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One of the biggest assets of using ClickFunnels is the infamous “share funnel” feature which allows you to very easily duplicate an entire funnel into your account from someone else’s account.

If you’ve been involved in the ClickFunnels group for any period of time you’ll be aware that they get shared around quite regularly, but sometimes it can be difficult to find everything you’re looking for in the one place.

So today, we’re releasing this blog post which will be updated regularly and allow you to swipe all the publicly available share funnels in one place.

The value on all these share funnels is simply priceless. What’s more? We’ll be updating this blog post quite regularly as they come up throughout the Facebook group and other ClickFunnels community areas.

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Master Share Funnel List

[The 6 Core Funnels]

1. Best Selling Book Funnel

2. Product Launch Funnel

3. Perfect Webinar Funnel

4. Physical Product “Real Stuff” Funnel

5. Fishbowl Funnel

6. Network Marketing Bridge Funnel

Shared Funnels From The Community

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Trip Wire Funnel- CF’s Dave Woodward

Event Application Funnel – CF’s Dave Woodward

Long Form Coaching Sales Page – Jorge Armando Navarro

MLM/Affiliate Survey Page – CF’s Sean Olson

Faux Membership Area Teaser – CF’s Mark Bangerter

Contact Us Page – Hawk Mikado

Summit + Survey Registration Page – Hawk Mikado

Snapchat Optin Funnel – Sean Vosler

Home Party Funnel

Hotel Meeting Funnel (MLM)

Real Estate Buyer Funnel – Kenneth Foo

(Disclaimer: A lot of these funnels are publicly shared and created by members in the ClickFunnels community so the quality of each one does vary. They may also go offline at any point in which case comment below and we’ll make the appropriate updates)

Selling Online Is Easy – If You Say It’s Easy

Selling Online Is Easy – If You Say It’s Easy



Hi my name’s Zach and today I’m going to be talking about how selling online is easy as long as you say it’s easy and it’s hard if you say it’s hard. The reason being is that a lot of young entrepreneurs or people who are just getting into the online marketing side of their business seem to struggle with getting the results that they desire. A lot of these issues come from usually traffic conversions or average cart values being too low. Any of those things can be a huge issue inside of any business so when it comes to selling online there’s a million and one things that you can do, you can go over and create all your social media accounts, you can upload dozens of videos create hundreds of podcasts write dozens of articles and still be spinning your wheels with little to no gain and that’s a very unfortunate thing because marketing online is very easy when you know what to do and knowing what to do all comes from having only one path that an individual or visitor can take.

Now I’ve talked often about how websites can be troublesome in certain ways the main being that there is multiple paths for a new visitor to go down when they first land on your website. Usually they’ll land on your home page which then gives them a multitude of links in which they can choose to go down from your blog learning more about you contacting reading different articles the services that you deliver there are so many things that a user can get lost in and unfortunately the more options that you give the more likely it is you won’t receive any action at all because as Dan Kennedy and Sid Michaels used to tell me great mentors within the marketing industry have always said. A confused mind never buys. That’s as simple as it can get the more options that you give to your prospect the more likely it is that they’ll say no.

So when you want to get the best results and be able to track them you want to have only one option and that one option will then lead to the next secondary step if they take action there, then a third step where they can take action so on and so forth this is known as a sales funnel the reason that a sales funnel is different from a website is because a sales funnel only has one thing to do usually giving information such as an email address phone number and or name in exchange for some information that you’ll give them for free. Now anyone who of course is interested in what you have to offer or talk about is going to raise their hands and give away simple information such as that to learn more and get free things too obviously hear the issues that they’re having right now.

So whenever you go into a landing page you only have one option either give me your information or leave and guess what everyone who leaves was never a good prospect to begin with because they weren’t interested in what you were going to offer or sell them down the line. So there’s no reason to waste time with those people so instantly getting that email address that phone number that name will allow you to re-contact and reengage and RE market every one of those individuals who opts in. Now that’s the top of your sales funnel and when you work on your sales funnel at the very top at that landing page and you’re only working on getting that contact information to remarket and reengage with those new visitors and new prospects you’re going to make a lot more sales because as Michael Jordan a great N.B.A. basketball player used to say you miss all the shots you don’t take which simply put means you’re going to become a great salesman by taking a lot of sales calls a lot of sales initiations reengagement opportunities the more that you take the more that you make. But guess what all the ones that you don’t take you miss and that’s the issue.

So selling online is easy the more that you can reengage with your customers and the best way to do that is through sales funnels. By having sales funnels you’ll be able to not only reengage with these people but give them only one clear path to go down and take action on which is usually buying your first front end product we’re not worried about buy them buying large high ticket products All right what we want is truly the ability to give them a taste of what we offer and our expertise that we can deliver.

When that’s done then the first initial sale is the hardest and if you’ve overcome that the ability to build trust and that factor for buying the next high ticket item is so much easier because it’s all about establishing that first initial trust which really comes in the form of an email address being able to reengage re-market and e-mail these people on a daily basis when that happens sales online become much easier because you have more opportunities to make the sale it’s simple mathematics and when you really start, stop and think about what you’re doing inside your business and the places where you’re missing that re-engagement opportunity you’ll understand that oftentimes it’s because you give too many options. Only having one option will have better conversion rates than two options two options will have a better conversion rate than three options and so on and so forth the reason being is the more options you present the more it confuses the mind when you only have one thing to do most people will do it if they’re actually interested in it which is exactly who your prospect buyers are. With that being said I’m Zach Miller and I wish you the best of success bye, bye.

Free + Shipping Offer Tips

Free + Shipping Offer Tips



Hey guys Zach Miller here again and today I want to really talk and break down the kind of pros and cons and some tips for free plus shipping offers. I know a lot of you guys are really always trying to think about hey what’s really a unique thing that I can offer the front end is where I get all of my traffic that’s what determines obviously how people go through your value ladder, so it’s the most important thing to always be split testing sometimes you guys maybe you haven’t come up with one already or you want to come up with a new one that can be kind of an A.B. split test with that being said I’m going to present to you my list of what are probably the best and easiest ways to shortcut that process and get something going up and really successful pretty quick.


So with that being said number one when it comes right down to it if you have not made a book yet then that is something that you want to handle down the line unfortunately a book probably isn’t going to be your first free plus shipping I know it seems glamorous and it seems like well that’s the easy way to go it actually isn’t there’s many reasons I discuss have actually even made a little bit of a podcast and previous webisode with Sasha talking about the pros and cons of a book in a free plus shipping a lot of that is already discussed outside of the pricing the drop shipping the time the effort etcetera not including I.S.B.N. and getting all the publisher’s notices all in order. So what I often suggest for most of my first time free plus shipping people is to do a D.V.D. or even better to offer some simple little freebie. Now that could be something as simple as maybe a little can of mace if you’re doing a self-defense class or a little custom you know hand-made key chain if you’re happen to be doing something with cars or leather maybe you’re even giving away little clips for your, for your wrists cufflinks and that can obviously go into an offer towards custom made suits there’s so many different things that you can offer that are free inexpensive and yet give that physical value behind it especially when you present your product in a great way people are willing to pay for 95, 795 in shipping and handling in order to get your product in their door much quicker and that’s what we do with the free plus shipping. Again we’re giving the item for free and all they’re covering is the shipping costs now those shipping costs of course hopefully are enough to cover what the cost to your product is as well if not that’s OK That’s what up sells are for.

The best things in life are free and $19.95.

So number two, if you’re absolutely stuck on this I got to have a book then don’t do a full-fledged book instead start off with something very small for example instead of my three hundred page book that I have now sales funnel secrets and which has a huge promotion behind it with golden tickets and tons of other cool things I first started with a little thirty page book loose list building secrets you know email secrets that’s all it was about was I was just folks am one core singular idea I didn’t cover as much as nearly as much as I obviously do inside of sales funnel secrets but that core booklet was just as successful as that sales funnel secrets three hundred page book. The reason being people don’t know fully what they’re getting they’re just buying into what you’ve already talked about what you’re going to deliver and what other people have said of course as well hopefully a video testimonials on your page but beyond that they really don’t know if it’s going to be three hundred pages or thirty all they want is the value that they’re pain for which again is a very low threshold and easy to make. So if you must do a book do a booklet, don’t go full out you know just get something where you can staple it together not where it needs perfect binding which means ninety plus pages usually.

So that leads me to number three. When it comes to a free plus shipping make sure that you have different codes set up so that you can then sell to people within your country at a lower price point than people outside your country this is especially pertinent if you are an English speaking country the U.K. Australia USA Canada any of your fellow mates even across the pond will take substantiated rates reduced you know they may get our books for just the 7.95 but if it’s someone that say you know in a different part of the world parts that I can’t even pronounce then you know that shipping is probably going to cost a little bit more say to China even it’s going to cost 12.95 or something similar the reason being is those increased rates because we want to get those books to people within a certain timeframe usually being two weeks. That’s not always the case but we try and do that and that usually means it’s going to cost a little bit more. So with that being said some of your customers who are going to be overseas expecting your little items you need to charge an additional amount in order to have that occur properly so they’re getting charged 12.95, 19.95 or just the 7.95 whatever you decide on but it’s increased as they’re further away from you. So that will help increase your bottom line and make sure that again you’re getting the right people who are able to afford these things for someone in India paying you know 19.95 for my book I get it, it can be a lot but those who can also afford it 19.95 in India are probably going to be more likely to buy my other products and yours as well that are higher priced and offer higher value.

That brings me the tip number four. When it comes to up sells make sure not to have more than three the best way that I like to provide up sells for free plus shipping is one on the order form I call it an order form bump and that’s very simply something that they can check the box for and by right after they’ve put in their credit card details but right before they say yes charge it so that again allows a lot of people to simply say yes to a simple freebie offer that doesn’t take much to deliver if you do, do a free plus shipping that happens to be a booklet I love doing audio books those are great up sells and then finally I’ll offer two additional up sells that as I talk about use the OTO bump script inside of my sales funnel secrets so that you can find a way to have people understand that they don’t need to be pissed off that you’re pitching them something right after they’ve bought but they should actually embrace it because of how this is going to increase the success of something that they already bought which is still going to give them the success that you promised upfront. So again that script is covered inside it’s very important but it’s an up sell that really makes the whole funnel come together and be a break even funnel outside of that then you’re going to be looking into different types of areas in order to split test your free plus shipping.

Which brings me to number five Your above the fold your above the fold is the most important thing that you can test inside your page it is where most people are actually going to make their decision you should have a video that’s pretty short letting people know why they should purchase your product Of course you can explain a little bit about what’s included how much it’s going to benefit them some things that other people have seen as well and that should be all above the fold above the fold is something where you can see someone screen their website without scrolling down anything that you have to scroll down for to see is below the fold. So above the fold is usually of narrow box to work in but you want to include your video your order form and maybe a few other details inside of that and inside that video I prefer to choose and use the who what why and how scripts and if you don’t like that then the star story solution works as well but with a free plus shipping people don’t need a lot of reason of why it’s a buy they just need to know what exactly they’re buying how to do so and some of the urgencies in the recaps towards that.

Now again those are my five major tips towards a free plus shipping there’s more that can be discussed but think those first five ones are so important they should be the main focus before thinking about anything else and if you do choose that you want to make a split test then here’s my secret, my secret little formula for making free plus shipping that are easy again like I said I will start with free little trinkets or inexpensive trinkets that I can get and ship that out and only get together in some way with the offer that I’m giving throughout with the up sells etcetera. Now if I cannot find anything like that my next best bet is to create a CD or a D.V.D. particularly where I’m giving someone a few hours of my best materials letting them know who I am and I’m going to get that made maybe in a D.V.D. print shop so that way I can get the cover made and it looks nice usually for a very expensive amount the final thing that I’m going to do is if I can’t do those things very quickly because those take very little to no effort again the D.V.D. takes a few hours of video editor cost a couple hundred dollars at and you’re done with a few hours of video editing you don’t have to touch anything.

But if you still want to do your little booklet I suggest using your previous content that’s the best way to actually bring about new products it’s how I show a lot of my students in my inner circle how to create products from content they’ve already made content they are already do videos just like this. This video right here could be content that you may be paying for in the future but again it’s all about how it’s positioned these are all different things that are very important and intrinsic to the very nature of your free plus shipping you need to have these nuances down so that way you can understand how your articles your content all links together for one main idea and when you do that you can simply repurpose the content very lightly, very simply it doesn’t have to be very polished but just strung together sewn together times I would say and it creates a bigger picture of what you’re accomplishing for your dream client or the person who buys you’re trying to get them to achieve that desired result that’s the whole reason someone goes through our value ladder.

When you can give that big picture up front on your front end then that right there is the reason why people will buy your coaching and all of your other products along the way the sooner that you can give that one crystal clear picture in someone else’s mind and have them see then that is the moment that the sales are finished you’ve made them because all you need to do is say Here’s the next step towards that destiny that you’re looking towards that you’re looking to accomplish that you’re looking to fulfill whether it be weight loss success financially or just relationships and seen how to date the opposite sex no matter what it is as long as you can get your clients to be able to see the desired result that you’re setting out for them to achieve all of your sales will be so much easier with that being said I’m Zach Miller I wish you the best of success until then bye, bye.

Amateurs Versus Professionals

Amateurs Versus Professionals



Hey my name is Zach Miller and today I’m going to be talking about marketing amateurs versus professionals and really there’s only one difference in my mind and what that is, what I’m going to show you through what I call the POS funnel or the point of sale this is where everything that you do is to convert someone a prospect into a buyer.

Amateurs Versus Professionals(1)

Once they’ve done that hopefully what you’re doing is you’re putting a dollar in paid ads and you’re getting one dollar back out by the time they have gone through bought your main core product all of the up sells etcetera Now once you’ve gotten to that again that’s not a business that’s a foundation now from the buyers list you can freely market with basically no cost to you sending out e-mails to let them know about your next product that you’re going to be offering them maybe a mid-ticket somewhere between a thousand and five thousand dollars maybe even your continuity program somewhere between fifty and one hundred dollars a month maybe it’s six months maybe it’s twelve months long maybe it’s never ending but that continuity has them paying on a continual basis maybe every day every week every month or even once a year.

Whatever it is you want to have these funnel set up after your initial core funnel has been purchased the reason being is again your core funnel should only break you even and even still you may not break even completely from your front end sales that’s why you have additional items to sell even further so that way you can increase the average customer’s value and that’s over their life time. So again all of these things come into play with each other but it’s only after they’ve initially bought that first core offer once they’ve bought that core offer then they can be sold on the next step things where they can trust you a little bit more with a little bit more money and you can offer more value because you can dedicate more time into the product or service that you deliver.

Finally that will end up culminating into a backend or what I like to call a high ticket that will usually be something between ten thousand and even up to a hundred thousand dollars Now this may seem odd at first but when you’ve built up enough trust through a different products and services usually again a continuity program that helps people build a relationship over time six or twelve months down the road of someone knowing you most likely you’re going to have a great candidate to be able to apply for your backend or your high ticket services and that is where a lot of profits can come from up to sixty percent really. But again that front core offer that front end is where everything, everything that you do is breaking even that is not for you to be making any profits from just to build up buyers list so that you can remarket to these people who now know you like you and trust you and that is how you build a following and a cult.

See the difference between an amateur is an amateur only focuses on the front end trying to make a profit off of those first initial sales and those up sells but that’s really extremely hard to do and it’s only going to get harder as the world becomes more saturated in savvy marketers Now once you have a front end the professionals they focus on the back end because the back end is where all the profits come from the amateurs who only make a few thousand dollars a month maybe you know a little under six figures a year they’re focusing on the front end they’re going to be struggling a lot but professionals who make millions of dollars on their sales funnels they focus on the backend all of these backend processes they’re happening behind the scenes after someone’s bought the first core product that’s where all the magic happens that’s where all the profits inside of a business are made and if you don’t have a value ladder already set up for yourself then I highly suggest that you get my book sales funnel secrets and this is going to walk you through the exact processes to building out each step of your value ladder so that you can go from being an amateur to a professional from someone that focuses on the front end only to someone who focuses on the backend specifically that’s what the entire idea behind marketing genius is founded on the long term goals the big pictures the ideas that you understand there’s going to be an initial investment that maybe a loss may happen but the big yield comes from the later parts of your business from the buyers list that you gain from all those people who know you like you and trust you and over the coming months and years are going to be the foundation of why you quit your job why you’re able to build a business that six seven even eight figures a year because you have a loyal following that has stepped up through a value ladder to knowing you liking you and trusted you enough to give you ten thousand even one hundred thousand dollars.

Yes it is all possible but you have to start by focusing on the big picture not just the front end with that being said I wish you the best of success I’m Zach Miller. Bye, bye.

The Power of Daily Goals

The Power of Daily Goals



Hey, hey, hey, what’s up guys it is Zach Miller here and today I just want to talk a little bit about daily goals, the daily agenda that we all have. Now there’s a lot of things that we can do in our day to day and let me tell you when you’re a business owner you’re wearing a lot of hats. So the first thing you need to really get down to doing is choosing the hats that you want to wear and the ones that you’re willing to put to the side maybe completely forget about or hire someone else to do. Once you start doing that you’re going to prioritize your life and be able to really reach into the areas that really deliver the most amount of money for you and your bottom line. Now what that comes down to I often find is communication between you and your direct audience that are your buyers if you’re not communicating with them on a daily basis then there is a huge glaring issue inside of your business.

The idea is that you don’t need to provide continual support but you need to provide continual communication about new things that they can do with things they have already bought or other services and or products that you also offer they can of course alleviate other pains give additional gesture to the first product that they bought, obviously it can improve whatever they did it can two X. three X. them I talk a lot about that inside of my book sales funnel secrets. A lot of my scripts are actually written down for you to be able to use whatever you need that way you can just simply go through and pull up one of the easy little scripts here and let me just quickly pull up one that kind of show you what it looks like. So here’s how simple they are right there start story solutions little things that I break down I show you what to say how to say it usually it’s just a couple sentences you follow the pictures and you’ll know what to do.

Those simple ways that you communicate with your audience and the way that you really present yourself as a company as a tract of character as a person in an individual because at the end of the day I had a great mentor that always used to tell me David (unclear) he would say you know. At the end of the day in unfair world I’m sorry in a fair world people buy from people in an unfair world people still buy from people I think that was always something that that really got to me quite uniquely in the sense that I understood that when you simply stopped making a number no one wants to feel like a number that there are a large portion or you know a small a small speck in a large scale company they always want to feel individualized they want to feel the communication is there and the best way to actually do that is by communicating with them via email.

Anyone who’s giving you their email address especially when they’re a buyer they have a different type of communication that you want to present to them because hey they’ve already bought your first front end product whatever that may be and I talk about that that’s the reason why you need what’s called a value ladder, that something where you’re offering multiple services multiple ideas for your audience in order to purchase and increase the value in which you deliver and the price in which they pay you. Now when you do that this daily communication that’s all of a sudden going to make that big gap or that that price increase that they see for the next thing they’re going to buy it’s very easy to do because guess what you’ve been there you’ve been helping and you talk about unique things you talk about why this thing that they’re about to buy that they’re looking at right now that they you know click through on a link from your e-mail when you get them hyped up for that that absolutely makes the sale so much easier because let me tell you most people usually don’t buy on their first time when they see you in fact it’s usually their tenth eleventh or twelfth time. It’s a unique study and I just always I’m amazed to see that these results are the exact same online with e-mail communications all different forms even if it’s video. It usually takes about a dozen videos for someone to become usually  a subscriber and then immediately after someone becomes a subscriber they start viewing a little bit more my channel they find my website and then they’re usually sold already on what my first product is which of course is sales funnel secrets the same book that I want to give you guys again it has over three hundred pages of a lot of great content material for you to be able to build your sales funnels and take all the short cuts basically you’re short cutting all of my failures over the last ten plus years or decades and you get all very formulated down compressed into three hundred pages of pure success formulas that you can follow like I said scripts funnels what I use for my track of character how I write my emails so much more inside all of this I’m giving to you by the way for free and I just want to get this is in as many people’s hands the reason being is because I know that it’s going to be an absolute breakthrough for you in your business and that’s why I’m giving this away for free all I ask is that you cover the shipping will get a lot faster that way rather than me sending it via Media Mail for ninety cents.

And then what we’ll end up doing is getting this in your hands, there’ll be a couple other bonuses inside there’s even cool ones that I’m giving away like golden tickets you get one of these one of the golden tickets inside of this then you’ll actually get personal one on one help from me and it’s kind of a unique thing that we’re giving away I just want to really help as many people as I can and then from there I just know that hey like Zig Ziglar used to say when you start helping people achieve their dreams you unwittingly find that you’ve achieved your own and that’s why I think that the best way that I can say that I go about my business I want you guys to be as successful as you can learn what I’ve learned I mean I’ve comprised a lot of things down so that way you guys can know how to make your daily agendas work for you.

You can have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want._

When you have a daily agenda the power that comes from that is usually almost hypnotic in a sense I would say. That there is truly a law of attraction that after thirty days you have this magnetism that instantly turns on towards things that you’ve dedicated yourself towards and thirty days of doing that wow there’s just like these instant you know if you want to do interviews you’re going to go out and thirty days later going to find a you’re going to get one or two interviews they’re just like wow that was amazing I’m so glad I got this but it takes consistent daily going at it every single day and sometimes it happens quicker but usually takes thirty to ninety days and I believe that getting inside of that way that you communicate with your audience via e-mail I teach you how inside sales funnel secrets how to not do it but not piss them off every day talking to him and trying to pitch them on something new because I don’t send out any e-mails unless it has a link where they can buy something from me imagine how furious most people would get unless you know how to position yourself so that every e-mail is very helpful to everything that they look forward to it is why they stay subscribed to you so at the end of the day again get my book sales funnel secrets and I actually kind of got a shirt just to commemorate the book coming out sales funnel secrets recession proof your income.

Let me tell you guys if you study money markets you study stocks things like that especially more the mortgage crisis that was actually inevitable lot of people saw that coming I see the same thing unfortunately coming for the year 2020 and few years in between there sometimes it takes a few years for the money markets to catch up on what actually occurred you know the financial collapse I’m sorry the housing market collapse that came you know actually took two and a half years before people in government actually basically recognized it and then when they recognized it guess what it became a real thing then. It’s actually how all economies are based off of it is faith based economies we all have fiat currencies which means well once the trust inside your system is given up a recession happens. So the one way to recession proof your income is to build your own brand to build people that trust in you and when they trust in you guess what you are your own money your own system and that’s how you recession proof your income by building a sales funnel and using the secrets that I tell you inside here that’s how you get through recessions. With that being said I’m Zach Miller I wish you the best the success.