. I’ve put out over 7 courses on a variety of subjects, see the FREE & PAID Courses I’ve made for you. Some of these courses were made will Udemy teachers who have made over $1 million dollars in Not only…

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