5 Tricks to Improve Your Conversions Anywhere

5 Tricks to Double Your Online Conversions Anywhere

Hi! It’s Zach Miller. Today we’re going to be talking about five tricks to improve your conversions. I’m talking anywhere; whether you have a website, a sales funnel or you’re just trying to naturally make sales online as an affiliate. Go ahead and use these five hacks. It’s going to revolutionize the way that you do business online.

#1 – Improve your conversions by having only ONE call-to-action

Have only one action visitors can take per page. This simplifies everything for you and the visitor.  It may seem like common sense but, there’s so many people struggling because they’re NOT doing this simple step. I see so many entrepreneurs and new people in online sales making this mistake.

This is such a costly error because it’s counter intuitive to most people. Sales people are not taught naturally that the more options you offer to a customer, the less likely they are to say yes to any of them. In other words having two or more options for them to decide on is going to be less successful than just having one option. You want them to either take action or leave. Now this again will seem counter intuitive to a lot of people at first. However with closer inspection you’ll be able to understand the psychology behind it. My mentor, David Sprague always used to tell me that the numbers tell you what to do and that’s absolutely true.

#2 – Improve Your Conversions By Split Testing. Split Testing. Split Testing.

Whenever you decide to improve a web page – split test. And again make sure that there is one thing for them to do on that page.  As long as you have that one thing that they can do. You can now begin split testing on how well your changes result in a visitor actually taking that action. So it’s very important you have just one thing for someone to do. So they’re not going to get confused. Because as Zig Ziglar used to say a confused mind never buys and that’s exactly the truth. Sid Michaels has repeated said that. So has Dan Kennedy, as well as Russell Brunson. And many other famous, successful entrepreneurs and online marketers have echoed this same message throughout their careers. Have only one call-to-action per page. That way it’s a lot easier to keep a clear message and A.B. split test every single page.  So ensure that that you have one action per page and every change that you make improves that action and that conversion rate.

#3 – Improve Your Conversions By Focusing on Your Landing Page

Now if you have a website or if you are an affiliate this of course can be an issue. But you can always push people in one way or another on your home page especially within the fold. Which is the portion of your website that can be very easily viewed without scrolling down inside a person’s browser (usually on desktop).

Mobile is a different concern of course. Mobile optimization should occur no matter what. So when you focus on your landing page, make sure everything shows up well in mobile too. Your landing page moves someone once they have submitted their information. Whether it be a phone number, their name, their email, etc. etc. They will be then pushed towards the next page. But the landing page is where everyone starts where every new visitor lands. See if you have other pages available, there’s numerous places they could go.  But with one call to action (like getting someone’s email) people are willing to trade for free information in return.

So when you focus on a landing page it simplifies your process.  There’s one thing that they can do and it’s always the page that they’re driven to. It’s the first page they reach all things in your website. Then all your marketing efforts transform into a funnel. where everyone starts going through at the very top. No one starts at the bottom or the middle or anywhere else. Everyone starts at the top. That becomes of course the most important part of the funnel the larger the top of your funnel is, the more they can be pushed down to the lower levels within your sales funnel.

#4 – Improve Your Conversion Rates by Split Testing a Sales Video on Your Page

On your landing page or within the fold of your website home page, you’re going to have a split test where you’re going to either give an image or a video right next to your opt in box. Which should take up a large portion of your page (if not all of it.) After someone signs up then they may be able to access your website or see what your products are etc. etc.

A video can be very beneficial. It builds rapport quickly and it explains a lot of what you’re going to be offering when they sign up with their email, phone number, ect.. However, you will want to split test between an image because counter intuitive as it may seem small changes like this can actually increase the conversion rate sometimes as marketers we do oversell ourselves sometimes the sale is in the simplicity.

#5 – Improve Your Conversions by Focusing On Your Copy

The Copy on Your Landing Page Should Be the Reason People Sign Up!

The copy you have on your landing page (or squeeze page) whatever you want to call it; should be the reason why people sign up. It should be a big promise headline. It’s going to be a statement as simple as, ‘how to blank without blank.’ For example: How to make high ticket sales without talking on the phone…ever!

So how they will get some sort of benefit from what you’re going to be teaching them. Now maybe you don’t give everything away inside your freebie. But it’s explaining how this process works, how they can start on the pathway to getting that desired result. then let them know without some detriment that it normally takes to obtain the previous benefit that you just mentioned. So maybe hey how to make a thousand dollars without working one hundred hours or something very similar. Like how to lose twelve pounds in two weeks without dieting or eating any carbs. There’s multiple ways can be said and I think it’s extremely powerful.

So those are my five tricks or hacks to improve your conversions anywhere. No matter who you are, you utilize these five unique points and I guarantee higher conversions are very easy to obtain. With that being said I’m Zach Miller bye, bye.

Posted on October 16, 2017 in Sales Funnel Help

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